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The matter was quickly spread to the ears of Meng Laozi, Meng Laozi scared out of his wits,

The matter was quickly spread to the ears of Meng Laozi, Meng Laozi scared out of his wits, this ten years are Qian Shi presided over the Meng Fu big and small affairs. Meng's habit became natural, but he didn't expect to stumble in this matter. Qian Shi hates the tooth itch, isn't she just short of that status? She gave birth to the eldest son of Meng Fu, holding the family property of Meng Fu, imposing, Meng Fu who saw her is respectful, the most annoying Meng Jun has been ignoring her, the queen gave her such a blow. Meng and Qian were extremely dissatisfied with the queen's interference in the private lives of the courtiers. The empress was nominally sympathetic to Meng Jun's outstanding military exploits, and Jinqing's meritorious service in putting down the plague gave the two men a house. But in fact, it is to let two people leave Meng Fu alone after marriage. Meng Laozi and Qian Shi were almost angry. Meng Laozi had no official position, Meng Feng was useless, and the standard would spend money but not make money. The youngest son is too young to count on, the family in addition to some land shops, a large amount of income on Meng Jun, Meng Jun is now the red man in front of the emperor, in addition to the monthly salary, almost every day there are ministers who want to curry favor with him to give gifts to the Meng family, zero zero total add up is definitely not a small income. And Qian Shi has always suspected that Meng Jun has a small treasury,artificial banyan trees, he still has a large amount of private money not taken out, she is determined to take out Meng Jun this boy's money. If Meng Jun broke away from Meng Fu, not only Meng Jun's private money Meng family can't get, even Meng Jun's salary plus those gift money, after this and Meng Fu have no chance, count on that land shop? It's not enough for Mr. Meng and Meng Feng to look for flowers and willows, let the whole family drink the northwest wind! Meng Laozi naturally did not dare to resist the queen's will and adopted a policy of passive resistance. Helplessly, the queen personally assigned an old and experienced Mammy to go to Meng Fu to manage the marriage. This Mammy,faux ficus tree, surnamed Lei, was the emperor's wet nurse when she was young. She had been following the emperor all the time. Her face was not small, and most importantly, her temper was not small. It was the most suitable way to deal with Meng Laozi, who was a scoundrel. Before Jinqing could react, the wedding date of her and Meng Jun had already been fixed by Gu Ruixue, August 20. Meng Jun was very dissatisfied, thinking that the time delay was too long, and Gu Ruixue told him that it would take at least a month to prepare a dowry for Jinqing and repair the house. If you can't wait, you can marry someone else. The queen's sister naturally has no worries about marriage. Meng Jun, who had always been invincible, was defeated in front of the empress. The intuition of the soldiers who had fought bloody battles all the way told him that his distinguished sister-in-law was by no means a good stubble and was quite difficult to deal with. Since the wedding date was set, Jinqing no longer went to the hospital. She was lazy at home in the name of embroidering wedding clothes. It was said that she was embroidering wedding clothes. In fact, it was Mammy Liu and Shujuan who were embroidering. Jinqing sat leisurely and contented with a small bench all day. Mammy Liu nagged Jinqing while embroidering. "Look at you, silk ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, you're a stupid and lazy girl. Fortunately, General Meng doesn't dislike you like this. Otherwise, I'm really worried that you won't be able to get married and become an old maid at home!" Jinqing, who was dozing on the windowsill, immediately became dissatisfied and shouted, "How could I not get married?"! Without me, he'd be a bachelor. Jinqing a little lack of confidence, in the final analysis, Meng Jun somehow has a Chengfu princess is his loyal fans, but now she has no hope, Jinqing is also very sad to think of before, she discussed with Qiao Zheng to marry her, the result of Qiao Zheng scared out of his wits sad past. Maybe she will be an older leftover woman in ancient times at home! Jinqing was so excited that she jumped up and took Mammy Liu by the hand. "Mammy," she said coquettishly, "even if I can't get married, you'll have to keep me at home for the rest of my life. You can't drive me away!" Jinqing rarely behaved like a sixteen-year-old girl in front of Mammy Liu. As soon as she acted like a spoiled child, Mammy Liu saw Jinqing's pleasant little appearance and her heart softened. She quickly coaxed her and said, "I won't drive you away, I won't drive you away!"! Mammy and Uncle Xu, this will always be your home! Shujuan looked at Jinqing acting like a spoiled child sourly. Her needlework kept on. A month passed in a flash. Other dowries were prepared by the empress. She and Mammy Liu had to hurry to make Jinqing's wedding dress and hijab. Just as Shujuan was about to open her mouth, someone knocked on the door. Shujuan quickly put down her needle and thread and went out. It was Meng Bao who knocked at the door, carrying a basket of grapes. Seeing that it was Shujuan who opened the door, she immediately blushed and turned her head to one side. Instead of looking at her, she put the basket in front of her and said in a gruff voice, "Take it quickly. It's from our general." Shujuan is not happy to see him like this, "you let me take it quickly, I will take it quickly?"? Who are you? What do you want to do in broad daylight? Meng Bao is anxious, a simple and honest face rose red, "who wants to do, you don't shout, I don't let you take something!" Then he looked around nervously. Shujuan laughed, she likes to play tricks on Meng Bao this honest man, see him a big man anxious to scratch his ears and stutter, it is so cute! Why are you blushing when you don't want to do anything? Look at your blush, it's either rape or theft! With Jinqing's words and deeds, Shujuan is now sharp-tongued. Meng Jun was anxious and angry. His mouth was stupid. He was choked in his throat by Shujuan. He couldn't say anything. After a while, he said, "What do you know? Only villains and women are hard to raise!" "Oh, adjutant Meng can't say that." Jinqing Shi Shiran came over and waited for a long time without seeing Shujuan go back. Jinqing came out to have a look by herself, just in time to see Meng Bao blushing with Shujuan's anger. What else can you do besides cutting people on the battlefield? Can you embroider? Can you cook? Can you take care of the children? Jinqing asked without mercy. "It was the women who did it," said Meng Bao, unconvinced. "Don't mention who did it. Let's start with whether you will or not." Jinqing said coolly. Meng Bao, an honest man, said he would not and shook his head in shame. Jinqing was very satisfied, and facing the elated Shujuan, "you are better than Meng adjutant,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, will you go to battle to kill the enemy?" Shujuan blinked her eyes twice, indicating that this was a difficult type of work, which she obviously could not do. hacartificialtree.com


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