Hades Fairy Road

Of course he also quickly saw the forbidden lines carved on the surrounding tree trunks and on the ground Naturally his attention

Of course he also quickly saw the forbidden lines carved on the surrounding tree trunks and on the ground Naturally his attention was focused on these forbidden lines again and he was very devoted And this is precisely the "golden opportunity" for a sneak attack Li Xun licked his lips He would never admit the comment of that "fool" The reason why he missed this one was that he was not adapted to the new method However after the reminder of the butterfly orchid he deliberately caught it and as expected there were several secret Qi movements Pesticides in the void This weak Qi is like spider silk gently sticking to the body of the bearer seemingly empty but in fact the most sensitive He has no doubt that if he loses his cool and shoots easily his fate will be miserable Soon the friar straightened up and Li Xun felt a slight rise in his body as if it were a signal and then a figure in black flashed down from the air The two of them exchanged a few simple words as if they had decided on the nature of the formation The man in Tsing Yi nodded took out a jade box from his bosom and carefully opened it A catapult came out and in a twinkling of an eye there was a little coolness in the forest "Trouble!" Li Xun sighed when he saw the shape of the thing I didn't expect that Luoyu Zong would be so willing to invest money that he would bring the famous "Sou Shen Bing" with him! This little thing is famous for its supernatural nature It has a very keen sense of the breath of all living things With this little guy it must be impossible to escape by pure prohibition Moreover even if you kill these people at this moment as long as you are escaped by this little thing you will really run to the ends of the earth in the future and you can't get out of the palm of Luoyu Zong's hand! In that case it is better to be straightforward He coughed lightly and his body burst into flames like a torch suddenly lit in the dark attracting everyone's attention in an instant The two monks looked at him in surprise He came out of the shadows and said with a smile "Are you looking for me" Of course his action was forced by helplessness but the two people were obviously more troubled Luoyu Sect has never been a sect that is good at dealing with it head-on so the two monks were even at a loss when they saw Li Xun's warm smile on his face In the sky there is an invisible bowstring slowly collapsing Just then another voice rang out "No we're not doing business tonight!" Li Xun was surprised to follow the sound I saw a figure walking slowly A snow-white robe in the gradually sinking night is particularly conspicuous but the breath on the body is converged to a very weak boundary and the dress is extremely incompatible This person is undoubtedly extremely handsome snow-white skin and clothes of the same color can hardly be distinguished and can even make many nuns jealous but the lines on his face are very strong but the calm expression gives the outline a soft quality GlobalChemMall very contradictory but also more attractive However when seeing the man's warm and bright eyes Li Xun had doubts from the bottom of his heart From these eyes there is no emotion that can be accurately described-the reason is that if he looks at it roughly he may think that he has grasped the direction of the flow of this person's consciousness but there is no doubt that these so-called "directions" will be completely different in the next moment Dangerous guy! Li Xun has never seen such a character it seems that between his gestures is to confuse others mislead others and ultimately to plot others What is more terrible is that this feeling may not be true which is the most fatal point Suddenly he was a little regretful so the earth jumped out Continue to look forward to the second sequel of the nether world xiAoshUotxtcOm The first chapter is the way txt Small `say " God Don "Don't do" Business It could be seen that not only Li Xun's side but also the other two killers of Luoyu Zong were stunned by the sudden appearance of this man and there was an embarrassing silence in the forest Who is this guy Li Xun went through all the possible characters in an instant in his mind and the conclusion he came to startled him "Su Huai Yu" Of course he just called out in his heart Although it has not been confirmed according Pesticides to the rumors in the world of metaphysics apart from Su Huaiyu who is known for his "broken heart" who else has this kind of psychedelic character As the saying goes "It is better to break the vest a thousand times than to face it once" This is the most appropriate way for the monks in this world to describe this big brother of the Fallen Feather Sect But at this moment Li Xun is very unfortunate automatically jumped out to meet with him This period of time is really not going well Before Li Xun had finished the monk in front of him who was suspected to have been carrying a feather sighed lightly and said leisurely "We haven't seen each other for nearly two hundred years since we left Yanshan Why I've spared the younger generation today but you won't come out and thank me" …… This is good! Only then did Li Xun realize that from the very beginning this big brother Su had never taken this big living person seriously The object of his talk has always been the butterfly orchid How long At least in the past thirty or forty years Li Xun has never been so ignored and what's worse he can't tell whether the attitude of this guy is deliberate or not Li Xun's heart swelled suddenly After practicing the secret method of transforming the form of the "Son of the Blood God" the only thing in his internal organs that still has a little "positive form" is the heart which is the center of Qi and blood However this thing seems to have become particularly "sensitive" nowadays and even a slight change of mood can make it produce a regular reaction However even at the moment when the internal organs were about to burn Li Xun's brain still retained a line of cold It was this cold feeling that enabled him to fix his figure and look coldly at the great suzerain's emotional speech to the dark woods Unfortunately the butterfly orchid really did not give face and remained silent After waiting for quite a long time Su Huaiyu could not help showing some bitterness on his face globalchemmall.com


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