Murder scene 3

Pan Liang immediately said, "No, Sister Qingyang, I'm fine here. I have special powers. I can sleep while guarding the door.." "Pan Liang.".

Mo mother sighed: "For a long time no one has asked the news of the snow moon, this period of time began to be asked." As a mother, I always have to think too much. Qingyang had already walked to the door. At this time, he turned around and said, "Auntie, listen to what you mean. Besides me, has anyone else come to ask about Mo Xueyue's disappearance?" Mo's father said: "Last time a female reporter from a radio station also came to our home and asked about the disappearance of Mo Xueyue. She said she was doing a special investigation report on the missing person and took away a photo of Xueyue." The female reporter of the radio station? Is it in our city? What's his name? Mother Mo thought, "My surname is Chu. I forgot my name. We went to my son in the provincial capital the next day. I don't know how the reporter's report went.." Qingyang quickly searched in her mind. Her surname was Chu, a female reporter of the radio station. She was so excited that she asked Mo Mu, "Is it Chu Lan?" Father Mo touched his head and said, "Well, yes, it seems to be the name, and it's also a very young girl." Today's update is late. I'm sorry. I've been running outside until now. Tomorrow's update will be a little late, please come later. Small Town Doubts Chapter 16 Sleepless Night Qingyang walked out of Mo's house, his heart beating like a drum. Qingbo said that Chu Lan had tried to assassinate Lin Ruwen. Chu Lan committed suicide by jumping from Lin Ruwen's hotel a month ago. Chu Lan's last journalist investigation was about the disappearance of a high school girl several years ago. The missing case is related to Leng Feicui. Leng Feicui is also related to Du Lan's car accident. The cause of Qingbo's accident was the blood Guanyin that Du Lan gave her. This is a first connected ring, and now the end of the ring touches the first point-the touch point is Chu Lan. And the ring connecting Chu Lan is Lin Ruwen. Qingyang thought of Qingbo, who was still in the intensive care unit of the hospital, and suddenly worried. She looked at her watch. It was a quarter past ten in the evening. Qingyang took out his cell phone and called Pan Liang. Pan Liang's voice was a little blurred. He just woke up from a doze: "Hello, Sister Qingyang?" "Pan Liang, how about Qingbo?" "Well, Qingbo, she's been inside all the time and hasn't woken up yet. The doctor just took her temperature and it's normal." Qingyang lowered his voice: "Is Lin Ruwen by your side?" Pan Liang sobered up and said discontentedly, "Damn, Sister Qingyang,Mechanical fine screen, that man is an embroidered pillow. He vowed to be on night duty for Qingbo or something. He also said that Qingbo's safety was his responsibility.." NND, what kind of person? Not long after you left, he answered the phone and said he would come. Look, it's been almost an hour, and no one has been seen. Qingyang was relieved: "All right, Pan Liang, it doesn't matter if he's not here. You're a little more tired. I'll go home and prepare something. I'll take over for you in the middle of the night." Pan Liang immediately said, "No, Sister Qingyang, I'm fine here. I have special powers. I can sleep while guarding the door.." "Pan Liang.". You still need to be small. Don't worry, how can I take Qingbo lightly. Anyone close to the intensive care unit, even nurses and doctors, lamella clarifer ,MBR reactor, will jump up. "Then Lin Ruwen will come later?"? Do you want to take turns? Pan Liang sniffed, "It's almost eleven o'clock now. I don't think this boy will come.". He's just asking for a trick from Qingbo's elders. I won't believe that his big boss will keep vigil for Qingbo. "Uh-huh.". I hope so-Pan Liang, to tell you the truth. I don't trust Lin Ruwen. As soon as Pan Liang heard this, he became energetic: "Sister Qingyang, you suspect him..." "It's too early to say anything, Pan Liang. If Lin Ruwen comes, I want you to keep an eye on him." "Well, since Sister Qingyang said so, I promise that even if he yawns, I will stare at him with my eyes." Pan Liang, who had seen Lin Ruwen early, was very excited when he heard Qingyang's words. Qingyang was about to tell him a few more words. The mobile phone prompted that there was another call coming in. It belonged to Captain Liu can. "Pan Liang," said Qingyang. Captain Liu has called. I have to answer it. You should be more vigilant. Call me whenever you have something to do. Qingyang got through to Liu can: "Captain Liu?" Liu can's voice is very dignified: "Qingyang, someone just reported to the police that a shooting occurred near Qingbo Hospital. The deceased was a young man, Lin Ruwen." Qingyang's mind went blank: "What?"? Shooting? Who "Lin Ruwen, someone in our team knows him and says he seems to be Qingbo's boyfriend-now, our vice squad has finished investigating the scene, he was shot twice, one in the forehead, one in the chest, both at close range.." He died instantly. "Captain Liu, when did the shooting happen?" Qingyang suppressed his beating heart. Around 10 o'clock, most of the people around slept, many people reported that around 10 o'clock, they heard two kicks, which was a little more stuffy than two kicks, but no one got up to pay attention to it. We don't have any witnesses.. It was a couple who reported the case. When they found the body, it was already 10:30. Oh, the body was lying at the corner of a small street behind the hospital, where the street lamp was broken and it was dark. The informant saw it when he almost stepped on the body.. "Have the bullets been tested?" "Well, after preliminary examination, the murder weapon should be a Browning pistol, which is used in many Southeast Asian black markets on the mainland." Qingyang hesitated: "Captain Liu, what do you think?"? Is there any direction? Liu can sighed: "Our small town has always been a simple folkway, where the murder was either poisoned or strangled, but now it has kept pace with the times, and there have been shootings.." Qingyang, I think this case may be related to the Qingbo accidental injury case. This is a big case, and you happen to be concerned about this case. Er, I would like to ask you to help the police in our small town solve the case together. If necessary, I will contact your police station to help you investigate us? Qingyang: "Well,disc air diffuser, Captain Liu, I will follow this case to the end for the sake of Qingbo. You can rest assured.". Also, have you checked Lin Ruwen's cell phone records? "Not yet. I just finished the field survey. I'll call you right away. The investigation hasn't officially started yet.".


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