Immortality -Shui Tianya worried

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Shui Tianya worried. Looking at the horizon of the water, Zhong Shan was stunned. Then he took a deep breath and his face became very serious.

This is no longer the innate period of martial arts, but rose to the level of magic, heaven and earth thunder punishment, is not only a sword name, or a spell name, before Zhongshan can only release a little Dao Gang, but now, it is accompanied by Dao Gang. Release a pillar of thunder with pure Yang Qi. Although only the arm is thick now, the thunder column will become thicker and thicker, and it will not only be a thunder column, but also a "thunder punishment of heaven and earth" in all directions. A large number of thunder columns, vast momentum, powerful moves, powerful skills, it is no wonder that Kaiyang Zong has not been practiced for thousands of years. The second phase of the golden elixir. Zhong Shanchang closed his sword and finally made a breakthrough. Qi Yun came to his body. He really practiced very fast, twice as fast as before. Moreover, he also received the best conditions to practice. After more than three months of thunder and lightning immersion, he also arrived at the first Xuan Peak of the Golden Elixir when he came out of the Lingchao of Kaiyang Zong. Now it's a breakthrough. Pa, pa, pa. Congratulations, sir. Your magic skill is very important. Not far away came the applause of Princess Qianyou. Zhong Shan quickly closed the knife and turned to look. At the moment, Princess Qianyou was standing waiting with Ah Da, Ah Er and Shui Tianya. For the practice was seen by Princess Qianyou,jacuzzi bath spa, Zhongshan has not mind, nothing to mind, but the increase in ordinary skills, Princess Qianyou will not be aware of what. "The princess laughed." Zhong Shan shook his head and smiled. Ann, please sit down. Princess Qianyou immediately pointed to the stone table beside her. Zhong Shan also sat down impolitely. The tea on the table was made of the best immortal tea. Zhong Shan took a sip and felt that the consumption of a knife just now had all been restored. How are the recent polls in the city? Zhong Shan asked. Princess Qianyou smiled and did not say much, waiting for the report of Shuitianya. Monsieur, Mo Baili has a million votes now, and I have two hundred and thirty thousand. Said Shui Tianya. Eh? No,Whirlpool bathtub, it is reasonable to say that our propaganda of "war crisis" and Mo Baili's propaganda of "peace era" should be "war crisis" in this matchless city on the border between the two Koreas. It makes people listen even more. Why is there only so little? Zhong Shan frowned. Our propagandists have done their best. However, the number is still too small, not as many as Mo Baili, we only have about a thousand people, and they are three thousand people. Said Shui Tianya. Not enough people? Zhong Shan frowned. "Yes," said Shui Tianya. A thousand people is not enough? The whole matchless city. There are only seventy-two business districts, and you have an average of fourteen people in a business district. That's not enough for you to organize? Zhong Shan opened his eyes wide. A business district, after all, is very large, and there are many restaurants, even if 14 people are tired of running in the major restaurants, it seems insignificant. Shui Tianya worried. Looking at the horizon of the water, Zhong Shan was stunned. Then he took a deep breath and his face became very serious. Seeing Zhong Shan's expression, the Lord of Qianyou smiled slightly. Because Princess Qianyou knew from the previous two experiences that Zhongshan was depressed by Shuitianya's work. Instead of getting angry, Zhong Shan quickly steadied his mind and said to Shui Tianya, "Lord Shui, best whirlpool tub ,endless swim spa, I'll give you a solution, and you do it." "Go ahead, sir." Shui Tianya immediately answered. Don't stay in the restaurant to publicize in the future. It's too slow to publicize there. Zhong Shan said. However, the restaurant is the most crowded place. Propaganda can be spread more widely there. Shui Tianya wondered. But there are so many restaurants, can you run all over? Zhong Shan asked. This Shui Tianya frowned. I can't help it if there are few people. You have to see where there are more people. Zhong Shan asked. Uh Shui Tianya frowned and thought. Square, in the square, all people pass through various shops, restaurants and other places, must pass through the square, especially the kind of large fork in the square. The people there are the most people who let you publicize there. Zhong Shan said. Over there? Is it too ostentatious? And it's too fake, especially for publicity. No one will do that except those who worship me absolutely blindly. It's too radical. Anyone with a discerning eye will know it's fake. Shui Tianya frowned doubtfully. "Fetishizing you?"? Too radical? Lord Shui also knows that there are such people? Now that you know, what are you afraid of? As long as there is such a possibility, it is reasonable. What's the difference between one and a thousand? Is to let them make trouble, let everyone know you, you have to divide each business district into four parts, each part, there is a special person responsible for publicity, the other side to help, to shout out. Shout out to support you, if you want to shout, you will be red-faced. Only in this way can you infect other people, and make a large number of your leaflets, send them to everyone, and give one to everyone. Zhong Shan said. Hearing what Zhong Shan said, Shuitianya swallowed saliva. He opened his mouth and could not speak for a long time. Water adult, you know, now the canvassing campaign, just like the war, you have to put your heart and soul into it, victory and defeat are in an instant, the winner and the loser, the means is just a process, in the matchless city, the most people are those grass people, in fact, for many grass people, do not care who is the Lord of the city. It is enough to ensure that they can practice and live more safely. You are now to infect them, you can ensure their safety, the war crisis is coming, only you can ensure that the war crisis can be resolved. Zhong Shan explained. Tianya has been taught. Thank you, sir. Shui Tianya worshipped Zhong Shan respectfully. Well, you go ahead and do the publicity. Zhong Shan said. Yes, "Shui Tianya immediately nodded, and then said goodbye to Princess Shiyou, and quickly retreated.". When Shuitianya left, Princess Qianyou picked up a cup of tea and said with a smile, "Sir, the idea is really unrestrained. Qianyou admires it." "The princess is too modest." Zhong Shan shook his head and laughed. Qian You is not modest, sir, one plan after another,endless swimming pool, really let Qian You open his eyes. Princess Qianyou laughed. Ha ha, plan to become a serial side for the plan. Zhong Shan laughed. A good plan is a serial plan, and Qianyou has been taught. Princess Qianyou laughed.