Beauty Three Thousand "Butterfly Flying"

Most minor operations, such as appendectomy, take eight days to remove the stitches, but Tong Xiaodie's current incision is in

Most minor operations, such as appendectomy, take eight days to remove the stitches, but Tong Xiaodie's current incision is in the leg where there is more fat and muscle and where the joints are active, so the time to remove the stitches is set on the twelfth day after the operation. It was a male doctor who came to remove the stitches. Wearing a mask, she knew that she was a very comely person just by looking at her eyes. Her movements were also very light. She didn't hurt her. Maybe she had suffered too much. This little pain was nothing. Lian Yi stood beside her, and she, who usually looked like a girl and a man, also turned her head. In the ward, there was only the sound of scissors stuck in the suture. Tong Xiaodie watched the doctor's hands skillfully pull out the black thread, moving quickly, leaving only black holes, and soon it became dense again. Lian Yi is good at blocking Tong Xiaodie's face. "Don't look!" "It's all right. I've already seen it. I'm not afraid!" Wait until the end of the demolition also asked people: "Doctor, how do you see my recovery?"? Such a big cut won't open, will it? Then he was slapped by Lian Yi, what a crow's mouth! The stitches were removed, but they were still wrapped in a layer of gauze. The doctor told him to remove them three days later, and he could take a bath a week later. After hanging up the last bottle of intravenous drip of the day, when the nurse came in and pulled out the remaining needle, Tong Xiaodie's right hand, which had been tied up for more than ten days, was finally liberated. At the last moment, the little nurse accidentally tilted it, and the whole swelling was high, but she was happy because she could finally go home. Lian Yi ran up and down to go through the discharge formalities. All the medical insurance expenses were reported by two-thirds, so Tong Xiaodie was still acceptable. She also paid the nursing aunt and packed her luggage. Tong Xiaodie put on her pants for the first time in half a month. She wore loose pajamas on her body, and she was too thin to hold up. Lian Yi parked the wheelchair next to the bed. Tong Xiaodie's legs had no strength at all. She could only support herself with her hands. It was very difficult for her to lean against the bed. The bed was not high, but she could not go down or sit in the wheelchair. Lian Yi stood watching anxiously, but she dared not help her for fear of hurting her. Finally, an experienced nurse came to help, hanging her shoulders to carry people to the car. Tong Xiaodie, with a thick blanket on her knees, was pushed out by Lian Yi. When she got off the elevator, she saw the big trees and grass at the entrance of the hospital building. There were many people. Although they all looked at her with curiosity and pity, she still felt very excited, like a bird that had been locked up for a long time. From today on, she began to learn to ignore the eyes in the crowd, wheelchair, crutches, she still has a long way to go. It was not a good day. There was a light rain in March. The misty rain made it somewhat inconvenient to travel. Lian Yi pushed her to the parking place. Tong Xiaodie held an umbrella by herself. The parking space of the hospital was always crowded and not enough. Lian Yi's car was squeezed in the middle of the two cars. She parked Tong Xiaodie under the tree and ran to drive. In such a crowded gap, she held her breath and pulled in her stomach before she could squeeze past to hold the door and get on the car to start. Then it rained heavily, and people around her trotted through Tong Xiaodie's wheelchair, while she could only wait there with an umbrella, envying those people, whether poor or rich, at least they had healthy bodies. Lian Yi opened the door on the other side, she could not hold Tong Xiaodie, and the wound on Tong Xiaodie's body was not allowed to be picked up and stuffed into the car. She held the umbrella for her, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, trying not to get her wet, watching Tong Xiaodie grab the door handle with white fingers and drooping face, covered by hair, unable to see the expression, a dark shadow. Tong Xiaodie did not dare to exert force on her feet at all. She could not stand up now. She could only sit in a wheelchair and lift her body with her hands on the door. She clenched her teeth and leaned against the co-driver's seat. Then she moved her legs into the car with her hands and sat firmly. At that moment, she really felt that she had no legs. Lian Yi took the umbrella away, opened the trunk, folded the wheelchair flat and put it in, then opened the door and sat in, patting the water on his head. When she left the hospital, Tong Xiaodie prayed in her heart that she would not come in again. Closed in the hospital for so long, everything on the road let her feel fresh, Lian Yi opened the radio to listen to music, rain down the window glass, misty line of sight, the world has become so Pure Brightness beautiful and clean. Tong Xiaodie turned her head to look at the scenery outside. She liked the rainy days and remembered the scenery on the street with her heart. She would spend the next six months in bed. Parking in the garage, getting out of the car and going upstairs took a lot of time. She had never known before that she could not reach the top floor button in the elevator. Looking at the rising number, she secretly rejoiced and turned to Lian Yi and said, "Xiao Yi, you took me in." Lian Yi is proud, "you know I'm good to you!"! Where you came from, how are you going to get up now? Tong Xiaodie nodded, "well, so he was eliminated." That small building, her home on the fifth floor, is gone now. Lian Yi arranged everything, hired a family nurse, lived in the study, put a bed in it casually, removed all the things that were not used in the original bedroom, left a space for the wheelchair to get in and out freely, put a new bedsore-proof mattress on the bed, and many pillows for the children to stuff under their bodies. One day in the third month of discharge, it was clearly the spring season, but Tong Xiaodie suddenly felt uncomfortable all over, accompanied by a high fever, hot pain and itching on her right leg. The nurse thought she had been crawled by something dirty, and kindly wiped her with salt water, but did not expect to break out completely the next day. It's as disgusting as being burned. After that, more and more, starting from the seam of the knife edge, grew over the entire right half of the waist and leg roots. She is very painful, that kind of nerve conduction pain is like being burned by fire, and like being electrified, in the long blister place like lightning conduction, obviously looking at the leg is nothing at all, but it is heart-rending pain, even shouting can not, can only gnash teeth to endure this wave, waiting for the next wave that does not know when to come. The nurse was frightened, "Oh,plastic pallet containers, this is a waist dragon!" Tong Xiaodie was frightened. She had heard of this. If she wrapped it around her waist, she would die. Lian Yi also panicked. When she was a child, she had an uncle who had to die like this.


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