The net king is matchless and lucky

He was so innocent that he couldn't do it. Maori showed great disdain, so he still wanted to catch up with the flower of Kaolin in our tennis department? You're dreaming! "

This is the first time someone has asked this question. Fuji is somewhat novel, after all, like Atobe Tezuka and so on, after discovering their relationship did not have much attention, not to mention, but to help them cover up a lot. Others in Lihai University and Qingxue are more or less hindered by the character of Yukimura and Fuji, so they can only watch from a distance in awe. We were together before we knew it. Buer smiled and thought about it and answered. This answer is the same as no! Maori is not satisfied: "Who brought it up first?" "Wait," without waiting for Fuji to put forward, Maori's insatiable hand clasped on his shoulder and lowered his voice, "I guess, I guess.." "Is it you?" "Why do you guess so?" Buer raised his eyebrows. Maori, who didn't know if the answer was right, laughed maliciously: "Of course, it's because the little minister is not enlightened. You should know that the first person who has been the campus beauty of Lihai University for three years in succession is not only a girl, but also a boy. But I don't think he has any idea." Fuji felt that he could not help laughing to death. Although he knew that Yukimura looked exquisite, he really didn't expect him to be like this on weekdays. Confessed by countless boys one after another. The campus beauty for three years in a row? "Cough." Renwang is coughing up his own lungs. I said, senior Maori, do you want to speak louder and louder? Don't you see that Yukimura Yu Guang has been paying attention to you here? Abrupt,outdoor hot tub, a hand strokes the neck of benevolent king gently, let him explode directly fox hair: "Be Sick, Ya Zhi?" A "Masaharu" made Renwang shiver all over: "No, I think it's a little cold here, so I'll go out for a walk!" Walking to the door, Ren Wang quietly looked back and looked at Xing Cun's smiling face, which was like a Lily in full bloom,outdoor spa manufacturers, and shivered. I said, "Maori senior, this time you can't bribe me with any chips." At this time, it is really the best policy to know the current affairs! God bless you.. Amen! Although this side noticed Yukimura's movements, Fuji did not remind the Maori predecessors who almost half fell on him of their ideas, and continued to say: "So Seiichi is really popular." "I tell you, once I escaped from training and slept in the woods, and I happened to meet the scene of confession. You can't imagine it!" Maori said this in a louder voice, "The guy with the love letter is actually the minister of our basketball department!" "Our basketball minister!"! Have you ever heard of the basketball department of Lihai University? That minister is absolutely popular! "But he's really been pursued by those girls for so long that he can't even make a confession.". He blushed when he handed over a love letter. He was so innocent that he couldn't do it. Maori showed great disdain, so he still wanted to catch up with the flower of Kaolin in our tennis department? You're dreaming! "Poof-" Fuji suppressed a laugh. "Well, then what?" "Our little minister." Recalling the scene, Maori blinked. He hid in the tree and no one should have noticed. It was the first time he had told anyone about it. He took the love letter and said, 'Thank you for your love, jacuzzi suppliers ,5 person hot tub, but I'm sorry, I don't remember you at all.' You don't know that the head of the basketball department of our man of the hour has a white face. Then, not to mention this, the little minister also said, 'And instead of thinking about these things here, let's try to beat me.' ” What he meant was that he wanted a basketball player to beat him in tennis and then talk about feelings. Ha ha ha, leading to a long period of time Sanada was also pulled to the basketball department as a sparring partner, Sanada that boy's face is black! The bloody storm in the tennis department was indeed caused by Yukimura, and the sad thing is that Sanada never knew. I said I had said so much, but you said, did I just guess right? Maori relaxed completely. "Oh, and how did you get together?" "Boy, you are definitely the most promising, just because the little minister, the flower of Kaolin, is now picked by you, you will win over a large group of crazy men in Lihai University.". I heard that you are going to study in Lihai University in high school? I like you. Ha ha! By this time, Maori had already said that he was too happy to think about it and had completely forgotten the arrival of danger. Have you ever heard a sentence? Buer smiled with deep meaning, "people who are too curious often.." "It's not a good end." Maori turned his head stiffly, and behind him stood a smiling man, who was not Xingcun? "Hehe.." Little minister, let me explain. "Maori senior used to sleep in a tree at that time. It's really unkind to disturb you." Xing Cun laughed. No, no! I was.. Ah, I escaped the training. Minister, I won't dare to Q _ Q! "Later. "Speaking of, the senior should be straight to the high school of Lihai University, next year can be a club, I really." I feel very honored. "Ha, ha.." Maori wants to cry without tears: there are still two years to graduate, and he has no doubt that Yukimura will be a minister next year. Think about how to be abused and have no bright future in the hands of the little devil Yukimura. Sure enough, I want to transfer to another school! Don't let anyone stop me! The author has something to say: Next, it is estimated that other people's scenes will be less, starting the home court of Yukimura Fuji Shuangshuang ~ I'll try to finish two hundred chapters? Chapter 142 Chapter 142 die in the same cave. Although many people speculated about how Yukimura would deal with Maori, during the competition, as the captain of junior high school students, he also distinguished the primary and secondary relationship, but smiled a little better, but unexpectedly did not say much. Of course, people who know Yukimura's character know that according to the usual practice, it's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years. Maori immediately felt drained of his energy and shrugged his shoulders and ran away. Buer smiled narrowly and did not intend to continue the topic, but turned around and began to watch the game on the court. Although it was the first battle, Oishi was nervous at the beginning,whirlpool hot tub spa, but Yuezhi unexpectedly gave him a stable and reliable, on the contrary, the game began to gradually move towards a wonderful part.


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