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As a result, she turned to the God's table and said to herself with a smile, "This is really called'losing the east corner, getting the mulberry elm '. I didn't expect that I couldn't save Brother Gu, but by mistake, I made the Nangong brothers leave the

As a result, she turned to the God's table and said to herself with a smile, "This is really called'losing the east corner, getting the mulberry elm '. I didn't expect that I couldn't save Brother Gu, but by mistake, I made the Nangong brothers leave the evil hand and get the skim powder hell!" As she talked to herself, she went to the front of the God's table and reached out to open the acupoint where Nangong Jing had been touched. Xiao Yao is a frightened bird, with experience, she is ready to Nangong Jing again like the last time there is a rude move to oneself, then slap him twice, give him a good lesson! Acupoint patted open, Nangong Jing only looked at Xiao Yao in a daze, and did not have any absurd move. Hsiao Yao suddenly remembered that she was now dressed up as a pair of chicken skin, crane hair, and old, and that of course she would not arouse the interest of Nangong Jing. Sure enough, Nangong Jing stared at her a few times and then shouted in a very rude tone, "Where did you come from, old woman?"? Where is my sister Xiang? Xiao Yao could not help frowning when she heard him call Qi Xiaoxiang so affectionately and so impolite to herself: "Nangong Jing." "Nangong Jing" three words just came out, really startled Nangong Jing, stared and said: "I don't know you, old woman, you." How do you know my name is Nangong Jing? "Don't call me an old woman," Xiao Yao shouted in a deep voice. "Call me an old woman!" Nangong Jing raised his eyebrows and said, "I'm going to scream,asrs warehouse, old woman.." The old woman. Old woman! Xiao Yao really wanted to slap him twice, but finally held back and only ignored Nangong Jing? When Nangong Jing saw that Xiao Yao was paying no attention, he had to soften up and asked, "Old lady.." Old Old man, where is my sister Xiang? "Don't call her Sister Xiang," said Hsiao Yao. "Call her Qi Hsiao-hsiang '!". " Nangong Jing's cow was excited again and said proudly, "I'm going to call you, Sister Xiang.." Sister Xiang, Sister Xiang! "Shoot!"! Shoot! Shoot! Every time Nangong Jing called out "Sister Xiang",heavy duty metal racks, Xiao Yao could not bear to give him a crisp slap in the face! Nangong Jing just lost his mind by the powerful evil medicine and forgot the past, but his martial arts were not greatly discounted. Naturally, he refused to be beaten and wanted to dodge. But Xiao Yao's technique was so fast that she was really as sick as an electric switch. As soon as Nangong Jinggang called out the three words "Sister Xiang," he got a mark on his cheek. Nangong Jing refused to accept it. He stepped back and raised his eyebrows and called again. The second "fragrant elder sister" exit, Xiao Yao follows to catch up with, jade hand Yang place, Nangong Jing's cheek, once again "Pa" however crisp sound! Call again for the third time, hit again for the third time! No matter how Nangong Jing tried his best to dodge, he still couldn't get away and got another one! After three slaps, Nangong Jing's left cheek was red and swollen, and blood flowed down the corners of his mouth! From this situation, Xiao Yao in these three palms, Yun Li is not too heavy, but not too light. Xiao Yao beat Nangong Jingshun to bleed, not angry with his Gan Ju dirty, indulging in lust! Because Xiao Yao knew that Nangong Jing was not so natural, warehouse pallet racks ,industrial racking systems, he was just poisoned by evil, and Lingming was completely ignorant! She gave Nangong Jingsan a not too heavy blow, which had a double purpose! The first intention is to test whether Nangong Jing will be conscious after this shock? The second intention is to beat Nangong Jing, so that he has a fear of himself, so that there will be less tricks in the future! Sure enough, Nangong Jing seemed to be unconvinced the first two times, but after the third slap, he stroked his red and swollen left cheek, frowned, and gazed at Xiao Yao, showing a timid look in his eyes! Xiao Yao knew at a glance that although her first intention was still empty, her second intention had been realized. Nangong Jing stroked his left cheek and gazed at Xiao Yao for a moment. Then he frowned and said, "You.." You old woman, how awesome you are! This sentence almost made Xiao Yao laugh out loud! But still with a sullen face, she snapped at Nangong Jing, "If you call me'old man, 'you call me'old man.' If you dare to call me an'old woman 'again, I'll knock your teeth out all over your mouth!" Later, the jade palm slightly raised, and made a desire to Nangong Jing to attack the potential! Nangong Jingwei was a little frightened by her beating. He took two steps back, shook his hand and shouted, "Old lady.." Old Old man, you.. Don't be so barbaric, okay? Xiao Yao said coldly, "If you don't want me to be rude to you, you must listen to me and be good." Nangong Jing looked around, but couldn't find any trace of Qi Xiaoxiang. Then he asked Xiao Yao again, "Old.." Old man, my incense. As soon as the word "incense" came out, Hsiao Yao shouted, "Do you want to be slapped again? "Don't call her'Sister Xiang ', call her'Qi Xiaoxiang'!" Nangong Jing had no choice but to obey Xiao Yao's orders. With a bitter face, he frowned and asked, "Where is Qi Xiaoxiang?" "I killed him," said Hsiao Yao. This unusually simple four words, but Nangong Jing heard the whole body a tremor, to Xiao Yao cast a surprised wink? Xiao Yao said coldly, "Didn't you hear clearly?"? That'Sanjue Enchantress' Qi Xiaoxiang has been killed by me! She said so, is to make Nangong Jing cut off the idea, no longer miss Qi Xiaoxiang! When Nangong Jing heard this, he bit his teeth, his eyes glistened with tears, and he cast a resentful look at Xiao Yao! Xiao Yao found that he had such a look, first a slight frown, and then a smile. The reason for frowning is to see that Nangong Jing is deeply infatuated with Qi Xiaoxiang! The reason for the exhibition is that Nangong Jing is infatuated with Qi Xiaoxiang, which shows that his nature has not been completely destroyed, or he can try to cure it and restore it to normal! At this point, Xiao Yao wanted to switch to a soft strategy, changed a smiling face, and asked Nangong Jing Wen Yan: "Nangong Jing, I killed Qi Xiaoxiang. Do you hate me?" "Of course I hate you. I hate you to the bone. I want to peel off your skin and eat your flesh!" Nangong Jinggang answered. Xiao Yao listened to these two words of hatred, but also can not help but shudder, hit a shiver. Just now, she used two "immortal thorns" to hit Qi Xiaoxiang in the chest with 90% true force,warehouse storage racks, thinking that even if she did not penetrate the chest and back, she would go deep into the viscera and kill the "three unique enchantress" immediately! Who would have thought that although Qi Xiaoxiang was stabbed, she did not seem to be injured and fled quietly.

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