Ten Deadly Sins 6

Gambler second says: "Yes, do not be a dog in the manger." Gambler C says: "Or call your wife, bet on the table."

Gambler second says: "Yes, do not be a dog in the manger." Gambler C says: "Or call your wife, bet on the table." Gambler Ding said, "Gangdan, don't look at me. When did you return the money you borrowed from me last time?" Gangdan didn't want to miss the chance to win money. He looked at several gamblers seriously, found a pen and paper to write down a few numbers, folded them, put them on the gambling table, and pressed them with his hands. It seemed that the note was very valuable. Gangdan said, "Do you know the People's Bank of our city? I used to be a security guard there. What I just wrote down is the password of the bank vault transfer lock. These numbers can be said to be invaluable. I will bet on the table. If you agree, we will open the card." People at first do not understand its meaning, then burst into laughter, some people even laugh to cover their stomachs and bend down. Steel Egg was kicked out of the casino as a neuropathy. The speaker has no intention, the listener has a heart, the thief's cloak happens to be in the casino, he found a barbecue stand to invite steel eggs to drink. There are many similarities between the two, the same life down and out, debt, gambling addiction. That day, both of them drank too much, put their arms around each other and said some sincere words. They both thought of stealing the vault. They sat on the small horse of the barbecue stand,plastic pallet price, ate a plate of peanuts and edamame, drank beer, and talked about how to steal. The thief's cloak said, "Brother, let me tell you something. When a gang of people robbed a bank in Guangdong, they said," Don't move. Money belongs to the country and life belongs to you. ". Everyone lay down without saying a word,plastic pallet suppliers, and the gang left after robbing the money. The steel egg savors this sentence, said: "Is really the wise saying." The thief's cloak said, "I'm not bragging. There's nothing I can't steal. Our village, the village of thieves, is famous all over the country." Steel Egg says: "I hear, you steal a road even." Thief cloak says: "Hero does not carry in those days brave, this, we go stealing the money of the country." Steel egg says: "There is cash not only in vault, still have gold bar, do this one ticket, need not worry all one's life." Thief cloak says: "elder brother, I ask you again last time, can that password be true?"? Will they change the password? Steel Egg said: "I use my head to guarantee that the password can be used, the director of the warehouse did not change, the password will not be changed, plastic pallet bins ,ibc spill containment pallet, this is the rule.". The director of the warehouse is my uncle. But it's a big deal. Can we just do it? Thief cloak says: "Still be short of two people." Steel egg says: "Who?" The thief's cloak said, "One is my elder martial sister, and the other is my relative, a scientist." The water swallow is very interested in stealing the bank vault, and the senior engineer needs a lot of money to invent and create, so the four of them hit it off. Steel Egg has worked as a security guard in a bank and is familiar with the internal situation. They drew a drawing, indicating the location of the library door and the distribution of the monitoring probes. It took nearly a month to prepare, and there are three main difficulties in theft: First, there are two security guards on duty at night, leading to the outer door of the vault must pass through the duty room, how to solve the problem of two security guards? Second, the outer door of the vault is equipped with an electronic fingerprint lock, which requires the bank leader to press the fingerprint, and two warehouse keepers use two keys at the same time to open the outer door. Third, there are monitoring systems and alarm systems installed inside and outside the vault. There is no dead corner. It is impossible to sneak in quietly. For these problems, they have used some high-tech means. Gao Gong initially thought that he could invent a camera jammer to block surveillance, but it was rejected by others. Because if it is only interference, it will arouse the vigilance of the bank monitoring center and outsmart itself. They found a fatal flaw in the bank vault, and if the bank was cut off, all the monitoring probes and electronic alarm systems would be disabled. Banks don't usually have backup generators. They also thought that only let the bank power outage is not enough, the bank will certainly inform the power Bureau to come to repair. Then blackout the entire street where the bank is located. Gao Gong invented an electromagnetic device, which only needs to be installed in the transformer to cut off the power of the whole street. Transformers are usually on the street, and it is very easy to destroy them. "If necessary, I can make the whole city without electricity," said Gao Gong. "There is no lock I can't open," said the water swallow. ” Shuiyanzi is proficient in all kinds of unlocking techniques, from wire crochet to tinfoil tools, to more advanced high-pressure expansion airbags, high-frequency vibration brushes and electromagnetic unlocking devices. Over the years, her unlocking skills have become more and more sophisticated, even surpassing the master of the King of Thieves. She also went to the vault door manufacturer to find the same type of lock as the vault for testing. Although the design of the locks used in the vault is very reliable, there is a fatal weakness: all locks must be able to be opened by locksmiths, so as to avoid the failure of the vault door or the loss of keys and the forgetting of passwords. This weakness is the basis for the realization of the theft of the vault. They found the fingerprint lock of the outer door of the vault, which can be opened with a key even if there is no fingerprint. This is to prevent the failure to open the vault door if the finger is injured. As for how to deal with the two security guards in the duty room, they prepared a variety of plans in advance, purchased the tranquilizer guns used in the zoo, as well as electric shock devices and aerosol ecstasy, and so on. The whole process of theft only took more than half an hour. They carried out a division of labor. The senior engineer drove the car, pulled the electromagnetic device he invented, and destroyed the transformer according to the appointed time. The whole street was cut off and it was dark. The senior engineer drove the car near the bank, and met and followed it on the periphery. Water swallow, thief cloak and steel egg lurked in the Holly bushes in the bank yard when the power went out. After the blackout, the two security guards on duty in the treasury actually left their posts without permission, and they left the duty room. A security guard said, "Oh, why is there a power failure? Let's go out and have a look." "Another security said:" Nothing,plastic pallet containers, all power outages, you see the opposite area of the building without lights, street lights are also extinguished. 。 binpallet.com


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