Against the dragon road

By the way, give me another pot of pickled cabbage and red sausage! "Well, for dessert, I'd like ice cream for five, sprinkled with blueberry cheese!

Rinehart turned his hand and immediately covered Wei's mouth again. He smiled helplessly and shook his head gently at Wei. Wei stiffened again and closed her mouth, but her nose sniffed Rinehart's hand subconsciously, like a puppy. Kane laughed a few times, shook his head and said, "Well, after all, you're just a little girl. No matter what your status is, you're just a little girl.". That's funny. How can your family trust you to go out alone? Aren't you afraid you've been abducted and sold? Wei's eyes flashed a golden light of extreme anger, and she knocked Rinehart's hand off with one hand, so painful that Rinehart snorted in his throat and almost screamed. With that blow, Rinehart felt as if his arm had been hit directly by a train, and the whole thing was numb in an instant. But heard Wei there angrily shouted: "Do you dare to look down on me?"? Trafficking? Who can abduct me? Oh, the Supreme God.. Wrong, damn the supreme God go away, the God of the season, I want to see, who can abduct me! A terrible breath, slowly flowing out of Wei's body, a very slight sound of'sniff ', centered on the place where Wei stood, within a radius of 100 meters,warehouse storage racks, the ground paved with super-hard cement mixed with steel bars suddenly sank a foot thick. The ground that originally filled the space was annihilated at the same time as Wei's breath was released. Wei controlled her breath so well that she destroyed such a large piece of ground without hurting anyone nearby. In her mind, the soldiers nearby had become their subordinates, but they could not be easily consumed. Generally speaking, she is a reasonable person. She looked at Cain haughtily and said coldly, "Human, see my power!" With a wink, Kane looked at the ground, picked up the Gatling six-barreled machine gun that flashed with strange light for a moment,radio shuttle racking, smiled, and turned away. As he walked, Kane said, "It's time for the brothers to have a rest and an extra meal in the evening. Each of them has a salty pig hand!"! Allow three liters of German stout per person! Well, I want three pork knuckles, ten black bread, twenty liters of beer.. By the way, give me another pot of pickled cabbage and red sausage! "Well, for dessert, I'd like ice cream for five, sprinkled with blueberry cheese!" Rinehart froze for a moment and looked back at Wei. Wei was so angry that her eyebrows stood on end and her hair rushed straight up. She mercilessly, mercilessly stamped her foot, so, 'thump', teardrop pallet racking ,Automated warehouse systems, nearly ten thousand square meters of the ground, there are countless cracks! Several white-clothed temples knelt on the ground with great trepidation, not daring to look up or speak out, and the sweat on their bodies dripped down like rain. Only Rinehart coughed cautiously and asked softly, "Lord Wei, is that all for today's inspection of the base?"? Well, are you satisfied with this training camp? Teacher Merlin must have reported to you the significance of this training camp to our dark temple! The two hands clenched tightly into fists, and there was a strange electric flash in the gap between the fingers, making a series of sounds of'cluck cluck cluck '. Wei's whole face was twisted with anger. She stared at Rinehart for a long time. Then she said angrily, "Yes, the training camp is very good. In fact, there is no such cruel training camp in our clan!"! Because our people are born to be the most powerful warriors and do not need training. I admit that our soldiers' will to fight may not be as good as these weak human beings! From the nose suddenly hummed a group of cold air, Wei's face gradually eased up, she said coldly: "Rinehart, is this training camp built by the dark temple and the underground world?"? I ask you to hold all the soldiers firmly in your hands! We can't let them become super-powered warriors with divine powers, but they are loyal to the leaders of the underground world! When necessary, you can use extraordinary means to control their spirits with your divine power, do you understand? Startled, Rinehart bowed and said, "It's natural.". The new Night Legion must be the most loyal soldier. "So," he thought to himself, "it's going to take more of our men to be the instructors. Well, tomorrow there will be more people coming to London one after another. Draw the most reliable person from them and come here." Standing there sulking for a long time, Wei made a few meaningless grunts in her mouth and shouted coldly, "Rinehart, go to your residence.". According to Merlin, is your place a very nice manor? I hope I can be satisfied. After another pause, Rinehart smiled bitterly and followed Wei, who was striding forward. With a wry smile, he thought, "God, I can't guarantee that my manor will satisfy Lord Wei." Damn it, Kane, why did he deliberately go against Wei today? Did Kane see through Wei's identity? I don't think so? Well, I hope he thinks that Lord Wei is just a powerful priest. After all, the coming of God is the greatest secret of the dark temple! Rinehart did not know that in a building in the distance, Kane stood in front of the French window staring at Wei, holding the communicator in his hand, and said heavily: "Boss, God has come!"! Well, the middle level God, the strength is good, unfortunately is a little girl who does not understand anything! Degree of danger.. There is almost no danger. Slowly putting down the communicator, Kane was a little bored and said, "Well, why not a male God?"? So I can try. How much has my strength increased in six hundred years? Silently, a circle of silver light appeared outside Kane's body,push back racking system, the air shook violently, and a small part of the space outside his body slowly broke apart, revealing a chaotic engulfing black. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 108 gods and scoundrels.


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