No.38, Pansidong

"I feel like I'm eating." "Eat?" He thought for a moment. "You mean the lightning went into your stomach?" "Yes, it's like eating

"I feel like I'm eating." "Eat?" He thought for a moment. "You mean the lightning went into your stomach?" "Yes, it's like eating, sliding down the throat, all the way to the stomach, and then it seems to stay there." No, I can't describe it. It's like there's a bag there that puts all this in. We tried a few more times, and when I saw that Ao Ziheng's face was already a little tired, I quickly called a halt. Let's take a break. You must be very tired. He did not argue, nodded, put away his fan, then lifted the hem of his robe, and sat on the ground gracefully and calmly. I asked cautiously, "Zi Heng, that … …" Is it all right for you to spread the rain casually? Don't break any rules? "Never mind, it's on a lake. The water comes from the lake and goes back to the lake. Besides, it's only such a small place. No one will care about it." That is to say, it is not good to spread clouds and rain casually. So, oh. I don't know why I suddenly remembered the legend of the White Snake I read before. In order to get to know Xu Xian, the White Snake and the Green Snake made clouds and rain, so they were not afraid of any future trouble? Well, maybe these legends are not a system. White Snake didn't pay attention to them at that time. You look tired. I can't help him at all. I don't know how to relieve his fatigue, and I don't have any magic medicine that will make him better as soon as he takes it. Never mind He said in a low voice, "Because I am not a purebred son of a dragon, and my mother is just a clam girl …" In addition to this Ao surname, I have very little dragon power, so cloth rain for me, although I have been familiar with it since childhood, it is still a little laborious to really display it. Ah After the anniversary of his mother's death, he was involved in the secret of his life. I really don't know what to say to express my guilt. Without waiting for me to rack my brains to come up with something to comfort him, he changed the subject first: "Although you don't remember what happened before, the advantages of this temperament are endless.". At least, in the future, if you can practice to the realm of becoming an immortal, at that time, for others, it is a matter of life and death, but for you, it is easy to get through, impact beam tubes ,side impact door beams, maybe.. He suddenly stopped and did not know what he was thinking. I was a little confused: "Zi Heng, what's wrong?" "I just thought of something." He looked at me: "If your ability is really in the face of disaster can also completely withstand …" If so, you can also help others to resist the disaster. What will happen then? What will happen then? Text X We did not speak later, Ao Ziheng raised enough physical strength and tried for me, and we came back from Shuangta Lake. Ziheng, thank you today. I don't think the word "thank you" is enough to express my feelings, but I can't run away without saying anything. It's all right. I'll think about it tomorrow. You can come to me the day after tomorrow. I nodded obediently: "Good." "Remember not to say anything." "Yes, I know." He put me in the Peach Blossom Temple, not far from the courtyard where we lived, and went back to Bishuitan by himself. I shook my head and climbed back along the stone steps. Sanqi was mixing her pollen in the yard when she looked up and asked me, "Where have you been all day?" "Well, I went to Bishuitan to play." "Play every day.". You're not afraid of being abandoned. I don't know what Sanliu is doing. Said coldly, "It makes no difference whether her cultivation is abandoned or not.". As she is. In another five hundred years, it will not be able to repair the human form. I Hei Hei smiled: "I am not going every day." Sanqi shook his head. Continue to match her fragrant powder. You are already so beautiful. And do these. I climbed onto her shoulder. This is to be dedicated to the Lord. "Oh." Sanliu seems to be honey, and it tastes sweet and fragrant. Wait, I know the smell! When I was starving to death, I met Sanliu and Sanqi, and then the sweet thing I drank at that time was this taste! Well, it's stronger than this.. I looked at Sanliu, but she was still cold and expressionless. The one I drank was the nectar brewed by Sanliu. Right! I suddenly remembered! The liquid in the small bottle held by Sanliu was only half when the Master was accepting the disciples! It is definitely not possible to give away half of the things. Of course, Sanliu is not so stupid, nor is he deliberately contemptuous of the Lord. The whereabouts of that half of the honey, I actually remember now! Sanliu was almost brushed off at the pass of accepting disciples because he gave me the honey. But she never told me. I always thought that it was Sanqi who saved me at that time, and the food she gave me was also taken out by Sanqi. But it turned out to be 36. I sat down beside her and gave me a white look. "Go, go, stay away. Don't drop your spider hair in my bowl." "Well, I'm not a rabbit, so I won't lose my hair casually." I wanted to say thank you to her, but I couldn't say anything to such a cold face. I looked around and said, "Sanqi, why is it so quiet today?" "You are really." Sanqi said with a smile, "Because I said yesterday that a big man was coming. Lord Guan asked the elder martial sisters to go. If the big man took a fancy to them and took them away to teach them for a few years, the benefits would be extraordinary." "Oh?" I turned my head and said, "You mean that man came here and picked his disciples to teach?" "Mmm." "It's like an exchange of students." I muttered something in a low voice. What "Nothing, then why didn't you go?" "Not only us, but also several people with similar cultivation did not go, and it was useless to go. If the cultivation was too low, they would not be chosen." "Oh." Sanliu handed me a stone bowl: "Hey, you have a lot of feet, help me grind." "Eh?"? But I'm small. The stone bowl is more than ten times the size of mine. Alas, "Sanqi said,stainless steel tube 304," Sanliu, don't embarrass her. " Sanqi pinched a formula with his right hand and nodded it on my head. I felt that I suddenly had a feeling of swelling, and my body suddenly swelled a lot.


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