The Story of the Crown Princess by Yuhu Lu

Master Zhu, who pinched the snacks, had a big belly and a big temper, but he didn't intend to teach her well. Two days later,

Master Zhu, who pinched the snacks, had a big belly and a big temper, but he didn't intend to teach her well. Two days later, I told her to stand with her back against the stove and touch her head. "Too short, too short, not tall enough. How can I teach you?" But every time he made cakes and mixed powder, Xiao Linzi stood beside him on a stool and watched, but he did everything in detail. When a person is fat, he is not afraid of the cold. Master Zhu has a habit of lying in the yard in winter with bare arms and a bunt, for fear that others will not know how strong his flesh is. The cold wind blew and he fell asleep, and Xiao Lin poked him in the nostril with a thin celery stalk. Ha-ha-ha! He would sneeze violently and shake the branches on the opposite side. When he was woken up, he was going to be beaten up. Little Linzi quickly took back the celery stalks and giggled quietly. He couldn't wake up, so he used to touch his stomach, and then his big shirt drooped, and some delicious food could always slip out of his pocket. He is a big cook of palm cakes, and the snacks that come out are not bad. Little Linzi would squat down and pick up the paper bag. Wrapped in different patterns every day, she tasted two mouthfuls by herself, and hid the rest for her persimmon master to eat. Master Zhu was so fat and confused that he lost the cake once and didn't remember to look for it. Go straight south out of the imperial dining room, turn left and you will come to the Wenhua Hall. Go straight through the Wenhua Gate. The pines on both sides are dark green,plastic laminated tube, and the courtyard is empty. The deepest two-story hall is the Shengji Hall. The Hall of Holy Relief was full of books that she could not understand, and the high bookshelves showed the solemnity of the saints. It was the only building with black tiles and pillars in the whole palace. The first time I came here earlier, little Linzi was still a little nervous, but now he is familiar with the road. As soon as she stepped into the quiet threshold, her persimmon master sat in the room on the left inside of the hall. There was a four-corner shelf bed carved out of the sea of clouds, beside which there was a rosewood table with double dragon patterns, on which her persimmon master sat reading every day. Knowing that Chu Zou had been accompanied by a small eunuch from time to time recently, Xiao Shunzi was often invisible. Little Linzi went in,empty cosmetic tubes, and Chu Zou was sitting alone, dressed in a brocade robe with a dark red collar and a hunting pattern. He was a young man with a jade crown and a high nose and thin lips. The window crack is not tight, the small wind blows the fluff on his cuff to float gently, the small Linzi puts the cake paper package in his table corner, and does not dare to disturb him. Chu Zou did not speak to her, but hung his head and concentrated on reading, his shoulders and back straight, and the handsome silhouette stared at Xiao Linzi, unable to move his eyes. As she pretended to touch the bookshelves, she peeped at him from one side to the other, and then stopped at his desk and quietly watched him write small letters with a soft ink pen. Those words turned down with the pages, just like the vast sea of books in the palace, which made her heart full of solemnity when she had no chance to read. Her admiration for him increased a little. Everyone in the palace has a pair of sharp eyes, and everyone looks at the food. Because of the collection of books on the four walls of Shengji Hall, pump tube ,eye cream packing tube, it is impossible to burn floor heating. A few years ago, Chu Zou had a cold bench, a cold table and a cold Kang. Now, the bed that had been empty for many years was quietly replaced by a comfortable mattress, and a soft brocade cushion was added to the chair. Every day before he entered the hall, a slave wiped the desk he had read and written yesterday clean and bright, and there were warm hands and feet on the shelf. In the past, he brought his own kettle in, but now he poured it and quietly prepared tea for him in advance. The majesty of the emperor influenced and controlled his life silently, and the eunuchs used this contrast to declare a truth to him. In this Forbidden City, all living things depend on the breath of his father, a smile of his father, a step, can control people from heaven to earth. After Chu Ang stepped into the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity for the first time on the day of the prince's fight, the boundary between the Palace of Heavenly Purity and the Jiaotai Palace seemed to break down. Sometimes when Chu Zou came back from reading, his father would wait on the terrace of Jiaotai Hall and throw a ball at him far away. At this time, if Guisheng just walked down the short steps of white marble and saw his father, he would respectfully invite his father to have dinner with his mother in the palace. Gui Sheng always came out just right every time, and his father would pace in with pleasure every time. His mother did not seem to welcome him, but she did not express it. But the meal will be spent quietly. Sometimes his father would ask him a few questions about the government, and he would quote the classics and answer them seriously. Then the mother took the words, told him to pay attention to the body, don't bury in the pile of books, be careful to boil into a blind man. At this time, the father will be helpless and spoiled to hook lips and smile. After the meal, Chu Zou went back to the Winter Warm Hall to rest, but his father was sitting still. Mother also ignored the father, just to arrange their own one should be trivial. At this time, the father sat on the brocade couch, dressed in a black dragon robe, and looked at her silently for a long time. Or ask Zhang Fu to move the memorial to the throne to the Kunning Palace, where it is quiet under the empty ridge of the palace. He reads the memorial to the throne on the long table, and his mother draws her bottle on the multi-treasure cabinet carved with passion flower patterns in the corner. When he was tired, he went back to the inner hall to rest, leaving his father sitting there alone, and no one spoke to him. Sometimes the father would sit from noon to night, so Chu Zou could not stay in front of his mother. He had not been alone with his mother for a long time, and her mother had not teased him from time to time as before. Mother became quiet again. There were several boxes of precious paints and Rouge piled on her multi-treasure cabinet, all of which were good things collected by her father, Qi Shizhong, at the border. I put it there for a long time, but my mother didn't look at it much. Later, it seemed that there was something urgent missing, and then I used it once. Or it's useless, but Chu Zou is wrong. The snobbery of the palace people came from here, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that the emperor was intentionally approaching the queen. The father emperor's attack on the mother queen was a little bit seeping,tube lip gloss, but Chu Zou could not see through the mother queen's heart. The queen mother closed the door to him. Throughout the Forbidden City, the color of the Son of Heaven is discerned. Even the paper used by Chu Zou at the moment has been replaced by Koryo tribute paper, which is as white as silk and has a fine texture.


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