True qualities of a lady

"Come here to have fun?" He asked, changing the subject. Chu Yang nodded and shook his head. Fang Yi smiled frivolously

"Come here to have fun?" He asked, changing the subject. Chu Yang nodded and shook his head. Fang Yi smiled frivolously, and that kind of smile slowly emerged on his cold face, which made Chu Yang tremble with fear. That's not how you come out to play. Fang Yi said. Uh Chu Yang didn't understand what he meant. Fang Yi suddenly reached out his hand and pulled Chu Yang over, put it on his lap, took Chu Yang's waist, stretched out his fingers and rubbed her chin, and said with a frivolous smile: "Free to teach you how to call out to play." Chu Yang was stunned. Zhang Jingzhi looked silly and looked straight at Fang Yi. He reached out to pull Xiao Xiao's arm and muttered, "Oh, my God, it's still a child cow now. Look, Chu Yang is really playing." Xiao Xiao finally lifted his head from someone else's arms and looked at Chu Yang, also silly, boss, boss, really come here to do a part-time job? Is it the masochism of the rich? Usually people do too much, there is time to come from the base? Jiang Xiaoruo looked at Fang Yi with his mouth open, and his hand unconsciously covered his wallet. Her God, how much does such a man cost! This little girl, really want to put her blood! "If you spend money to play, there will be a return." Fang Yi chuckled, picked the corners of his mouth,Nail machine manufacturer, and was about to print his mouth on Chu Yang's lips. Chu Yang hurriedly turned his head sideways to avoid it. Fang Yi's lips brushed her cheek and fell straight to her neck. Chu Yang was so angry that he almost blurted out a "bastard" and reached out to push Fang Yi. Fang Yi smiled, "remember, the place that should be kissed must be kissed, and the place that should be touched should also be touched." The voice did not fall a hand from Chu Yang's waist into her sweater. Zhang Jingzhi looked dumbfounded, watching his cousin was about to perform the drama of "selling tofu with money" here. Finally, he could not bear it any longer. He stood up from the sofa with a sound of "miso" and angrily went forward to pull Chu Yang. All I heard was "snap!" Fang Yi's face had been severely slapped by Chu Yang, and he was stunned for a moment. Chu Yang is also a little stunned, just under the anger did not want to wave her hand,High Speed Nail Making Machine, she did not want to be able to fight so firmly, watching the anger in Fang Yi's eyes gradually gathered, she suddenly felt very regretful, touch it, anyway, her place is not touchable, maybe he can not touch the place! You looked at me, I looked at you, and for a moment there was no reaction. Zhang Jingzhi (revised) Standing on the side, Zhang Jingzhi could not see the undercurrent between the two men clearly. His outstretched hand caught Chu Yang's wrist accurately. For a moment, he did not care to keep a lady's demeanor. He went up and pulled Chu Yang down from Fang Yi's arms. Chu Yang stumbled and almost hit the tea table. He tripped over several cloves of garlic before he stood firm. You're a dead girl! Do you still want to live! It's really fun. What do you want to do? Do you really think I won't dare to spank you? Little kid, how dare you play like this? Why are you so unpromising? Are you ashamed of yourself? Do you really want me to tell your mother when I'm angry? Chu Yang was scolded by Zhang Jingzhi a little silly, but can break away from Fang Yi's evil hand, even cousin's scolding sounds so kind, looking at cousin although anxious to scold themselves, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail production machine, but that expression is clearly concerned about themselves, the heart actually felt a burst of warmth. The compartment suddenly quieted down, and everyone listened stupidly to Zhang Jingzhi's scolding like a shrew, but there was no response. Fang Yi frowned, stood up, reached out to pull Chu Yang from Zhang Jingzhi's side, and just opened his mouth and said, "Hey-" "You shut up!" Zhang Jingzhi scolded him and pulled Chu Yang behind him again. Then he turned his head and aimed at Fang Yi. The words seemed to come out of the machine gun: "What are you doing?"? It's not your turn Yet. Why are you in such a hurry to be scolded? Why are you frowning? I will scold you. Can you figure it out? We spend money. Why do you do it? Even if you do it, we have to do it, right? What kind of advantage do you have? Do you have professional ethics? Haven't you been trained before you take up your post? See, she's easy to bully, isn't she? Chu Yang saw that Fang Yi's face was getting darker and darker. He quickly reached out his hand and pulled her clothes behind Zhang Jingzhi. Unexpectedly, Zhang Jingzhi opened her hand. Chu Yang's face was covered with black lines. Then he pulled. Zhang Jingzhi turned around and gave her a white look. He said in a low voice, "What are you pulling?"? You slapped him in the face. If we are not confident enough, he will blackmail you! Do you have any money? Stupid girl, you have to scold him until he feels guilty! Granny, you dare to play with such a man. Do you have a brain? Chu Yang froze, did not expect Zhang Jingzhi so righteous a scold, unexpectedly saved such a mind, she only felt some dumbfounding. Zhang Jingzhi felt that what he had just scolded was not enough. He turned his head and pointed at Fang Yi's nose and said, "Want to fool money?"? Even if you want to cheat money, you have to look at people, okay? Then he lifted Chu Yang out from behind and shook her twice. "Do you think she looks rich?"? She's still a student. She even cheated me for food and drink. Do you still want to cheat her out of money? "Open your eyes and see clearly," said the original finger pointing to Fang Yi turned to Jiang Xiaoruo, "she is the gold owner, okay? She's the one who paid for it! You have to look for her, don't you? As soon as Jiang Xiaoruo saw Zhang Jingzhi suddenly pointing to himself, he was so frightened that he hurried to hide beside him and blurted out, "I have no money!" "Even if she can't do that, you can't do it to a child. You have to find a mature one, right?"? At least, at least, "Zhang Jingzhi turned his finger around and finally fell on Xiao Xiao's head. Pointing at Xiao Xiao, he said," At least it's like this, isn't it? " Fang Yi held his hands in his arms and looked coldly at Zhang Jingzhi like a crazy old hen who had been caught and pecked, and then watched her point her finger at the woman who had been hiding in the dark, squinting her eyes, looking at Xiao Xiao with an embarrassed smile on her face, and raising her eyebrows. Xiao Xiao saw that he could not escape, so he had to stand up and said with a strong smile, "Hey, hey, hello, boss. Hey, what a coincidence!" Everyone was stunned, and their eyes gathered on Xiao Xiao, and then turned to Fang Yi. Xiao Xiao hurried to Zhang Jingzhi's side and said with a smile,iron nail machine, "This is my boss, Fang Yi, hehe." 。


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