Wolf God (Yue Guan)

The factory controlled by Du Wei is taking advantage of the opportunity to make a gradual move. It is said to take into account the shock in the south.

At that time, the army did not have a special logistics supply, and the war conditions did not allow it. They slaughtered and robbed all the way, and the news kept flowing to the Grand Duke of Butanni. Knowing that General von Herr was going to divert the tiger away from the mountain, the Grand Duke of Butanni had to break camp and return to the army. If you attack the enemy, you will know that it is a plan and you will have to follow the opponent's plan. General von Herr uses an open plan, but the effect is that you know it is a plan and you can't crack it. In the course of the return of the Grand Duke of Butanni, General von Herr sent many teams of jungle warfare to cause great trouble to the Grand Duke of Butanni in the vast jungle. When his tired army appeared at the ruined fortress of Bologna, General von Herr had already captured six walled cities. The capital of Butanni, Tanoia, was also in a state of panic, and the Grand Duchess Elizabeth. Susu called on the people of the city to dig trenches in the alleys of the city, and recruited a large number of reserve soldiers to prepare for a battle with General von Herr in the city. Elizabeth Susu was originally the queen of the Kingdom of Apia, a famous beauty in the south. Although her country is small, it also has its own territory and army, and her union with the golden lion,push back racking system, the Grand Duke of Butani, is known as a match made in heaven. Because the Queen herself has considerable strength and appeal, Tania is already a national army. Fortunately, the Grand Duke of Butanni came back, and General von Herr's morale was strong all the way. But casualties were inevitable, and although the Grand Duke of Butanni was on the run,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the main force of the army had little to lose. In order to avoid being attacked from both sides, General von Herr decided to quit while he was ahead and began to prepare for a strategic retreat. General von Herr's series of victories came home, and the whole Duchy of Norman was boiling. His personal reputation was unparalleled for a while. The status of the whole army was suddenly raised to an unparalleled position. The people of the Duchy regarded them as the greatest saviors. No one dares to say anything to the soldiers, even the nobles. Ordinary civilians dare to scold, because of the large number of respondents. The nobleman could only swallow his pride. In the midst of the frenzy, the Grand Duke of Norman posed as the greatest monarch of the southern States. He frequently held grand celebration banquets for foreign envoys and domestic nobles, and from time to time issued various inexplicable instructions. The golden dome of the Norman stock exchange was also booming again, and bond prices were in the stratosphere, and a lot of people who got carried away began to buy them. In this case, Jed and Bato and others did not follow suit. The factory controlled by Du Wei is taking advantage of the opportunity to make a gradual move. It is said to take into account the shock in the south. Baron Alex decided to pull back his investment for a while. His decision, like his original decision to buy the mines in the Dawn Mountains, wire mesh decking ,asrs warehouse, was once again ridiculed. Many capitalists offered high prices to buy his company's shops, and Du Wei sold them a small number of orders for military supplies that had not yet been paid. This made the merchants, who had not seen war for more than a thousand years and suddenly found themselves a military power overnight, hot-headed. God knows how many military supplies they were still working day and night to produce after the war had begun so long ago were still needed by the principality's army. Of course, there are discordant voices. Aristocrats who suddenly discovered that their country was so powerful felt that they should have the style of a powerful country, at least to fulfill the obligations of a great power, such as war and civilization. The idle nobles had a place to play, and after careful study, they made a long list, suggesting that the Grand Duke order General von Herr to protect the city civilization with a long history in battle and try not to destroy it. We must also win the hearts and minds of the people, ensure strict discipline, and have a chivalrous heart for the common people. Mobile phone reading http://wap.101du Von Herr went deep alone, and all the supplies came from the "collection" on the spot. How could those soldiers be so civilized? A tall totem on an ancient city is indeed a very long human civilization, but if he avoids it, how many more soldiers' lives will he have to sacrifice? General von Herr simply ignored the merciful fools who stood and talked without pain and stood in the splendid houses in the rear with cocktails as if they were farting. While the nobles judged the seemingly victorious war from a moral height, Jed and Barto were not idle. They were selling all kinds of bonds, writing more empty promises, and issuing more bonds without considering the degree of load. Then another thing happened. The nobles who did not personally appreciate blood and fire and did not know the taste of survival in battle every day stood on the highest point of morality. When General von Herr conquered the city of Heberwell, he sent a thousand men to stay behind and collect provisions and other things. But when his army went to the second city, the city officials of Butanni, who had always been docile, suddenly mutinied and called on the people of the city to rebel and kill them. General von Herr was forced to return and reoccupy the city after the road was cut off and the food and grass could not be sustained. They did not carry supplies, all rely on war to sustain the war, each captured a city left a small number of military forces to guard, the main force to continue to attack, if the city of Heberwell is allowed to happen, other cities respond, then General von Herr will fall into the vast ocean of a people's war in the Duchy of Butanni, his army will never return. In view of this, von Herr brazenly ordered the most cruel punishment for the counter-sentence of the city of Heberwell: the massacre of the city! The massacre killed 120,000 people in the city. When the Grand Duke of Butanni took over the city again, Herberville had become a dead city. In the end, only seven survivors were found. The city of Herberville was renamed the City of Seven. This happened later, but in order to intimidate, the news of the massacre spread in the Duchy of Butanni at that time, and of course it spread back to Norman. The nobles were angry, and they felt that this act was a complete loss of the morality that a knight should abide by,cantilever racking system, and that it would make the Norman Archduke and the Duchy, whose reputation had just reached its peak, bear the unjust name of a butcher. jracking.com


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