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Before I knew that Qin's father didn't like him, he could still hide or ignore him, but now. Zhan Lingyang must have a good offering!

Before I knew that Qin's father didn't like him, he could still hide or ignore him, but now. Zhan Lingyang must have a good offering! Want to marry someone else's daughter without offering? So, this week when Qin's father and mother came, Zhan Lingyang did a week's housework at Qin Huanhuan's house. Buying food, cooking, mopping the floor and so on, Zhan Lingyang showed too much diligence, even Qin's mother could not see past it, but Qin's father was reluctant to admit the identity of the prospective son-in-law, so Zhan Lingyang was still so difficult. A week later, Qin's father left contentedly, admitting that his son-in-law was not a few years older than him. Qin Huanhuan thought that her good life with Zhan Lingyang had come. However "Huanhuan, I heard." Did you do a kissing scene with another male star? Zhan Lingyang sat beside the sofa, shaking his legs slightly and said. This That one It's just a scene! And it's borrowed! Qin Huanhuan felt guilty. "Well, look at you. You liked me so much at the beginning. Why are you always perfunctory to me now?" Qin Huanhuan: o (≧ mouth ≦) o "Huanhuan, I heard that you were photographed having intimate contact with a man?" Zhan Lingyang continued to shake his legs. That's when I almost fell down and he gave me a hand. The media is too.. "Well,stainless steel 304 pipes, in those days, you had a crush on me for so many years, but I didn't hear that you had intimate contact with any male star!" Qin Huanhuan: |  ̄ | In the end, Qin Huanhuan realized that Zhan Lingyang did not settle accounts, but brought all the old accounts here to wait for her! Every time she was photographed by the media what cheating ah derailment ah, Zhan Lingyang is like this! Then,Precision steel tubes, use her guilt to get her into bed! Later, when she saw Zhan Lingyang shaking her legs, her legs were weak. After Zhan Lingyang shook his legs again. "I quit!" Qin Huanhuan threw the script he had just got and said angrily. Who knows, Zhan Lingyang heard Qin Huanhuan's words not only did not have any guilt and guilty, but his eyes lit up in an instant. All right, all right! Zhan Lingyang picked up Qin Huanhuan and said, "In that case, I will continue to work hard to make a baby to play with you at home!" Qin Huanhuan: no love in life JPG 953. No Chapter 953 Leng Qing Guo Shi's personal eunuch 1. [Beep-Mission completed. Please go to the next world.] [Task a V: Woman: Xiao Huanzi Man: Nangong Yuyan Task: Change the fate of the man who died suddenly at the age of 35, let the man know her gender and fall in love with her. Mission completion earns a life of five years, base point 10.] [Qin Huanhuan base point panel (hundred-mark system): Appearance: 85 Intelligence: 80 Glamour: 85 Stamina: 90 Body: 70 How does the host arrange the base point?] Qin Huanhuan listened to the mission, confused. Died suddenly at the age of 35? Let the man know her gender? What the hell is all this? Is the man who wants the strategy this time an early death? Then, before he died, side impact door beams ,beam impact tubes, he didn't know whether the original owner was a man or a woman? [How does the host arrange the base point?] The system asked again. Qin Huanhuan, who has had a lot of experience, has become accustomed to analyzing tasks before using the base points every time, so she does not pay attention to the system, but continues to ponder over her base points. It seems that the man and the original owner should be acquaintances, but the man does not know the gender of the original owner. A woman disguised as a man? Qin Huanhuan raised his eyebrows and suddenly had some expectations for the world below. [System, can I deduct 20 basis points first, and then wait until I say it's added, and then add it to my body?] Qin Huanhuan said. If it is a woman disguised as a man, perhaps in the future, the figure can also come in handy! Now the original owner's figure is only seventy, and it is estimated that she is also a flat-chested girl. The system passed a little while, just answer: "If buckle 20 to want to add on figure certainly, OK." [Well, buckle it.] Qin Huanhuan said. [Beep-deduct twenty basis points, leaving ten basis points.] [Does the host accept memories?] [Yes.] Qin Huanhuan answered. After the familiar swelling pain, Qin Huanhuan began to comb the memory of the original owner. The original owner has no memory before he was ten years old. After she had a memory, she was already a little eunuch in the palace, and a eunuch disguised as a man. And. She is also on duty in a place that is envied by all the slaves. That is the exclusive palace of the national teacher. Although the national teacher is cold, he never kills innocent people, and even if he is unhappy, he will not take out his anger on the slaves. On New Year's Day, the slaves will receive small red envelopes. Moreover, the status of the little slaves from the palace of the national teacher is one level higher than that of the slaves in these ordinary palaces! Even the red man around the emperor should smile when he sees the little eunuch in the palace of the national teacher. The national teacher, in fact, is like a diviner. Divining the fate of a country. The national teacher has always been a status admired by the whole court. Even when the emperor chose the crown prince, he would secretly call the national teacher over, and then refer to the national teacher's opinion. But in front of such an important and admirable national teacher, the original owner was moved. In fact, before the sudden death of Yuyan Guoshi, the original owner did not know that she liked Yuyan. She only knows that she will be happy when she sees the national teacher, she will be happy when the national teacher talks to her, and she will also be sad when the national teacher is melancholy. As Yuyan Guoshi's personal eunuch, the original owner had long been interested in him in his relationship with Yuyan Guoshi. After the sudden death of Yuyan Guoshi, the original owner finally understood her thoughts about Guoshi, and drank the medicine on the same night and went underground with Guoshi. Everyone was moved by her loyalty, but only she knew that she was not loyal to the national teacher, but loved her. Love to life and death. So in her next life, she hopes to be able to let the national teacher live a life of idle clouds and wild cranes,Precision Welded pipes, not to die suddenly because of spying on the destiny of heaven, and. To fall in love with her. 954. No Chapter 954 Leng Qing Guo Shi's personal eunuch 2. After combing the memory of the original owner, Qin Huanhuan breathed a sigh of relief. cbiesautomotive.com


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