WoW Classic: Blizzard's zigzag field and name reservation details

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As players prepare to keep whatever name they want to give to their characters in the season of Mastery in World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard has revealed more information about this and the areas that will be available in Europe. As the classic season of World of Warcraft Mastery is ready to open, Blizzard recently revealed detailed information about nickname reservations and a list of available areas for the new season.

As a reminder, name reservations will start at 9:00 PM (Paris time) on Thursday, November 11, 2021, and there is no special French-speaking kingdom plan. Instead, provide the Kingdom of Europe. On November 11th (Thursday) at 9pm (Korean Standard Time), we will open reservations for the name of the season of mastery. Then, before the start of the season of mastery on November 16, players will have a few days to create their main character and coordinate with others.

In order to be fully prepared, please select World of Warcraft Classic in the launcher, and then select "World of Warcraft Classic" in the "Game Version". The season of mastery will appear in the new "Seasons" tab in the World of Warcraft classic domain list in the game. MMOSO has TBC WOW Classic Gold For Sale.

In the name reservation phase, each World of Warcraft account can create at most one character. If you change your mind after creating a role, you can delete it and create a new role on any available server in your area. In this region, the initial areas for name retention will be:
Kingdom name type
Bone Sickle PvP
Fearless PvP
Iron Enemy PvP
The king falls ordinary
Querceira Ordinary

Please note that for name reservations, each field is configured to allow the creation of a limited number of characters, and if one field is full, it will no longer accept additional names. If the servers are full during this time, we will be able to open more servers on November 12. We will post in advance on the World of Warcraft Classic Forum. After the start of the Mastery season on November 16, the character limit and the maximum number of characters allowed for each account will be removed. For more information on season mastery, please see our announcement here and the design intent here and here. Buying WOW TBC Classic Gold is a shortcut for players to break through difficulties.

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