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Howard can not help but have some doubts, the Black Dragon City guy did not say that Ye Yinzhu this small Qin City only has some

Howard can not help but have some doubts, the Black Dragon City guy did not say that Ye Yinzhu this small Qin City only has some of the remnants of the East Dragon Empire? But the following huge project can not be completed without millions of years, or even more than ten years of efforts. He did not know, of course, that the main force behind the construction of these walls was not ordinary humans, but goblin tribal designs, goblin rippers forged by dwarven masters, as well as Beamons and elves. One goblin ripper has enough work capacity to equal thousands of people working at the same time. Most of the cutting and transportation of boulders is done by them. Moreover, the construction of this wall also contains the perfect design of countless goblin tribes, which saves a lot of manpower. Otherwise, how can such a project be completed in just a few years. However, after a brief period of surprise, Howard's eyes soon showed a trace of disdain. Yes, it's a good idea to cast the Brenner Mountains into a fortress. Unfortunately, this is only useful for the armies of humans and orcs, but for the great dragons, it is a waste. Because this seemingly fortress place has great defects. That's the air. No matter how tall the wall is, what effect can it have on the noble dragons who can soar in midair? This time, in order to show the power of the dragon clan,Concealed Flush Valve, the seven dragon cities added up to eight hundred adult dragons, led by the seven dragon kings headed by themselves. Such power is more than enough to wipe out a country. As long as three rounds of magic fall from the air, even all the peaks of the Brenner Mountains will be cut off. Thinking of this, the previous surprise turned into greater pride, so that Howard's heart rose soon a trace of scruples disappeared. The dragons saw the Brenner Mountains, and the people sitting on the platform naturally saw the appearance of the dragons. Despite their confidence, they were secretly surprised when they saw the situation of the dragons. More than 800 dragons,Time Delay Tap, the smallest of which are tens of meters long and the largest of which are more than 100 meters long, spread their wings and fly in the sky at the same time, just like a huge dark cloud moving forward and blocking the sun. Flying in the forefront of a dragon is particularly eye-catching, it is about 30 meters long, the whole body is milky white, in the sun like a huge piece of white jade gliding in the air. Behind him, a total of fifty huge silver dragons with silver scales were arranged in a neat formation, and the sunlight reflected a colorful halo on them, which was not only a reflection of light, but also a huge magic wave. As a magic dragon, any adult dragon has the ability to use all magic forbidden spells. The reason why the silver dragon clan is powerful is because of their magic power. When many silver dragons gather together, even the black dragon clan and the golden dragon clan together dare not provoke them. The whole system of forbidden curse superposition, compound forbidden curse, Manual Flush Valve ,Prison toilet for sale, these are the best silver dragon clan, although the same as the dragon clan, but no one dares to use the body to carry hard. After the Silver Dragon Clan, the Black Dragon and the Golden Dragon each formed a formation of 80 heads to guard forward. Their bodies were much larger than the Silver Dragon, especially the Golden Dragon Clan. The metallic luster reflected by the sunlight and their magnificent bodies were definitely one of the largest Warcraft on the land of Longzinus. Almost every adult metal dragon has the strength, attack and defense to compete with the golden Beamon. What is more terrible is their ability to dive from the air, huge body weight and terrible impact and metalized body, even the golden Beamon dare not block them head-on when they charge. After the three upper dragon clans, the formation composed of hundreds of dragons in the four dragon cities of water, fire, earth and wind is dark. They are the most numerous, but their combat effectiveness is much worse than that of the upper dragon clans flying in front. Most of them are adult dragons of the eighth rank. Looking at the formation of the clouds and the sun, the eyes of the four gods and beasts lit up, flashing, thunder pure eyes at this time actually erupted a strong anger, closely staring at the sacred dragon Howard flying in the front, they also clearly remember that their parents were destroyed in front of the same dragon in order to protect them. Episode 13 Goblin Lab Chapter 228 Marriage in Progress (Part 2) When he saw his enemy, his beautiful golden eyes seemed to spew out angry fire. Purple, Gelasius and Ming also saw the dragons, and their momentum suddenly became huge. For them, the dragons were natural enemies, which had been doomed in ancient times. Purple's ancestors, it is with the sacred dragon Nokhi fight when both sides are injured and die, see so many dragons appear at the same time, their fighting spirit is also burning to the peak. Feeling the change of air breath, Ye Yinzhu is still calm, "the performance is about to begin.". This is the most dazzling scene of today's wedding. After saying this, Ye Yinzhu's voice suddenly became high, looking up to the sky, although he could not see, but the breath emanating from his body was still accurately locked on the sacred dragon Howard who was flying close. Howard. In midair, Howard flapped his wings and stopped, and the dragons behind him stopped. There is no dragon worried about this kind of mood, the dragon clan has not done such a large-scale campaign for many years, in their view, even in the face of the French blue, also absolutely have the power of a war. Howard looked down, his heart suddenly startled, his pupils contracted violently, and then the breath of his whole body suddenly became strong. The huge sacred dragon's pressure made the people who followed him retreat quickly, and a layer of milky white brilliance was erupting from the sacred dragon. Howard's change was not because he saw Ye Yinzhu, but because he felt the broad platform below. Five huge masses of breath. To his amazement, none of the five breaths was under him. How is that possible? After becoming a sacred dragon,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, he naturally inherited the breath and part of the memory belonging to the sacred dragon. The five breaths were not only hostile and powerful, but also very familiar to him, as if they had been encountered tens of thousands of years ago. cnkexin.com


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