Go to your scum to attack the weak [wear quickly] by Su Jie

Su Yang was so embarrassed that he couldn't bear to look directly at his current situation. However, the opposite group of executives had

Su Yang was so embarrassed that he couldn't bear to look directly at his current situation. However, the opposite group of executives had a touch of surprise in their eyes. The boy on the sofa was white and clean, and the white T-shirt and casual pants were so pure that he looked like a student who had not graduated yet. A pair of big eyes looked over innocently, as if they were cleverly admitting their mistakes and apologizing silently. Su Yang was so nervous that he wetted the biscuit in his mouth bit by bit, and when it was completely soft and swallowed it secretly, he wanted to lower his head as if nothing had happened, and then turned back and continued to be in a daze on the sofa. The heart is still thinking, how this group of people are so unprofessional, obviously in a meeting, but listening to a little voice will turn around to look over, it is really no discipline and organization. Every time the company holds an artist conference, Mingming never dares to be distracted. So why is he always stupid! Before he could blame himself deeply, the child was named. Su Yang. "Huh?" He looked up and answered stupidly, looking at the past doubtfully with a pair of clean eyes. The man who read his name was sitting in an office chair, surrounded by a large area of bright sunshine behind him. His face was hidden in the shadow. Su Yang could not see the look on Jingchi's face. He saw the other side waving to him in a low voice: "Come here." Su Yang immediately felt a little perturbed when he heard this. If I disturb Mr. Lin's meeting, I'm afraid I'll be scolded. But he did not dare to hesitate and nodded quickly. Yes, Mr. Lin. He got up and walked to the man's side, stood with his head down in the crowd's gaze, and waited quietly for the other side's reprimand. Jing Chi looked at the front of several high-level, faint way: "Children do not know the rules, let you laugh." After a pause,ghana seed extract, he added, "If you see him make any mistakes in the company in the future, everyone will.." Just what? Su Yang is nervous. Since ancient times, a strict teacher makes a good student. You can beat and scold all you want. A child will gain wisdom if he suffers a fall into the pit. He will not have a long memory if he is not beaten? Jing Chi wanted to think, pondered: "You are all seniors, treat the younger generation to be more tolerant and patient, later in the company to see what mistakes he made,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, we let him some." Jing Chi how to think how to feel this little thing to others to beat and scold, is not such a thing, even if the light mouth said, he is not willing to give up. Several middle and senior officials saw Jingchi's appearance of protecting his shortcomings. Who dared to say a bad word? Hearing this, they quickly waved their hands, "Where, where, young people, their temperament is to be lively." Jing Chi glanced at the child standing beside him with his eyes. Seeing his wide-eyed and stunned face, he was in a good mood. He answered with a light smile, "I also think it's good to be lively." Everybody listens to this word, immediately accept: "Yes, yes, yes, this child is lively rise quite a bit the demeanour when Lin Zong is young!" "Manager Li did not mention that I almost forgot that when he was young, phycocyanin spirulina ,lycopene for skin, he was also a person who liked to break the rules of the industry and wanted to go out of the ordinary way!" "I think this child will be as promising and promising as Lin Zong in the future!" "The key is to look good and have a good figure. It's simply God's reward to eat, and others can't envy it." "Why, Sister Hong has taken a fancy to this child and wants to sign in with her?" "Look at what you said, of course I want to sign such an excellent child, but unfortunately I am willing to sign children may not be willing to follow me, I am here." No, no, it's still not as good as Brother Fang. He may still have some hope if he holds first-class resources and has a wide range of contacts. After listening to Sun Hong's words, several brokers at the scene immediately died of that heart. Jing Chi listened to the crowd to Su Yang's brainless closed eyes blowing, but in the heart is a sneer, oh, so good child, which eye do you see that he is like Lin Yan that slag?! Jing Chi turned his head and glanced at the boy and found that his face had turned red into a big tomato. Suddenly, Jing · Vinegar King · Chi was even more angry. He lost the idea of having fun in an instant. "The meeting continues," he said with a black face. The four words easily smashed the lively and lively atmosphere and left no gap. Those middle and senior executives seemed to be strangled in an instant, and immediately stopped smiling on their faces, each looking down at their noses and hearts. Tina, who had seen the storm, was the first to react: "The entertainer who participated in the affray this morning is being negotiated by Manager Li of the Legal Department. This matter will be handed over to the law enforcement department as a criminal incident.". Manager Chen of the Personnel Department has gone through the dismissal procedures for the relevant artists, and has drawn up a notice for the bad nature of the incident, which will be released immediately after your review. The corresponding broker will deduct 30% of this month's bonus according to the regulations and has notified the financial department. A morning's time to achieve this level, Jingchi is still very satisfied with the efficiency of the company, nodded, looked at others: "Do you have anything to add?" Chen Gong: "This is a draft notice of punishment. Do you think there is anything that needs to be revised?" Jing Chi took two glances and felt that the words above were much sharper than he could think of. All aspects were displayed very clearly, not only fighting, but also listing the bad performances of these artists before. He nodded, "Yes," and handed it back. Jing Chi observed the boy standing beside him out of the corner of his eye and paused, "plus one more, if there are people who spread false rumors about Lin Yan, the general manager of Fengqi Entertainment, I will issue a lawyer's letter at the first time to pursue his legal responsibility." When Su Yang heard this, he was stunned, and his face lost its color in an instant. He understood that Jingchi was tactfully explaining to him the relationship between the two, and the boy, who had always been sensitive, was pricked by something in his heart, staring at his toes and biting his tongue hard to relieve the heat in his eyes. Don't cry, don't cry in front of so many people, be strong, don't cry. Save some face for yourself. I'm begging you.. Don't cry, okay.. Chen Gong Wen Yan nodded, just want to go back to add immediately, but listen to the clear voice of Jingchi floating into the ear again: "I haven't caught up with people, we wait patiently, don't worry." People smell speech is a stupefied,pumpkin seed extract, what, what? The tears in Su Yang's eyes were also frightened by the words and instantly held back, which was. What do you mean prius-biotech.com


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