The young lady is out of office [wearing a book]

Although their talent was not enough to support them, they were like brother Boyuan, who used ten thousand gold as a note to

Although their talent was not enough to support them, they were like brother Boyuan, who used ten thousand gold as a note to answer the difficult questions given by the literary giants on the eight floors of the Xianwen Pavilion in twelve hours. The Imperial College offered wine and the doctors decided whether to pass or not. When they finally reached the top, a poem was really a stroke of genius. After watching it, all the students were convinced. But Boyuan brother is also magnanimous, since ascended the Xianwen Pavilion said not to participate in the poetry meeting, then the first prize is that everyone has a chance, do not fight for a fight which is reasonable? As for why you need to look good to be famous? It's all because every time the young girls in Qin watched the poetry festival, Boyuan, who had a handsome face, stood in the crowd and was particularly eye-catching. I don't know how many girls' hearts were hidden. If he hadn't claimed to have a sweetheart, I don't know how many people would have been jealous of him. The audience lost interest, even if someone wrote a peerless article with expensive Luoyang paper, no one sang it, so the students had to add a spell of appearance and demeanor to the spell of literary talent. The spread of this unhealthy trend has led to a general feeling that this year's students, after tidying up, have their own good looks, especially the top few of the poetry festival, or refreshing or refined, or masculine or Wenxiu, for a time in addition to the list to catch a son-in-law, only to add a poetry festival blind date. Of course, Qin Chu Childe is still the only Tianshan Snow Lotus, which can be viewed from a distance and can not be scorned. After listening to the petty Shen Xi talking about how popular Chu Jianci was in Qin, Zhong Yu secretly sent him a letter using public office for private purposes. The letter complained bitterly that he hadn't seen her for only a few days, but he was wantonly playing around outside, and the name of the flower had spread to her ears in the main palace. If you don't deal with it, I'm really sorry for the person who delivered the news to her ears. Look, Xiaohua takes your dog's life! Xiaohua is a little kitten raised by Zhong Yu. She is soft and fragrant, but she loves to make trouble. Enclosed is a picture of a cat lying on its back. The little furry kitten stared with big round eyes, four small furry paws stretched out in all directions, the hearts of the paws opened upward into a small flower as a threat,rosmarinic acid supplement, the small mouth was wide open, and the whiskers beside it were scattered, as if he could hear his milky voice. After reading the letter, Childe Chu, who had been unsmiling for dozens of days, smiled and immediately asked his colleagues not to make inappropriate jokes. If someone asked him immediately, he was jealous of his sweetheart. Afraid that people do not ask, the degree of spoiling is off the chart! Around the women in addition to heartbreak and curiosity, in the end is what kind of woman can let the immortal general Chu Childe so heartbroken? Half a month later, Zhong Yu got the reply and opened it with several small pictures of kittens playing. As soon as I picked up the book, I saw that the little kitten on the paper was writing, eating snacks, lying on the table, scratching her head and holding her cheeks like her own girl. I couldn't help laughing and said, "I didn't expect that Mr. Chu would know so much about the girl's private appearance." Zhong Yu held a small piece of paper in her hand in vain, on which she mentioned a poem, pumpkin seed extract ,carnosic acid price, the content of which became very simple and crude as soon as it was converted by her brain: Like you, I miss you. I can't stand it! When the Spring Festival is approaching, the house is empty, but there are still so many things. Miss Qiu wanted to hold a banquet in the mansion to appease the families of the officials and gentry in Lingnan. There were many people and many things to do. Of course, she could not just stare at the guests. All kinds of banquet procedures, personnel arrangements, indoor and outdoor arrangements had to be learned in the same way as the nuns, and arranged one by one. She was so busy in less than three days that she was dizzy. Just like a fitness coach who has been riding a bicycle in the gym for three days in a row, he not only has to keep his eyes and ears open and actively respond to the calls of the managers everywhere, but also has to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations and quickly make up his mind to solve the problems. After a few days, he is exhausted physically and mentally. Compared with this, it seems that I have never been so tired before I wear books. Although I also work overtime, I have a fixed seat to sit in, so I don't have to run around and waste my energy. Girl, are you exhausted? Take a break first. If there are any problems, I'll go and see them first, and then I'll ask them to report together. The book followed her to run around again, so tired that she lay on the table, her eyes were blue, and she could not help asking with heartache. These days the girl also let her steal time to rest for a while, but she hardly slept. During the day, I followed the nuns to check the process, check whether there were any mistakes in the preparations, and at night I had to check the list with Miss Qiu, continue to sort out the list of gifts at hand, arrange seats and so on. As soon as the stewards in the mansion saw that the girl could not do anything, they looked down on her. Unexpectedly, they were shocked by her vigorous and resolute arrangement before they had knocked a few times. The responsibility was to the people. Those who did not do well struck out three times and would never be tolerated. As soon as this method came out, some people secretly wondered whether she had deliberately pretended not to be able to do it and deceived them. Another person retorted that he had heard some gossip from his brother that Miss Zhong, who was now in charge of the house, was in the hands of her stepmother. She had not let her learn the rules well at all. How could she be a housekeeper! A young lady also said softly, Xiuer girl has gone to ask her for candles several times, Miss Zhong must be preparing in the middle of the night, we are slaves actually more leisurely than the master, who believes it! It is sad and proud to listen to the book. Well, thank you for your hard work. Zhong Yu did not know that she thought so much, at the moment just some collapse to nod, she really did not want to move, this body is not as good as before wearing a book, it is too delicate! It seems that exercise should be put on the agenda. Yoga? Tai Chi? Running laps? By the way, call Dongming for me. I want to discuss something with him. The author has something to say: In order to catch up with the list, at least five thousand words will be lost, maybe in the second or third watch. Chapter 43 After thinking about the book for a moment, he answered her, "Mr. Shen is not in the mansion today. He has gone to the city defense camp. If the girl has something urgent, I will ask Lao Li to give him a message." "Forget it, get busy." She looked for Shen Xi mainly to communicate the security work of the banquet in advance, but it was not very urgent, so she gave up after listening to the book. Tingshu helped her to the couch, covered her with a thick quilt, and poked the charcoal in the brazier to make the room warmer. As soon as he turned his head, he saw that his girl had passed out. Pinch a finger to calculate,naringenin price, the girl is seventeen years old and has not yet talked about marriage, there is no elder around to manage the shortcomings here, she has to find a chance to talk to the autumn girl.


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