The whole world wants me in captivity.

Take advantage of this time! As soon as Yedou turned around, he saw the figure falling alone at a high speed. He called out the accompanying sound with his backhand.

Such ambiguous words, let one side of the night fight, his face suddenly changed, he frowned and said: "You!" "Night fight!" Qiao Ran pressed Ye Dou's shoulder. He looked at the two strange mourning gods in the air and said calmly, "You are the one beside you." I'm afraid it's your brother, the knee pill! At that time, after Qiao Ran was attacked, he went to check the detailed information about the knife and learned something accurately. The two swords are Genji's treasures, aren't they? "Of course!" The green-haired young man next to him raised his head high. He said proudly, "My brother and I were both created by Genji, but my brother is much more powerful than me, so-" He also clenched the sword in his hand and shouted, "Please go back with us obediently. We won't hurt you!" "These bastards!" When Ye Dou heard this, he immediately exploded Mao, "The one standing in front of you is not a judge of God. He is a follower of my Lord Ye Dou. How can I let him go back with you like this?!" "Also, I am not a so-called bug, I am a night fight, one of the eight hundred gods in the legend." "If you want to fight, don't talk nonsense!" Night fight that ice blue eyes, as if about to burn in general,Alumina Ceramic C795, he rolled up his sleeves, revealing the already hot rune, is about to summon the artifact, immediately to fight. Qiao ran looked at the night fight impulsively, and could not help sighing, close to the night fight, along the hair way: "You can rest assured,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, I will not go with them." I'm not going with anyone. Put your hands down first. Don't be goaded by them. "You rush up at this time, two against one, and you won't be dominant." Ye Dou puffed out his mouth and put his sleeve down obediently. He frowned and asked, "What time will it be?" "In a little while." "He is a casual person, and there is a certain chance that he will not do it with his brother. At that time, you will do it again." Qiao ran slightly curved his eyes, his original appearance is somewhat cold, but when the facial features are soft, it will appear very moving, "you always say that I believe you." But please believe me this time, Yedou. Qiao ran touched the head of the night fight, the face of the night fight was red again, he nodded. Cut in the air, looking at the two people below more intimate behavior, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,steatite c221, the heart suddenly some uncomfortable. He was an extremely freewheeling God of mourning, so all of a sudden he wanted to get rid of that little bug that was an eyesore. Oh, brother Maru, it looks like I'm going to act first. I really don't like it. "He said softly, bending over from the air, pulling out his sword, and all of a sudden, cutting at the night bucket." They're separated. Take advantage of this time! As soon as Yedou turned around, he saw the figure falling alone at a high speed. He called out the accompanying sound with his backhand. The two swords collided and made a clear sound. It's a good opportunity Just as Yedou was about to start a fight, he heard the voice of the green-haired mourning God beside him. While Yedou was entangled by his elder brother, the knee pill put the Taidao on the shoulder of the silver-haired boy, and the sharp tip of the knife was gently touching the slender neck of the boy. Qiao ran moved his body slightly, and the sword was suddenly stained with a few traces of blood. The knee pill frowned and immediately said, "You, don't move.." "Don't move. I won't hurt you, God Judge." "Imp!" Night fight looked at this scene, all of a sudden a panic, he will be a loose artifact, and cut the knife is very mature, do not let him have the opportunity to be distracted. Brother Maru, take the God away quickly! Open the connection to Honmaru and take it to our Honmaru! The pale blond God of mourning licked his canine teeth and said excitedly. -I finally got it. This judge of God. I'm sorry, you seem to think too well. Qiao ran stretched out his onion white fingertips, and he put his fingers on the knife of the knee pill, looking indifferent. Both he and Ye Dou knew that Qiao Ran's spiritual power was extremely terrible, but perhaps because the young man's appearance was too beautiful, and he knew that he was just a God who did not understand many things and was lured by swords, so they all thought that the young man was so harmless. Qiao ran lowered his eyes slightly and looked at the sword beside his neck. His lips moved shallowly, as if he were muttering something. In the library of the Maru, Qiao Ran had read some books about the God Appreciator. The so-called judge of God is the one who can judge God and listen to his oracle. In addition to his great spiritual power, the judge himself is a fragile human being, but he can borrow some power from the gods through certain laws when he listens to the oracles of the gods. Of course, there is a relative price to pay. Knee Maru suddenly opened his eyes wide, he quickly swept behind him, at that moment, he just at the foot of the position, unexpectedly highlighted a sharp stone and wood! But when he fought with the night fighter, he suddenly found that his sword was blocked by a force invisible to the naked eye. -This is.. The power of the wind? With a strong fighting quality, he narrowed his eyes and gave up his knife in an instant. He stretched out his legs and quickly swept to the head of the night bucket. After the night bucket fended off with an artifact, he hurriedly retreated to Qiao Ran's side. Kid, are you okay? That was just.. Qiao Ran's face was slightly pale, but his expression was still so calm. He looked thoughtfully at the pale blond hair and said softly, "Strictly speaking.." I just borrowed power from this mountain spirit. As the old saying goes, mountains and rivers have spirits. In this deep mountain, there is almost no trace of man-made destruction, so everything is well protected,Kamado bbq grill, and over time, the will of nature is born. They kindly felt the warm spiritual power of Qiao Ran and responded to the God Examiner. Can you actually do this? He rubbed his chin with his fingers. "So that's it." It's so interesting. I want you more and more, my dear Lord Judge. 。


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