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Pei Xiaolei waved the torch and swept around. The more the cave went inside, the more empty it was.

Hum! Her heart a cold, turned away, don't say that gossip is very absurd, even if it is true, but also Chu Taizong self-sentimental. Walking along the winding path, bridges, pavilions, buildings and funerary objects were examined by them. Even the coffin of Emperor Taizong in the attic was opened and looked through carefully, but they still did not find the antidote and blood book they wanted. Stopping and walking, he finally found a tunnel leading deep into the underground in a dense flower brocade on the left inner side of the cave. He lit a torch that he didn't know where to pick up and took Pei Xiaolei down. Pei Xiaolei took his hand and followed him, carefully walking down the stone stairs. Unlike the upper floor, the stairs on this floor were all made of rocks. The rock wall above his head was wet and occasionally dripping water. A cold feeling surrounded him. The stone staircase was very long and curved, and the more they went in, the more they felt cold and pressing, and far away there was a faint smell of coquettish. After a while, the author also felt that the breath around him was not right, so he loosened Pei Xiaolei's hand and let her take out her dagger and hide behind him. He himself was a torch in one hand and a long sword in the other hand. When the two of them walked from the stone stairs to the flat ground, they found that the floor was made of a whole, a whole rock pile, a small pile of sparse hay on the wet ground,ceramic bobbin heater core, probably because the hay had been left too long, giving off a strong smell of damp and mildew, and there was a chandelier hanging high on the wall of the cave entrance. He picked up a few hay bales from the ground as a ball, lit a fire, threw them up, and threw them accurately on the lamp plate. With a flash of "boom", the surroundings of the cave immediately brightened up. Empty, wet,10g Ozone Generator, silent.. The whole room reeked of corruption. There are many holes in the walls, high and low, from outside to inside. There are all kinds of small things on them. Although they are light, they can be seen as valuable rare treasures. However, Pei Xiaolei and the author looked around carefully, but still did not find what they wanted. Had to follow the wall, continue to walk inward, the wall of the chandelier moon inward less, slowly around more and more dark, to the end, they can only rely on the torch in their hands and the waist of the luminous pearl lighting. Xiaolei, you must follow me and don't get lost! He whispered to Pei Xiaolei behind him. Mmm! I'll take care of myself. You can rest assured. Pei Xiaolei had drawn her sword out of its sheath and held it tightly in her hand. Where Pei Xiaolei pointed to several concave places about ten meters above the cave and said. You wait here. I'll be right back. Be careful! He looked up at the brocade boxes placed on the left and right sides of his head, whispered a few words to Pei Xiaolei, then handed the torch to her, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,Ceramic Bobbin, jumped into the air and flew to a high place. Pei Xiaolei waved the torch and swept around. The more the cave went inside, the more empty it was. The rocks were scattered and stacked. The torch could only illuminate the small space where they stood. More places were still dark. Holding the dagger tightly in her hand, she looked around warily, and suddenly her ears moved, and she seemed to hear the hoarse roar of some animals, as well as the slight sound of footsteps, slowly approaching her side from far to near. Sweat, falling from her forehead, was cool. Xiaolei, take it! She threw a brocade box to her side and flew to the other side of the rock wall in the dark. Pei Xiaolei took it in one hand, hurriedly opened the brocade box, and found that there were two bottles of medicine inside, one of which, the cap had been opened, and it was empty. She twisted open the remaining bottle and fell down in her hand. Two black pills fell into her hand. She picked a little on her finger and sniffed it close to her nose. Dai Mei was pleased and immediately took out the sachet from her waist. He poured out the luminous pearl inside, put two pills in it and tied them up. He called the "bird who knows the way" and hung it around its neck. He said hurriedly, "Send this to the Huaqing Palace to the night imperial concubine!" The "bird of the road" immediately spread its wings and flew back out of her sight along the way they had come. Pei Xiaolei looked at the direction of its disappearance, the stone in the heart put down half, with these two antidotes, the weir should be all right. Slowly, the roar of the animals disappeared, the footsteps disappeared, but the strong stench of the nose became more and more intense. Pei Xiaolei immediately picked up the torch that she had just inserted on the stone wall, pursed her lips, held her breath, and looked around warily. The air around her became more dull and quiet, like the tranquility on the eve of a storm. In the big cave, there is only the "crackling" of torches, the sound of burning and the occasional sound of drops of water falling on the walls. Roar. Accompanied by a roar, a huge shadow suddenly rushed to the left rear side of Pei Xiaolei. A sideways, Pei Xiaolei stepped back a few steps, but a wave of the torch, straight to the head of the shadow, the right hand of the dagger has not yet stabbed the past, but the eyes of the shadow suddenly stared, kneeling down. A long sword, straight down from its forehead, straight into its throat, without even a chance to struggle, the huge thing collapsed like this. How are you? Are you okay? The author asked her nervously, then pulled out his right hand, and the sword came out with scarlet blood. I'm fine! Pei Xiaolei took a breath, squeezed out a smile, and answered soothingly. He looked down at the strange beast on the ground, which was the size of a lion. He always felt that he had a kind face. After turning around a few times,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, he finally recognized that the beast was the stone beast guarding the imperial mausoleum. However, the beast was not as fierce and powerful as the stone carvings outside. The beast lying on the ground was not only very thin, but also very smelly. The strong stench of blood seemed to stimulate the rest of the wild animals hiding in the dark. They roared low and pressed in all directions. She leaned back against the wall and looked at a dozen pairs of yellow feline eyes coming slowly from behind the rocks. Her heart was so nervous that it kept beating. She looked at the torch in her hand and was startled secretly. It was not good. The enemy was dark and I was bright.


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