Doomsday Paradise

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Doomsday ParadiseDoomsday ParadiseDoomsday ParadiseDoomsday Paradise

She hesitated for a moment when she asked. After all, she still didn't say anything about the teachers and students of Diling Primary School and the old cloth shoes-she didn't feel anything when she was alone, but when she met another evolutionist, she couldn't say that she was frightened by the shoes. Chen He touched his hair, which was as short as a bald head. Glancing at her, he looked a little strange. Have you ever heard of Ruyue Station before? I seem to have heard it somewhere, but I can't remember it-Lin Sanjiu shook his head. I don't know what kind of world you come from. In my hometown, there is a country called Japan. Ruyue Station is a very famous urban oddity on the Internet in Japan. It's about a young woman riding a streetcar late at night. I seem to have taken the wrong track and got on a railway line that leads to nowhere. After she got off at Ruyue Station, she found that there were wild mountains and forests outside the station, so she had to walk along the tunnel. "Walking on the railway track, she saw a one-legged old man who suddenly appeared, and heard the drums of the festival." Because she reported the incident to netizens in real time on the forum, everyone told her to leave the place quickly. The young woman was never heard from again after she posted, 'I met a nice man who wanted to drive me to a station.' 'He was driving up the hill and didn't answer any questions. I'm going to run away.' Perhaps aware of Lin Sanjiu's shuddering expression, Chen He sighed, nodded and said: "." You guessed it,Inflatable indoor park, right? This world is actually named after a horrible and strange story. I'm afraid the doomsday here has something to do with strange talk. "Eh?"? But when I was in the car. Lin Sanjiu was a little confused and said to the newspaper report about Leben, "It seems that the world should be invaded by that kind of'dark matter '.." Chen He thought for a moment with his mouth open and then gave up: "Cough!"! Who knows.. Anyway, all I know is that I will be satisfied if I get through these 14 months safely and don't make any mistakes. This is also-Lin Sanjiu secretly agreed with a sentence in his heart. After seeing the living, she felt that her whole body was ironed, and her usual calmness and self-confidence came back. After chatting with Chen He for a while, she even went into the room to see Xiaoqing. Chen He occupied a big bed room,inflatable water slide, surrounded by his clothes and empty instant noodle boxes, showing a man's unique disorder. As soon as Xiaoqing saw Lin Sanjiu coming in, he immediately hid behind the curtain, regardless of his two long pointed feet still exposed outside. After I took them away, their IQ dropped significantly.. Chen He was embarrassed to collect the sundries on the bed. "Now its intelligence is equivalent to a child of four or five years old." A low intelligence, but the feeling of depravity is not so annoying. Led by Chen He, Lin Sanjiu went downstairs and found some keys to the door at the front desk, then returned to the second floor and opened a room for himself. You have a rest, and I think you have been tormented enough, haven't you? Chen He is rough in appearance but considerate in heart. "I'll call you at lunch." Then he closed the door and left. How long has it been since I slept in a serious bed? Especially this room has just been cleaned up before the end, the sheets are neat, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable dry slide, the quilt is soft. Lin Sanjiu took a long breath and fell on the bed, sinking into the fluffy pillow. Although exhaustion had almost swallowed her up, she struggled to get up in a daze, called out the "Defensive Sunny Doll", stood on a chair and hung it on the ceiling. Seeing it hanging quietly and motionless in the air, Lin Sanjiu felt relieved. He quickly took off his cotton-padded jacket, kicked off his boots, and climbed into the quilt, feeling as if every bone was cheering. After she was wrapped in softness, she soon fell into a deep sleep. The room was dark even in the daytime, with the curtains drawn and no lights on; even if Lin Sanjiu was not asleep now, he would not notice anything strange. The sunny doll slowly turned around in midair, and the two eyes drawn with a black pen stared at the sleeping Lin Sanjiu on the bed like black holes. (To be continued.) PS: After the reward list came out, I forgot what I had thanked. I'll watch, okay? Let's follow the fate! If you miss something, I will see it again if you give me another reward. Oh, it's the best of both worlds. Thank you Strawberry Charm, Grandpa Seafood Lollipop, 941 Dessert Charm and Renewal Ticket (…) The amulet of the small white wall, the lollipop of the book Huw (unexpectedly no nickname), the lollipop of the wooden fish (I am updating, do you cherish it very much), the lolipop of Big Mengski (thanks for taking care of ~), and the three amulets of the book friend 150530231148053 (change your name?) Sugar 2 Sugar's Comments and Safety Charm, Wild Monkey's Evaluation Ticket, Inky Safety Charm, Reed's Safety Charm Year by Year, His Highness Xia Li's Comments and Pink Ticket ~! It's almost 61. You all come to give a reward. It looks so spectacular ~ to express your satisfaction ~ Today's update is a little late, mainly because the weekend is a little busy ~ ~ ~ The thought of tomorrow will be double more, the heart is really heavy. 4K a day.. Mom, I don't want to grow up. 186 Hot Chicken Fried Rice …… It seems to be getting colder and colder. (WwW. Qiushu. CC without pop-up ads) Lin Sanjiu was woken up by the cold-as if all her bones had shrunk into a ball and her blood had coagulated. When she half opened her eyes confusedly, her muscles trembled slightly for too long, and all of them hurt at this time. Getting out of the bed with only a little warm air left, she pulled the cotton-padded jacket with broken flowers trembling and wrapped it tightly around her body. It was later, and the room was darker than it had been before she fell asleep. The furniture was only a vague outline. Outside, it was quiet and silent,inflatable floating water park, as if the world had forgotten this small hotel room. Turning on the light, Lin Sanjiu took a look at the sunny doll on the ceiling and saw that it was all right, so he opened the door of the room and went to the corridor.