Days with ghosts

Bai Qiannian's face suddenly changed and he said, "You, what did you say?"? So you are so mean and shameless. You have

Bai Qiannian's face suddenly changed and he said, "You, what did you say?"? So you are so mean and shameless. You have known my origin for a long time. You know that I like to drink too much. You use wine to lure me in, so that you can eat my sword for my body. With that, Bai Qiannian pulled out a dagger from his body. The sword was shining with cold light. He stabbed me with one sword. I picked up the crystal stick. His sword suddenly broke into two pieces. He looked at the crystal stick with fear and despair in his eyes. He said, "Who are you to him?"? Why do you have his wand? What do you want from me? It turned out that this crystal stick had such a nice name. It seemed that this thing had a long history. Now I was interested and wanted to know the origin of this crystal stick. I said, "What is my relationship with him? Do I have to tell you?"? As for what will happen to you, I'll tell you first. As for your meat, I won't eat it. Your meat tastes too strong. I don't like it. I'll bury it for you. You can rest assured. As soon as Bai Qiannian heard this, he was so angry that he trembled all over. He stabbed me again with a broken sword. I blocked it with a magic wand and swung the sword he had stabbed away. The tip of the wand pierced his chest. Because he had drunk a lot of daughter red, he was so excited that he showed his prototype and turned into a white fox. His broken sword fell to the ground, jumped up suddenly and tried to bite me. He was stabbed by the tip of my wand and fainted. When Bai Qiannian first came in, I felt that he was not like a human being. At that time, I was bored anyway, so I teased him. I didn't expect that I would beat him back to his original shape. However, it is much more difficult for animals to cultivate immortals than human beings. They have to go through thousands of years or more. They have gone through so many Dynasties. When they succeed,Investment casting parts, they always have a lot of feelings. Therefore, there will be disasters when they are about to achieve success. In fact, many of these disasters are due to themselves, because the days after they become immortals must be pure and few desires. Therefore, many pleasures in the world want to taste them one by one before they go. Or some things that can't be put down, but they want to go. So, the last time White Snake wanted to see her son,DIN screw plug, she almost had an accident. Fortunately, I saved her. Now the fox was beaten back to its original shape by me for a cup of daughter red in Song Dynasty. Fortunately, I was only interested in his knowledge of the origin of the magic wand, not really his fox fur. Another meaning is that I am kind-hearted and don't want his thousand-year-old way to be destroyed in a moment. So, I want him to learn a lesson. Fortunately, I am lucky to meet today. If I meet someone else, I am afraid I will really cut the fox skin. I picked up the white fox. The white fox was very light and soft. It was very comfortable to hold it in my hand. I carried him into the car. The fat sister saw him and said, "Chunyang, I just saw a guest in your shop. Why did you come out to hold a dog? Where did the dog come from? They said you had magic. You didn't turn the guest into a dog." I blushed and said: "The guests left early, just a dog did not know how to run away from my shop, I took home to raise." Fortunately, titanium machining parts ,Stainless steel foundry, the fat sister just made a joke on the spur of the moment and went into the shop. I closed the shop and went back to the villa. I took a bath, returned to my room, and began to take advantage of the white fox's drunkenness to find out what enmity the white fox had with the owner of the magic wand, as well as the origin of the magic wand. The white fox turned back into a human form, as if in a dream. During the reign of Tianxi in the Northern Song Dynasty, a young couple lived in a small farmyard in Hunan. They rented some thin fields. Although they lived a hard life, they loved each other. That year, the farmer's wife had a difficult birth. After she gave birth to a son, she bled him to death. The husband and wife were deeply in love and were too sad to follow his wife. He put the newborn baby outside a cave in the mountains. There lived a Taoist priest in the cave. The child was adopted. When he grew up, the Taoist priest accepted him as a disciple. The Taoist priest raised the child and could not bear him to suffer with him in the cave. The master and his disciples slowly built a house next to the cave. The Taoist priest was young and simple. He practiced Taoism with his master on the mountain every day, learning hard to subdue demons. Occasionally, he accompanied his master to subdue demons. Originally, he thought he would become an immortal like his master. But when he was sixteen years old, something happened that completely changed his fate. At the foot of the mountain where the master and his disciples were practicing Taoism, there lived a squire surnamed Shangguan. That year, the fox fairy of Shangguan squire's family made trouble. At night, a man's voice could be heard in his young lady's boudoir. He waited outside to go in, but there was only one young lady inside. The maids were all sleeping outside the house. Knowing that it was the fox fairy, he quietly invited his master and disciples to subdue the demon. That night, the master and his disciples hid outside the young lady's embroidery room and waited for the fox fairy to go in. The master told him to guard the door and gave him the magic wand. He told him, "This fox fairy is very powerful. As long as you see a white light coming out, you will stab it. You must not be soft-handed." Then the master rushed in with his sword and stabbed the fox with it. The fox was so skillful that he fought against his master with the sword in his hand. After all, the master was a master of conquering demons. Soon, the fox fairy was stabbed so hard that he could only parry and had no power to fight back. Finally, he was stabbed by the master's sword and hid on the beam to survive. Seeing that the fox was about to be killed by the master, the young lady suddenly brought up a cup of tea and stopped the master, saying, "The Taoist Priest has worked hard. Thank the Taoist Priest for getting rid of the fox fairy for me. The little girl has nothing to repay me. But please drink a cup of tea first, and then kill him." The Taoist was simple-minded and a little surprised that the young lady was eventful. I didn't think that the young lady was helping the fox fairy, but thinking that there was a disciple outside the door, the fox was unable to escape. He just fought for half an hour and was a little thirsty, so he took the tea to drink. But the young lady had a dagger in her sleeve. When the Taoist drank tea, one of them pierced the Taoist's abdomen and quickly got out of the way. The fox fairy hurriedly flew down from the The Taoist immediately fell to the ground, and the fox quickly retreated. The Taoist hurriedly shouted, "Disciple, kill the fox." The little Taoist priest listened to the master's words and hurriedly raised his magic wand in his hand. He saw a group of white shadows coming and was about to stab them with a stick. Who knew that the figure flashed and he was hugged by the young lady. He was full of warmth and fragrance. Had he ever had such an experience? Suddenly, he was covered with crisp flesh and could not move. Everyone was crazy. The fox fairy took the opportunity to escape. At this moment, the official rushed over. The young lady quickly let go of the little Taoist priest and said to her father,deep draw stamping, "Dad, that fox fairy is so fierce and terrible. He stabbed the Taoist priest and became angry from embarrassment. He wanted to kill me. He forced me to say that if he couldn't marry me, he would kill our whole family." 。


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