Dionysus -The target is the Light Air Force

The total number of magicians is more than four times that of the other side, and the sum of the overall magic is more likely to be ten times that of the other side.

Moreover, under the command of Ji Yunsheng, these thousands of rays of light are C fire attributes, in midair, the same attribute magic has condensed into a huge light column, distance is no longer a problem. In terms of actual combat ability and training, the magicians of the Light Army are far inferior to the Dark Army. However, in the past few years, the Light Camp has spent the most time practicing the cycle formation of the five elements. Because they all know that this will be their real weapon against the dark army, only with the five elements of the cycle array, they can compete with the dark army. That's a joint strike of tens of thousands of magicians! Dark Tianji never thought that the other side could integrate the attacks of tens of thousands of magicians and send them out with a single attribute. This is also completely impossible in his view. Not to mention him, even Ji Dong, the inventor of the five-element cyclic array, could not imagine that the array he invented would one day blossom with such powerful energy. This is the strength of the army of light, single attribute multiple superposition fusion magic skills, almost all magicians will. But the number of one thousand is the limit of single attribute, multiple overlapping and fusion technology. The light magicians did not violate this limit. They were indeed the cohesion of a thousand fire magic, but each of them was the cohesion of ten people by virtue of the five elements. In this way, the power of their attack is too terrible. It can be said that it is a range of top super nirvana skills with single top super nirvana power. On the flank of the Dark Demon Army,mirror stainless steel sheet, there are less than three hundred five element boundaries that can effectively produce defense. In front of this terrible torrent of fire, they are almost torn apart in an instant. The distance between the two sides is indeed too far, so that the attack of the light magicians has been weakened a lot, the red light is only a flash, but even so, when the red light swept, there are still more than three thousand dark magicians disappeared from the battlefield in front of them. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 662 the return of the Holy King. Shocked,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, when the Miming magic masters by virtue of the five elements of the cycle array bloomed a hot and horrible gongkou, instantly swept three thousand dark magic masters that moment, the entire dark magic army all fell into a great shock. Three thousand dark magic army, this number for the overall number of more than forty thousand dark magic army, is not a loss, but the key is the distance. The armies of both sides, across the holy evil island, the distance between each other is twenty miles, in such a long distance, generally speaking, even the nine crown supreme strong between each other is a safe distance. No matter what level of magic, the power will gradually weaken with the distance. Even the ultimate nirvana is no exception. However, it was under such circumstances that the light magicians killed three thousand dark magicians with the joint efforts of ten thousand people. This is an absolutely incredible scene. Although the dark army side, stainless steel welded pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, there is no dark heavenly stem God beast, but their confidence in their own original is very firm. Not only because of the power of the dark sky, but also because of their own strength. The total number of magicians is more than four times that of the other side, and the sum of the overall magic is more likely to be ten times that of the other side. There are hundreds of thousands of preparatory magicians behind them. In the eyes of these dark magic armies, even if they do not start, just by virtue of the preparatory magic army, they are enough to sweep these light magicians in front of them. But it was in this case that the light magicians in front of them did what their dark army could not do. It's really hard for them to believe. Attack, full attack on the dark sky machine angry voice suddenly sounded, so that the dark magic army this reaction to come over, although before the dark sky machine did not give them effective orders, but, after all, these dark magic army is well-trained, after the reaction. Corresponding actions have been taken at the first time. Forty thousand Dark Demon Army is a group of one thousand people, the front, a total of ten groups of ten thousand people. The collocation of this tooth person is evenly distributed according to the ten attributes. That is to say, in each group of 1000 magicians, each attribute is 100 people. After the ten thousand dark magicians reacted, they opened their five elements boundary for the first time. A thousand five element boundaries appeared at the same time, and suddenly merged into a superimposed five element boundary, and the terrible pressure instantly made their side of the defense extremely tough. In addition to the air force, the other less than thirty thousand dark magicians are also a group of one thousand people, but they are assigned with the same attributes. That is to say. Every group of one thousand people has the same attributes. In this way, when they launch an attack, they can rely on thousands of people to play the most powerful combat effectiveness. This is a group of more than 20 thousand people, instantly can release more than 20 advanced super nirvana skills above the level of attack magic. This is an absolutely devastating force. Even if the dark dragon emperor brought the thousands of dragons, if the front and the dark army of more than forty thousand people hard shake, there is no chance to win. This is still the situation after the Dark Demon Army was weakened by the Light Tomorrow Dry Saints. Without the efforts of the Light Tomorrow Dry Saints, what appears on the battlefield now is probably close to 50 groups of such Dark Demons. At the same time, the reserve dark magician in the rear of the dark magic army also began to act, although their magic is not strong, but it is no problem to release the five elements boundary. Hundreds of thousands of magicians constantly release the five elements boundary, forming a less powerful, but covering a larger area of the big five elements boundary, even the entire dark demon army are enveloped. This is the dark secret training for many years, painstaking efforts to build up the invincible lion, the strength of the dark magic army to blossom, it is trembling. At the same time, the dark army in the sky has begun to attack. The target is the Light Air Force. Despite the defeat of the Dark Dragon Emperor, their absolute superiority in numbers still exists, not to mention not only the thousands of Dark Dragons, but also the dark army in the air. These Dark Magicians not only have their own mounts, but also have more than six crowns. Six thousand people in all. What a powerful force it is! With the order of the dark sky before,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, the dark army, the invincible lion in the heart of the dark sky, finally showed its fangs and launched a fierce attack on the light army. sxthsteel.com


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