Shangguan Ding Xia's stump

Shangguan Ding Xia's stumpShangguan Ding Xia's stumpShangguan Ding Xia's stump

Qian Baifeng was slightly stunned and deliberately slowed down his steps. The two men behind him were only a few steps away from catching up with each other. The voice of the conversation became clearer. The monk's hoarse voice said, "Brother, I didn't think you had really changed in the past few years." The stout voice of the one-armed fat man replied, "More than ten years have passed. I can see through everything. Monk, don't try to persuade me again. My mind has been decided." By this time, the two men had caught up with Qian Baifeng's deliberately slow figure, and the monk suddenly turned around and glanced at Qian Baifeng. Qian Baifeng was slightly suspicious, and while he was thinking, the monk stopped. Qian Baifeng was stunned. The monk gazed at Qian Baifeng for a moment. "Please, benefactor," he said. Qian Baifeng stepped forward slowly, folded his fists and said, "What can I do for you, Master?" The monk smiled and said, "The poor monk has been practicing physiognomy since he was a child. When the benefactor sees him, he feels that his bearing is extraordinary. I think it must be." Qian Baifeng was secretly suspicious. He didn't know where the monk and the one-armed fat man came from. He answered slowly, "I'm flattered, Master. It's just-" He deliberately paused for a moment, only to see the monk staring at him with a fixed expression. His heart was shocked, but he heard the monk say, "Almsgiver, your eyebrows are gathered together. You have a lot on your mind, and your bad luck goes straight up to the spirit of heaven. Forgive the poor monk for talking too much. Almsgiver, you should pay attention to your recent actions." Qian Baifeng felt a great shock in his heart,micro gear motor, but the expression on his face was as usual. He hesitated for a moment and deliberately asked, "So it seems that the master is facing the old man?" The monk, however, did not answer. "It's just that the benefactor's bearing is too outstanding," he said with a slight pause. "The poor monk has traveled all over the north and south of Zhongzhou. There are more than ten million people, but he doesn't have such boldness of vision. Although the bad luck is rising, it's surprising but not dangerous." The one-armed fat man standing beside him kept silent all the time. "Monk," he said, "you're threatening people again." Qian Baifeng smiled and said,Planetary Gear Motor, "You might as well. Master Lao is here. The old man should be careful." His eyes moved from the monk to the one-armed fat man's face, but when he saw that the fat man's face was full of heroic spirit, his heart could not help but secretly drink a color. The monk slowly clasped his hands together and said, "Let's go first." Qian Baifeng thought a lot in his heart, but he could not think of a complete clue, so he returned a gift and turned left to the path. After the separation of the three, Qian Baifeng could not help thinking secretly, but the identities of the two people could not be figured out all the time, but both of them were strange people with strange skills, which need not be verified. By this time the sky was already bright, Qian Baifeng walked vigorously like an enclave for a while, and the surroundings became more and more desolate. Looking ahead, he could not see a village house. Qian Baifeng stopped and rested under a tree by the roadside. When Qian Baifeng was thinking in silence, a gloomy voice shook his eardrum: "Qian, look who's here." As soon as Qian Baifeng heard the sound, he suddenly seemed to have been hit hard. He jumped to his feet and saw two men standing a few feet away. The one on the left was holding a bamboo stick with a sickly face. It was He Zifang, the great swordsman of Diancang. The one on the right was slightly fat and had an extraordinary bearing. It was Zhuo Dajiang, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Gear Reduction Motor, the best sword in the world. Qian Baifeng suddenly, in the heart played several circles, he took two steps forward, staring at the point of Cang Shuangjian, in the other side's view, the big devil that no one dared to provoke, eyes still shining with insufferable light, but in Qian Baifeng's heart, it is completely different, he is no longer the Qian Baifeng of the past. The spirit of a man who wants to flutter his wings and rush to the sky has almost completely disappeared. He gazed at each other silently for a long time before he said, "Zhuo Dajiang and He Zifang, are you looking for me?" In the bottom of his heart, as soon as his eyes touched the two narrow road resentments, he immediately recalled the scene of a war in the past year, and the invincible Qian Baifeng was forced to admit defeat. Whenever he recalled that love scene, his heart immediately had the feeling of being stabbed by a sharp blade, but at this time Qian Baifeng could even endure this feeling, he just looked at each other with deeper eyes, but what he thought in his eyes was not exactly the same. Zhuo Dajiang took a breath and said loudly, "Qian Baifeng, you're ready to do it." Qian Baifeng listened to this sentence, and turned several times in his heart. If he were Qian Baifeng in those days, he would immediately think angrily: "If I don't go to find you, will you come to find me?" But now he just wanted to say, "Why are they looking for me like this? I'm afraid there's something strange about it.." So he smiled coldly and said, "If I don't come to you, will you still come to me?" "That year," said Zhuo Dajiang, "it was true that we defeated you with more power. If you want revenge, just come to us. Why kill innocent people?" Qian Baifeng couldn't help being suspicious. He hadn't killed since he came out of Luoying Pagoda. Now Zhuo Dajiang said so, which immediately made him suspicious. He thought to himself, "Could it be that these crafty old men are afraid that I will find them to settle accounts one by one, and they have borrowed a reason to come together to besiege me? Hey, I, Qian Baifeng, am not afraid of you.." When he thought of this, he couldn't help showing his true colors again. With a sneer, he pointed to the jungle beside him and shouted, "Taoist Priest Tianxuan, Shenquan Jianqing, please come out and forget it." Knowing that after he shouted, there was silence all around and no one was there. He Zifang said with a sneer, "Qian Baifeng, last time we attacked you for the sake of Wulin. This time, let's settle our private affairs." Qian Baifeng knew he was wrong. "Tell me first," he said coldly. "What kind of personal enmity?" He Zifang flew into a rage and said, "Qian Baifeng, are you going to play dumb?" Qian Baifeng said calmly, "Why do I pretend to be stupid?"? People all over the world kill people, the charge is my old money, set fire, it is also my old money, why should I play dumb? He Zifang was stunned. "Qian Baifeng,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm," said Zhuo Dajiang, "if you don't dare to admit it today, we'll make up our minds." 。


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