Recommend [Shuang Wen] Tyrant dreams of me every night

The last time she fell asleep, she taught Sun Laifu a lesson, and this time he consciously prepared court clothes for Zhao Heng.

Sun Laifu came over with the whisk in his arms. With a dry smile on his face, he lowered his head and said in a deep voice, "Your Majesty, Master Xu has sent eighteen excellent family disciples to the palace to accompany Your Majesty to read." Eighteen? Su Wan steadied her excitement and assumed the dignity of the Son of Heaven. "Where are they now?" Sun Laifu had no intention of avoiding Zhao Heng at all. His face suddenly turned into a flower with a smile. "Waiting outside the Wende Hall, these are all well-behaved and knowledgeable family children in Beijing." "It seems that the Grand Master really loves me and makes him bother." Su Wan tried to hold back her smile and wiped her face with a veil. I'll see you later. Xu Taishi this is to press down the meaning of Prime Minister Han? This dream is getting more interesting. It seems that no matter what decision she makes, the person in the dream will change accordingly, and the feeling of being in control of everything is addictive. She was a little eager to know how far she could control it. The dream is too real, the last assassination will not be an isolated case, she wants to not die in this dream, want to sit in the harem three thousand beautiful men, you have to control those people in the court. It doesn't matter if you can't control it. It's just a dream and you don't need to be responsible. Su Wan became excited, and her lips curved with a meaningful smile. Standing behind the two of them, Zhao Heng could clearly see the rising lips of the female emperor, see her unconcealed joy, and for no reason a group of evil fire came out of his heart. How could she.. So lustful? "The old slave will order you to go down." Sun Laifu laughed and waited for her to wipe her face and take back the veil and throw it to the little eunuch. When he looked back and saw Zhao Heng looking at him, he immediately stared back viciously and went to get the dragon robe himself. Su Wan saw Sun Laifu's expression, the line of sight fixed to Zhao Heng that black as if to drip ink to the face, after a moment calmly moved away. The beauty is still very reluctant. Don't worry, as long as the dream does not disappear, she has plenty of time for him to surrender completely. As for the shock he suffered in the hospital, for the sake of seeing eighteen beautiful men, let's beat Sun Laifu. As the governor of the prince's side,endless pool factory, he had suffered injustice for the prince. On second thought, just write it down first. She will meet the prince in the hospital is their own choice of time too inch, not others dig holes for her to jump, there is no need to vent their anger. The power of the emperor can not be reflected by beating the eunuch. Su Wan could not help but look at Zhao Heng again, and his mood was much better. The days with beauty are really happy, but only in dreams. When will her dreams come true? Why do you bring your son-in-law to court today? Sun Laifu handed the dragon robe to the maid of honor with an ingratiating smile on his face. "The old slave is worried that the courtiers will have opinions." "Then I'll shut them up." Su Wan impatiently left him, followed the maid to change the clothes after the screen, let the maid wait on him to wear a dragon robe. Even if she is oppressed by concubines and eunuchs in reality, no one can bully her in her dream. In this dream, as long as she is the emperor, the old men will not try to pull her down. The old slave is talkative. Sun Laifu raised his hand and gave himself a slap in the face, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi swim spa, hanging his head and stepping down. Zhao Heng raised his eyelids, his eyes deep and obscure. Apart from being lustful, this woman also has the momentum of an emperor. Su Wan put on the dragon robe and walked out of the screen. She stood up and let the maid put on her crown. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at Zhao Heng and sighed again at the reality of her dream. The last time she fell asleep, she taught Sun Laifu a lesson, and this time he consciously prepared court clothes for Zhao Heng. It was not the red plain satin court dress worn before, but the new court dress with snow-white moire pattern. She was not quite sure of the color of the dress and the grade represented by the cloth, but she could see that it was carefully prepared and could not go wrong. After waiting for a moment, Zhao Heng came out from behind the screen. Black hair tied in a white jade crown, dressed in a snow-white woven moire round collar court dress, with a black spider leather belt tied around the waist, looks more noble and cool. Had he not known that he was the emperor in this dream, he would have looked more like the emperor than himself. Su Wan was amazed, her eyes were as bright as a layer of light, and she clasped his wrist and walked out of the bedroom together. Rather indomitable cold beauty, whether men or women, people have a kind of impulse to conquer ah. But don't force him to do the same thing as before. The beauty's martial arts are so strong that she can kill herself easily and get both kindness and threat. Your Majesty. "Sun Laifu followed up and looked at Su Wan ingratiatingly. His eyes were bent into a slit." It's still early. Can you have breakfast first? Mr. Xie has prepared breakfast and is waiting for Your Majesty. The plot of this dream is a bit of God ah, Xie Liting actually worried that he would suspect him, can not wait to show good. Su Wan raised her eyebrows slightly. "Breakfast is free. I'll go to lunch with my son-in-law in the morning." The smile on Sun Laifu's face was more sincere, holding the whisk bow down his back, "the old slave will send someone to inform Mr. Xie." Su Wan slightly nodded, lips floating with a smile of interest, no longer speak. Zhao Heng sank his face and his body was covered with frost. If he really found her in reality, he could not let his cousin and Li Ting not meet her, then she would be as greedy as in a dream, how should he deal with it? Zhao Heng's face became more and more ugly, and there was a chilling coldness all over his body. Walking out of the Taichu Hall, Su Wan saw one more sedan chair. She bent her lips and looked at Sun Laifu. "Well done." Sun Laifu looked happy. "It's the old slave's blessing to be able to help your majesty out." Say, he turned around and gave Zhao Heng a vicious eye knife. Zhao Heng looked up at him, and his left hand slowly clenched his fist for a long time before he loosened it. Sun Laifu was so disloyal in his dream that he was willing to become the mouthpiece of the prime minister and others. In reality, he looked loyal and thought for him everywhere. I don't know which side is true. However, if he is too out of line, the female emperor is bound to be suspicious, and he will slowly win her trust and get her true identity. Su Wan saw the reaction of the two of them in her eyes and got into the sedan chair, a little like laughing. Fortunately, this Zhao Heng is not when the prince, there is no consciousness. Otherwise,Chinese spa manufacturer, to the extent of Sun Laifu's death, I'm afraid he will soon be carried out of the East Palace by the little eunuch under his command, and a roll of straw mat will be thrown into the dry well.


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