Go to the black boss by mistake.

This time it was his turn to be shocked. He sat up and stared, "Ah Hao, aren't you?" Is Big Brother so charming? Conquering two men in a row? Ximen Hao lay back on the bed and said with a smile, "Isn't it just medicine?"

"Then you can bear it!" No longer pay attention to, fortunately, they do not like her, otherwise. More than a miserable word can describe? You are hurt like this, but you still have to toss about, and you have no sympathy. Su Junhong Wen Yan reached out to touch a sweat, as if anticipating the tragic days ahead, if really with this woman together, day! I can't imagine that Iron Man can't stand her abuse, can he? The key is that the second child only has feelings for her, but people's hearts are made of meat, and he believes that one day she will be overflowing with love for him. It is said that a strong woman is afraid of pestering a man, and he pesters her to death. At four o'clock in the afternoon, Huangfu Liye led fifty men to break into the imperial city and went straight to the backyard. When he arrived at a room, he saw Lin Fengyan lying on the ground. He frowned and said, "Ah Yan, we're coming to pick you up!" Lin Fengyan, who was thinking about the fairy, said discontentedly, "No, there is someone here to take care of me. Li Ye, you can go back." Now the emperor Lao Tzu comes to invite, he also does not go, the beautiful woman in the side, personally takes care of, is really quick! Can't help showing a smirk, Ye Nan, right? Cut off seven emotions and six desires? Tut, tut, tut, when you meet me, I'm afraid you'll have to break up in the next life. Huangfu Li Ye looked suspiciously at the empty bed and the good brother lying on the carpet with a lewd smile on his face. He was speechless and said, "Since you like to sleep on the ground so much, you can go on sleeping. Go!" Disappear with a group of people. Lin Fengyan's mind is full of beauty's every smile, the only shortcoming is to wear too much, so far in addition to the face he has only seen her fingers, do not know how the figure under the nun's dress,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, must be very beautiful, damn, think about it and have a reaction, more decided that this woman will not go without him. At night, Ximen Hao went into battle with injuries. He stood at the door and tried to knock on the door countless times. He raised his hand and put it down again. Jun's face was full of horror and his face was pale and weak. What should he do? Take a deep breath, open the door and enter. In the hospital bed, Liu Xiaolong seemed to be very clear. He put down a stack of materials and lifted the thin quilt. He took off his pants and said, "Let's start!" Open. Ximen Hao swallowed his saliva vigorously. Should he protect his chest with both hands like a woman? And then explain that he's not gay? But the eldest brother a face of command, had to come forward, looking at the lower abdomen, trembling reach out to pull down the underwear, for the eldest brother, the mountain of knives and the sea of fire can be under, what is this? He took it off and reached out to hold it. What are you doing? Liu Xiaolong threw away the data with hatred, and the lenses flashed cold light. Heal your wounds! His teeth were chattering, and he did not look at the beginning. Some man spread his legs: "The wound is here!" Sure enough, with a piece of gauze sticking to the root, Ximen Hao immediately seemed to see the Buddha appear. He immediately took away his eldest brother's'what 'and said with a smile, "Elder brother, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide powder, you should have said it earlier!" He was so frightened that he almost had a myocardial infarction. He happily removed the gauze, took a pile of medicine and began to apply it carefully. After the day's good brother did not report the incident, Su Junhong is smiling at the moment, so looking at the door, eldest brother is really awesome, so long has not been released, look at the watch, twenty minutes, suddenly saw the door was opened, just to laugh at a few words, see the good brother's face relaxed, even with a smile.. This time it was his turn to be shocked. He sat up and stared, "Ah Hao, aren't you?" Is Big Brother so charming? Conquering two men in a row? Ximen Hao lay back on the bed and said with a smile, "Isn't it just medicine?"? By the way, Ah Hung, if sister-in-law can't walk tomorrow, you can go. Big brother told me to deal with some documents! Look at the time. It should be here soon. Su Junhong was speechless. Why did the eldest brother order Ah Hao to deal with other things? Do you want to go by yourself? Hang your head and suck your nose. He likes women, not men. Brother, are you going to do it all over? Is it four brothers or four sisters after that? That's terrible. No, God, tomorrow Yanqing must be able to walk, must, no, prayer is useful, why do you want a doctor? Thinking about it, he quickly took the crutch and stepped on the ground that had been treated. Hung, what are you going to do? Ximen Hao did not understand the frown, the injury is so serious but also walk around? "Oh!"! I'm going to do something small! Then he opened the door and knocked decisively at the door of a ward. "Come in!" Sister-in-law, I suddenly find that your voice sounds so good? He took a deep breath, opened the door and went in. Without saying a word, he stood at the head of the bed and took out a check and wrote down ten million yuan and sent it over: "Sister-in-law, please be sure to give medicine to your eldest brother tomorrow. This is my filial piety to you!" Yan Qing winked and said, "I'm going to give him medicine tomorrow!" Why pay back the money? Tomorrow she will go to beg him to sell the cultural relics to China. You must go to buy this. Li Ye will buy you a helicopter. How about I buy you a yacht? As long as you go, I can do whatever you want. Do you have something to ask me? Some female sees the man's one face is anxious, give her so much benefit for no reason? Su Junhong held Yan Qing in one hand, with sincerity in his eyes: "Sister-in-law, since I call you sister-in-law, then you are at the same level as my eldest brother in my heart. I am your subordinate. I will not hesitate to be a cow and a horse. Tomorrow, as long as you are 100% willing to go, I will say a word in the future, absolutely!" Please, please. Inkstone green nods: "Good, good, I go, I certainly go!" What made him so anxious? "The yacht has been bought and adopted to you." Forget it, I have nothing to do with the yacht? Don't buy the plane from Ye. You must buy it. Just buy a Lamborghini for me and Ruyun! Yellow! Whoa! That's too cool. It's too cool. Yingzi has already bought it. So simple? Su Junhong wiped his sweat and nodded: "The car will be delivered tomorrow!" Then he exhaled and went out. Really? Lamborghini is very expensive, more than four hundred thousand, and it will be delivered tomorrow? My God, she hasn't got her driver's license yet. Come on, kids. I can't wait to drive. Xiao Ruyun opened the door of the toilet, peeked at Su Junhong's back, and then said excitedly, "My God, Yan Qing, is he true or not?" "I don't know, but he's so rich, and with this mausoleum, I don't think he'll lie to me,caustic calcined magnesite, will he?"? It must be true. Why don't I take the medicine now? She didn't believe the plane at all, but the car would be delivered tomorrow, so she couldn't believe it. stargrace-magnesite.com


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