Kill God Kill God

Shiyan still did not move, and waited for half an hour, thinking that all the people over there should have left, before he quietly

Shiyan still did not move, and waited for half an hour, thinking that all the people over there should have left, before he quietly walked out of the Bush leaves and went to the wetland. On both sides of that wetland, there are swamps. If you want to go to the east, you have to pass through that wetland. That's why he didn't take a detour. Arriving at that piece, Shiyan found that there were seven or eight corpses on the ground, and the essence of the corpses had long dissipated between heaven and earth, but he did not get any benefit. These corpses should come from the same mercenary regiment, the armor on their bodies is generally similar, they seem to have been attacked by monsters, the body was torn bloody, the death is very tragic. After coming over, Shi Yan stared at the corpses and found that he could not get any benefit from the corpses, so he did not continue to look more, quickened his pace and wanted to leave here earlier. You did go this way. Just then, next to a Bush, came the voice of Xia Xinyan. As soon as the voice fell, Xia Xinyan's graceful figure, veiled, came out from behind a Bush leaf. Behind her, the two iron tower men were wiping the blood on their hands with pieces of gray cloth. Did you kill these people? Shi Yan said lightly. Uh Xia Xinyan nodded,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but did not explain why she wanted to kill these mercenaries. Her beautiful eyes flashed and she looked at Shiyan deeply. "You really got Ouyang Zhi's Star Wu Soul Source Seal," she said. "Ouyang Zhi?" Shi Yan's face changed slightly. "Who is he?" "It is the person who built the pseudo-Tianmen Gate and left the source seal of Wuhun.". Ouyang Zhi is the legendary figure of our endless sea, the star God of the three gods religion. Thousands of years ago, he had the cultivation of the three heavenly realms. It is said that he is only one step away from the realm of the true gods. Xia Xinyan said slowly. The Three Gods? Star God? What do you know? Shi Yan exclaimed. A thousand years ago, the three gods, the sun, the moon, and the stars of the Three Gods Sect,side impact beams, entered the sevenfold underworld together. They fought with Ah Bi Hades in the Hades Sea, but were trapped by Ah Bi Hades'Ah Bi Hell 'laid down by Ah Bi with 30 million Hades soldiers. It was the most tragic battle in the sevenfold underworld in a thousand years! The war caused heavy losses to the three gods, and many of their followers died tragically. After the war, the three gods of the three gods, the sun, the moon and the stars, only the sun God returned from the seven underworld. The moon God and the star God were mysteriously missing. The thirty million underworld soldiers under Ah Bi Hades were only five million alive. Ah Bi Hades himself was said to have been seriously injured and never came out of the underworld for thousands of years.. The three gods of the sun, the moon and the stars? Seven-fold underworld? A nose, the keeper? Shi Yan's eyes were full of doubts. He shook his head and said, "Are you saying that the Gate of Heaven was constructed by the Star God, one of the three gods of the Sun, Moon and Stars?" "Not bad." Xia Xinyan nodded gently and said, "After the First World War, many people died as moon gods and star gods. Indeed, for thousands of years, Cold Drawn Tubes ,precision welded tubes, these two people have never appeared in the endless sea again.". Ouyang Zhi was seriously injured in the sevenfold underworld and should have died, but before he died, he did not know how to get here, where he slaughtered the eight-level monster Muze Jiao, and constructed the pseudo-Tianmen and pseudo-divine realm with the demon crystal and residual power of Muze Jiao, leaving behind his own source of Wuhun. He left a legacy for his martial soul. "Wu Hun yuan Yin!" Shi Yan drank lightly, looked at the heart subconsciously, and a strange color flashed across his face. The source seal of Wuhun is the brand of Wuhun. After the warrior gets the source seal of Wuhun, he can get the Wuhun in the source seal. A strong man in the divine realm, knowing that he will die, can use his great magical power to turn his Wuhun into a source seal of Wuhun, so as not to let his Wuhun be lost, and the sign of the Wuhun of the stars is that there will be little star spots on his heart, as if it had shrunk billions of times the vast star chart. Xia Xinyan explained. Is this a kind of martial soul? Shi Yan's eyes suddenly lit up and he looked at the heart of his chest in surprise. It is not only a martial soul, but also a holy martial soul! Xia Xinyan affirmed. Holy Martial Soul? Shi Yan was in a daze. "Is Wu Hun also graded?" "Of course, according to the power of Wuhun and the number of times of evolution, it can also be divided into ordinary level, metaphysical level, spiritual level, holy level and divine level. The greater the power, the stronger the supernatural power, and the more times of evolution, Wuhun will naturally be more powerful.". For example, the three spirits of the three gods, the sun, the moon, and the stars, are all holy spirits. For example, the reincarnation spirits of our Xia family are also holy spirits. There are too few Wuhun in your area, so there is no hierarchical division. In our endless sea, all kinds of Wuhun are strange, and we don't know how many kinds. The characteristics and power of each Wuhun are different. If there is no detailed hierarchical division, who knows which kind of Wuhun is powerful? More room for growth? "What level is the petrified Wuhun of our Shi family?" "Without a special evaluation, I can't make a false estimate.". However, I think at most it is a spirit level Wuhun, in your area, I have not heard of the holy level Wuhun. The level of Wuhun depends not only on its power, but also on how many times it can evolve! How far can it eventually evolve! The details are very complicated. In the endless sea, there is a special Hall of Martial Soul to do these things, a kind of martial soul in what level, they have the most say. "Is it rare to have a holy martial soul?" Of course it's rare! In the endless sea, the holy level Wuhun is also the highest level of Wuhun. The family with the holy level Wuhun is the most powerful force in the endless sea. Do you think the holy class Wuhun is rare? "So I picked up a treasure this time?" "What do you say?" "Miss Xia, thank you for telling me so much. I want to go to the endless sea. Are we on the way?" Xia Xinyan suddenly fell silent. If Shi Yan does not go to the endless sea all her life, it is not a big conflict of interest with her. However, once Shiyan enters the endless sea, as long as he shows the soul of the stars and is known to the people of Sanshen religion, the people of Sanshen religion will surely find him at all costs, praise him as the son of God,beam impact tubes, and provide him with the best training environment. There is a direct conflict of interest between the Sanshen religion and the Xia family, and Shi Yan's star Wuhun is destined to make him one of the strong men of the Sanshen religion in the future. He went to the endless sea, and the Xia family will definitely have many strong enemies in the future! "Miss!" The two big men like iron towers reminded each other softly.


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