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Lin Li narrowed his eyes, raised the corners of his mouth, and was about to speak when the door was pushed open with a bang.

Lin Li narrowed his eyes, raised the corners of his mouth, and was about to speak when the door was pushed open with a bang. An insolent and domineering young man took another beautiful but lazy young man and raised his hand to greet him: "Grandpa Zhang!"! Let's play! I miss you so much. Lin Li is here, too. Just in time for a party! The old pedant quietly put away the photos in his hands, leaving more information about several big gangs in the game. He nodded kindly and smiled: "Qiuyu, Sikong, how do you feel about playing the game?" "Grandpa, I'm the best in the world." He raised his head with great pride, proud and proud, with an arrogant and unruly attitude. Grandpa, this game is good, but it has some ancient Chinese characteristics. The lazy young man's beautiful Danfeng eyes blinked and smiled at Lin Li. Besides, I don't think Lin Li didn't play, did he play GM? "? Lin Li's deep eyes, with a smile, looked at the two men, and then casually opened his mouth: "Yes, I represent the imperial city every day to watch your game." "Huh?!"! No way It was Xiao Qiuyu, who shouted like sunshine and flame, who jumped up and down in front of Lin Li, pulling his arms and shaking them left and right. Brother,turmeric extract powder, tell me something. What's the prize? Lin Li seemed to smile quietly, while the lazy Sikong Ying laughed out loud: "It's the best in the world. We all know what the prize is, but you're still in the dark?" "Eh?"? Do you all know? Xiao Qiuyu looked at Sikong Ying's beautiful appearance foolishly. Did you seduce NPC? "? “…… You want to die? As soon as Sikong Ying's phoenix eyes were picked, he was ready to come forward to the real person PK. The old pedant laughed and waved to the three outstanding young people: "Well, you like the game. Sometimes, people around you should pay more attention to it. This is Grandpa's friendly reminder to you. Hehe, you go out to play." With that,akba boswellic acid, he winked at Lin Li humorously. 5 35 # 9658 Marriage Night at City God Temple Updated January 1, 2009 20:17:43 Words: 3381 When night falls again, it shows a different feeling from the previous few days. The stars twinkle in the sky, and the conspicuous Milky Way seems to be shining more and more today. Street lights are connected to the sky, colorful, casting dreamy colors on visitors'faces.. It seems that there is a magnificent pink between heaven and earth, with a romantic and warm atmosphere. Today's daytime competition, Moonlight Night and Wuyazi did not watch, or they did not enter the game at all, but made an appointment to go shopping in the street, stop and go, see the newly published suspension sports car, see the newly opened shop, see the new fashion launched.. Just avoid thinking about things in the game anyway. However, in the middle of the night, fenugreek saponins ,saw palmetto extract, the moonlight night still could not help talking to Wuyazi about the follow-up of the task. Wuyazi did not have any confusion. He nodded coldly and entered the game with the moonlight night. When they came in, the thief and the other side of the big pork chop in the shop for most of the day, is to complain: "that who who who!"! Why don't you come to watch the game today? "You should have won." Very affirmative answer, moonlight night is very innocent spread out his hands. Do you think I don't want to come to see it? There are some things that have been delayed. Don't be angry. I'll give you something good. These days have been in the imperial city, that is, last night met the old moon to go out of the city, so the new refined medicine in the arms of the moon night, has not been shown to them, now just to divert their attention, will refine the different functions of life-saving Dan medicine are taken out, immediately in the shop a piece of herb fragrance. Oh, my God! The big pork chop shook his head and murmured, "Increase the internal force by 100% in three minutes?!" "You should pay attention to the last sentence: The sequela is that you can't use the internal force within three days." A white look at him, the moonlight night helplessly reminded. The thief looked at the pill with the name "no one can catch up" in his hand, and the corners of his mouth twitched: "Yueyue, your name is really bad." Staring indecently, the moonlight night stretched out his hand to snatch the pill back: "Then don't hold on to it, hum.". ” They frolicked for quite a while and agreed to sell some after tomorrow's finals. The four of them wandered toward the City God Temple, carrying the elixir in their arms. The other side's pork chops looked much happier. Along the way, they heard him describe the situation of today's battle, from the top 32 to the top 16 yesterday, and from the top 16 to the top 10 today. He spoke happily, and Moonlight Night and Wuyazi listened attentively, especially some interesting and strange weapons and kungfu, which made people look bright and sigh for their missing. He yuan and Xiao Thief were both in the top ten, which was indeed something worth celebrating. After the moonlight night told them about the follow-up of the task, he took out some extra pills to reward them. He was so happy that his round eyes narrowed into a slit, and Xiao Thief's beautiful Danfeng eyes became more and more charming. Along the way along the stream of people to the city God temple gate, far away to see the cornucopia line of people standing under a tree not far away, seems to be waiting for someone, in addition to the flower full floor, the wind rustling and easy water cold eye-catching silver hair and blue hair are also in the night wind publicity, and the nearest is carrying a broadsword of autumn rain carefree. Behind him, Xuanxuan and Xiongba were chatting with several beautiful women, while he stepped forward and stood in front of Wuyazi, showing a sunny smile. "Oh, Wuyazi, everyone is waiting for you." Looked at today into the top ten Xiao thief and the other edge of the big pork chop, Qiuyu uninhibited with two people said hello, and then looked at a purple moonlight night, the sunshine smiled. Wuyazi paused, and then Qingleng Fanghua smiled faintly: "Sorry, I'm late." The scattered people now gathered, and a vacuum zone immediately appeared at the gate of the City God Temple. More and more players gathered, but no one dared to take a step forward, so they watched and whispered. The moonlight night returned to Qiuyu Xiaoyao with a gentle smile,stesweet stevia, looking up at the wind rustling straight towards him, smiling. Then, the blue figure of Yi Shuihan rushed into his arms and dawdled again like a kitten. prius-biotech.com


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