Anger breaks the universe

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Anger breaks the universeAnger breaks the universeAnger breaks the universe

In front of Fu Lao was a man, his face was black, his lips were white, his voice was extremely hoarse, but he could not hear what he was saying, and Fu Lao was holding his pulse. After handing the silver needle to Fu Lao, he saw Fu Lao take a silver needle and gently stick it into the old man's head. After the silver needle went down, I saw the old man's head slowly oozing a trace of white smoke, although very rare, but still can clearly smell an unusually bad smell. And because of this, just found that the old man's face gradually emerged blood, lips also gradually become ruddy. But the hoarse voice gradually became clear. He was whinnying in pain, saying that his stomach hurt. Fu Lao, why don't you stop their pain with medicine first? Hearing those painful hisses, Ou Chen frowned and felt rather difficult. Standing beside Fu Lao, he asked doubtfully. Wen Yan. Fu Lao shook his head helplessly. Remove the silver needle from the top of the old man's head. With a dignified look, he looked at the patients who were queuing up. Then he said, "Yes, but it didn't work.". Such a strange illness, I have never seen, they seem to feel some kind of infection,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but I do not know what it is. They can only use silver needles to help them relieve the pain of their bodies, but this is only temporary. (1) Because if the silver needle is on their acupoint for a long time, their lives will be in danger, but their pain can not be suppressed by any painkiller. Difficult.. Difficult.. Fu Lao said, sighed, went to the wooden frame, and took down a withered herb. Looking at this herb, there should be some history. A strong medicinal fragrance emanates from its herbs. Fu Lao took the medicine and crushed it in the pot,sonicator homogenizer, and the herb suddenly turned into powder. After scooping up a little with a small spoon, he took it to the old man's mouth and continued, "You take it and see if it can reduce your pain.." Hearing Fu Lao's words, the old man deliberately looked at Fu Lao's eyes, as if he could not believe it, but the pain in his stomach eventually made him pour the powder into his mouth. He immediately drank a mouthful of white water. However, when the powder went down to the old man's stomach, the old man's pain was still not reduced at all, and the neigh of pain continued. It was at this time that Fu Lao shook his head helplessly, sighed and said: "If this medicine can not stop the pain, then there is no medicine to stop their pain.". All the drugs have been tried. Fu Lao said, wandering two steps, looking extremely sad. Fu Lao. Is there a medicine man in this town? Just when Fu Lao was helpless, Ou Chen said doubtfully. Hearing this, Fu Lao was stunned for a moment and immediately said, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, "Here, we basically have any disease and elixir to enhance our strength.". So the medicine man can't stay here. Uh? Why do you suddenly ask this question? At the end of the conversation, Fu Lao suddenly frowned. He asked Ou Chen curiously. No, I mean, some things may really need a pharmacist to refine the elixir to cure them. Facing the curious voice of Fu Lao, Ou Chen gave a wry smile, and his heart was not sure how reliable his words were. Even so, where are you going to find a medicine man at this time? Hearing this, Fu Lao shook his head again and frowned. Seeing Fu Lao's burning look, Ou Chen gave a wry smile and immediately said, "Can I look at their condition?" Ou Chen finished, the eyes emerged with the meaning of expectation. Hearing Ou Chen's words, Fu Lao looked at Ou Chen subconsciously, his eyes full of doubts and suspicions, as if he did not believe that a young Ou Chen could be worth the doctor he had been seeing for almost a lifetime. But after looking at it, he could also see the expectation and firmness in Ou Chen's eyes. Immediately, say: "You try." Fu Lao's tone was extremely low, but his heart already had the mentality of treating a dead horse as a living horse. He knew very well that in such a helpless situation, if Ou Chen was not allowed to try, these people would die of pain sooner or later. If this young man, who claimed to know a little about medicine, were to look at it, he would say that there might not be some miracles. But in the dark, Fu Lao has a kind of intuition, as if Ou Chen can cure the pain of these people. With Fu Lao's permission, Ou Chen sat down slowly and began to feel the pulse of the old man, looking extremely dignified. The pulse is in a hurry. Ou Chen frowned and murmured as he felt his pulse. Fu Lao stood aside, his expression was still extremely dignified, after a touch of dignity, he listened to the murmur of Ou Chen, but he was silent. But this pulse condition is not due to one's own disease, but to eating something by mistake, or to drinking something. Moments later, Ou Chen continued to murmur. And when his whispering words fell, he stood up slowly and said to Fu Lao, "They are all from the same place."? Does the drinking water come from the same well? Ou Chen frowned and looked at Fu Lao. Yes, they are all farmers in a village in the east, and the drinking water is the well at the entrance of the village. The water in the well has not dried up all the year round, and it is cold and soaks into our hearts. Sometimes, we often go to the well to fetch water. But there's never been such a sign. Why, is there something wrong with that well? Facing Ou Chen's words, Fu Lao seems to be able to hear Ou Chen's inner thoughts. I don't know, but I still wish I could get some water from that well and let me see.. Hearing this, Ou Chen met Fu Lao's complicated eyes, smiled bitterly, and continued. Frowning, Fu Lao was obviously puzzled by Ou Chen's words. "I just got some water from the well today, and I haven't had time to drink it yet. I'll go and get it,ultrasonic cutting machine," he said. With that, Fu Lao turned and ran to the room, and soon came to Ou Chen with a kettle and a porcelain bowl.