Demon Doctor Qingcheng, the Best Concubine of the Ghost King

Watching the snowflakes running in the yard and her young lady chasing after them, the Iraqi people thought it was very funny.

Watching the snowflakes running in the yard and her young lady chasing after them, the Iraqi people thought it was very funny. Snowflake in the end is to do what heinous events, so that her young lady so regardless of the impact, even carrying a kitchen knife to chase out. The people in the yard all laughed when they saw the snowflakes running away in a mess. Even on the cool and indifferent handsome face of Ying Ruofeng, there was a faint smile, but most of his eyes were on the woman who was carrying a kitchen knife and looked like a crazy woman. "Did you find it?" Gui Wang Fu, Feng Jing Ming looked at the dark sky outside, and his thin lips were cold. Bai Yan, standing behind him, said, "Wang Ye, King Xuan is watertight. His subordinates have only found some useless things. As for Lady Qiluo, it will take some time because too much time has passed." "Jun Xuange doesn't have to check." Feng Jing Ming's peach blossom eyes were deep and serene, and his thin lips raised a sarcastic arc. "He must know about the false Yongding. Unfortunately, he didn't use this chess piece." When Jun Xuange left, Princess Yongding had been replaced, and his vigilance could not have been unaware that Feng Jingming even suspected that this was what Jun Xuange had planned. Do you need to give King Xuan a warning? Asked Bai Yan. Jun Xuange repeatedly calculated them, should give a severe warning, let him know that the ghost killing is generally not easy to mess with like rumors! "No, the king's hands are not suitable to enter Cang Xuan for the time being. Win if the wind will go." Feng Jing said lightly,die casting parts, "he should come out, too. You let Ling Yu do one thing." "Yes." On the second day, Emperor Shun announced that Princess Yongding had been found. Princess Yongding was kidnapped by thieves and was found. Princess Yongding also said that when she saw Feng Jingming, she was extremely afraid and shouted to go back to Cang Xuan and not to marry Feng Jingming. Although the third grade officer suspected in his heart, as long as Princess Yongding was alive, he could avoid death, even if it was false,CNC machining parts, he had to help hide it. Prince Cang Xuanxuan Jun Xuange, dressed in white, looked at the chessboard gently, pointing to the sunspots, but suddenly crushed the sunspots. Wang Ye, Princess Yongding has presented her credentials to the emperor and will leave for home in a few days. Mingyu appeared behind him. Jun Xuange picked up another sunspot and gazed at the chessboard with warm eyes, but could not go down: "The king knows." "The subordinate will retire first." "Wait." Sunspot was pressed down the chessboard, but it was a wrong move, and sunspot lost. Mingyu stopped. "What else can I do for you?" Jun Xuange's gentle eyes were extremely complicated. Finally, he opened his mouth slowly, and his voice was as comfortable as the spring breeze: "Is Bai Ziqi's wound healed?" Mingyu was shocked and looked complicated. "Wang Ye, didn't you say you didn't care about Tianhe for the time being?" Chapter 329 of the Text Volume of the Work: The Tongfang of Junxuange Jun Xuange's elegant eyes fell on him, obviously gentle eyes with a trace of coldness. Mingyu was shocked again and hurriedly said, "Feng Jingming seems to have gone to the snow mountain in the extreme north to get the snow lotus by Ying Ruofengkeng. Miss Bai's injury should be all right." But Feng Jing Ming had white black hair. Ming Yu does not understand very much, socket screw plug ,Steel investment casting, what advantage charm does Bai Ziqi have in the end, can let Feng Jingming and win Ruofeng these two people are so crazy for her, even life can not, anyway, he can not see. Mingyu did not know, and Bai Ziqi could not find the answer. "Where is Feng Jingming?" Jun Xuange's voice was warm and calm, as if he had just missed the cold and asked Bai Ziqi, and he slowly put the chessboard away. Even Jun Xuange didn't find it, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Bai Ziqi had nothing to do. He didn't die, and his hair turned white. Mingyu Road. Jun Xuange looked at the chessboard, but seemed to be looking at something through the chessboard, calculating something in general. Ming Yu did not dare to disturb Jun Xuange. Lord Mingyu. A man came in lightly from the outside and said a word in Mingyu's ear. Mingyu immediately frowned with displeasure. You go down first. Jun Xuange had already collected all the chess pieces. He looked at Ming Yu. Wen Ru said, "What's the matter? Tell me." "Wang Ye, the emperor ordered that you should be twenty years old and not married yet. You don't even have a house. He gave you ten beauties.". ” Mingyu felt that the emperor was like the late emperor of Tianhe, and he liked to do it, didn't he! It's a disease, it has to be treated! Mingyu looked at Jun Xuange's face and saw that he still had a warm smile in his eyes. Zhilan Yushu did not change. He seemed to have expected this: "Go back to the emperor. The good intentions of the emperor's brother have been taken by the younger brother. It's just that the younger brother will delay the ten women. It's not good." As he spoke, a servant ran in again and said hurriedly, "Wang Ye, Manager Liu has already brought someone in. His subordinates can't stop him." Ming Yu was displeased and was about to scold General Manager Liu for being ignorant. By this time, General Manager Liu had already walked here, followed by ten young women. The slave has seen His Highness King Xuan. The eunuch's characteristic Drake voice sounded, and the women behind him lined up in a row, all with their heads down. Jun Xuange opened his mouth gently: "No courtesy. Manager Liu has worked hard." "Your Highness Xuanwang said where, the slave but run a road, hard what, hard is the emperor, busy with government affairs every day, but also do not forget to worry about Xuanwang's affairs." General Manager Liu's pipeline. Jun Xuange's smile faded a little, but it was still pleasant to say, "It's my fault, and it worries the emperor's brother." "Your Highness, King Xuan, don't say these polite words. The emperor doesn't like to hear them. Come and see these ten women. Which one does King Xuan like?" There are various types of these ten women, gentle and moving, cool and arrogant, small Jasper, and a nifty type who secretly looks up from time to time and peeks at Jun Xuange. Jun Xuange smiled faintly, and his gentle eyes swept over each of them, but they did not stay for a second, which made them nervous and disappointed. They thought they could charm His Highness Xuanwang for a while. Why do you keep your head down? Come and raise your head! Seem to see Jun Xuange not one interested, Liu manager immediately scold them. Ten women raised their heads. Jun Xuange did not have any fluctuations, but when his peripheral vision swept the woman in the most corner, his eyes quickly crossed the faint light. Mingyu's secret way is not good, Wang Ye,die casting parts, this is definitely a trap! Look carefully, this woman unexpectedly and Bai Ziqi look seven or eight points similar, also do not know where Cang Xuandi found out.


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