Between thoughts and memories

Excellence put her back on the hospital bed, holding her ankle to see if she was bleeding, Sang Tian kicked his leg, he used

Excellence put her back on the hospital bed, holding her ankle to see if she was bleeding, Sang Tian kicked his leg, he used his strength, she naturally could not break away. He directly reached out and pulled her trouser leg up. Sure enough, he saw a bruise above her knee. His lips were tightly pressed. He didn't say anything. He carefully put her leg down and turned to walk out of the ward. Sang Tian looked at the back of his departure, suddenly some at a loss, eyes a little confused. He's probably.. I was really angry, so I left. For so many years, she probably made him very angry, after all, she always refused his kindness. A person stayed in the empty ward, and her mind unconsciously floated through those words, she suddenly felt a little lonely, seven years later, she realized that she did not understand Xu Muyan, or did not understand the people and things around him. Maybe I was really too young at that time. When I was eighteen or nineteen years old, I always felt that the future was the person in front of me. It was very close. Now I know that it is very far away. Sang Tian originally thought that she and Xu Muyan had made up, they would go on happily as before, she did not want to or dare not mention those years, those injuries and pains, as time slowly to forget. But she never thought that he would lie to her. In the seven years from their falling in love to their separation and reconciliation,plastic packaging tube, from their love to their hatred and resentment, and finally when they forgave him, someone told her the truth. Seven years of love, seven years of persistence, seven years of expectation, suddenly everything became very light, collapsed in an instant, turned upside down in an instant. From happiness to sadness-five years ago, from heaven to hell-five years later. Even when he left her,custom cosmetic packing, she could continue to live well, but this time she completely collapsed, perhaps some pain can bear once, but can not bear the second time. After calming down, Sang Tian's mood also calmed down a lot. She leaned on the bed quietly with the quilt in her arms. When she came in with the detumescence liquid medicine, she saw such a picture. She was in a daze with the quilt in her arms. When she saw him, her eyes flashed with surprise. At that moment, excellence seemed to see her eyes suddenly bright, as bright as stars, he saw his own small shadow in her clear as ink fundus, a little bit closer to her. In the next few years, every time I think of the little brilliance in her eyes at that time, my heart is always warm and painful. When she saw the medicine in his hand, she was in a trance. She thought he had gone. It turned out that he had just taken the medicine for her. She lowered her eyelids and did not know how to face him. Stretch your leg over here and help you rub the medicine. He resumed his warm manner, and his tone was soft. Sang Tian hesitated for a moment or stretched out his legs from the quilt and rolled up his trouser legs. She looked at the liquid medicine and cotton swabs in his hands and said softly, aluminium laminated tube ,plastic packing tube, "I'll do it myself." He did not speak. He lowered his head and put the cotton swab into the bottle and dipped it in the liquid medicine. He wiped it on her knee bit by bit. Her skin was fair, and the black was too obvious. He could not help frowning and said, "Don't try to be brave next time." He hung his head, his expression was extremely focused, and Sang Tian's throat suddenly choked, and a word "um" escaped from his throat. When Xu Muyan pushed the door and entered, what he saw was such a scene. The originally gentle and quiet space became cold in an instant because of the cold brought by him. At this moment, Xu Muyan felt like an outsider for the first time. He was kept out of the door and could not get in. Excellence and Sang Tian almost at the same time the line of sight to the door, excellence just a faint look at him, then turned back to continue the matter in hand, but he clearly saw Sang Tian's legs unconsciously to close in, his outstretched hand fell in the air for a pause, then stretched forward some, continue to rub medicine for her. Sang Tian saw Xu Muyan had calmed down a lot at the moment, at least he would not collapse, but his face changed when he saw him. Three people who did not speak, Xu Muyan's line of sight fell on Sang Tian, then fell on her white legs, when she saw a piece of blue on her knees, dark eyes heavy. He finally stepped forward, resisting the impulse to snatch the medicine from his outstanding hand, and looked at Sang Tian in a gentle voice: "Sang Tian, I have something to say to you about what happened yesterday, I think.." "There's nothing more to say between us. You can go." Sang Tian said in a low voice. Xu Muyan wanted to say something more, but excellent presence, some words and some things he thought were his business with Sang Tian, do not want to have a third person present. Finally he sat down on the chair beside the hospital bed. "I won't go. I have something to say to you. I won't go until I make it clear." Make it clear that you won't leave. The movement on outstanding hand has stopped, he puts medicine on the cabinet, ask Sang Tian as if no one else: "Hungry?"? Su Xun brought porridge when he came over this afternoon. Would you like to eat a little first? Sang Tian had already seen the insulated lunch box on the table, but in this case, such a scene, such a mood, even if she was hungry, she felt that she had no appetite. When she woke up in the hospital, she could probably guess that excellence and.. Xu Muyan should not sleep all night, she looked at excellence, "senior, you go back to rest, I know last night." I let everyone worry, there will be no such thing in the future, you still have work to do, can not be delayed because of me, I can be here alone, there is something I will call the nurse, you go back. Then she turned to Xu Muyan and said, "You can go, too. I want to be alone." The author has something to say: more.. There is a little extra below. It's very late, but I just wrote this point. I will make up for it tomorrow evening. I read your comments today and thought about it for a long time. For Sang Tian and Mu Yan, when I first conceived it, I wanted to write a story that was cruel and sweet. Maybe I really didn't write the story well. Here I would like to say sorry to the readers who have been following the article. Chuanchuan will try his best to write the following story well. Thank you for your company. I am very grateful to O (∩ _ ∩) O I also apologize to the readers who want to abandon the article here. After all,polyfoil tube, everyone must be very disappointed to abandon the article here. Chuanchuan feels sad that he didn't write it well. I will work harder to write it well in the next article. When I see you again, I hope someone will remember me. Then I sigh: I have read the author's article, and this one is much better than before. O (∩ _ ∩) O Haha ~.


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