The floating world

"Hey, beauty, come here quickly, you see, you see, I have tried many times, oh, or the same sentence will not change, if it is really like what you said is the probability of one in tens of thousands, I think I will go to buy lottery tickets tomorrow, must win a big prize!" No

"Hey, beauty, come here quickly, you see, you see, I have tried many times, oh, or the same sentence will not change, if it is really like what you said is the probability of one in tens of thousands, I think I will go to buy lottery tickets tomorrow, must win a big prize!" No answer? "Beauty?"? Hey, wake up! Beauty Ignore the Nth occurrence of [Good luck, please try again!] Turn around and walk in the direction of the beauty. Approaching, I found that the beauty was still standing still. Waving in front of her eyes, no response. Push it gently with your finger, but there is no response. Shake her carefully, still no response. What's going on? Stupid? It's impossible. It was fine when I left just now. Stimulated by what? It's possible. But what can stimulate a beautiful woman like this? Found out your boyfriend was having an affair? Yeah, it's possible. Girls can't take this kind of blow. Especially the beauty,shuttle rack system, self-esteem must be very high, boyfriend betrayal this kind of thing is certainly unacceptable. But how to comfort her? I can't comfort people. 'There Are plenty of fish in the sea. ' It's out of date. "Shouldn't you give up the whole forest for a piece of rotten wood?" It's a little pretentious. "The next one will be better?" It is not reliable to think that there is no basis. Difficult. Habitually scratching his head and scratching his ears. While I was still trying to abuse my brain to squeeze out some comforting words, the beauty recovered by herself. Peaches have clearly found that the girl they met can not be estimated by the general situation, otherwise the consequences are either angry to death by the girl or angry to death by themselves. Of course, the girl will be very innocent to say that she doesn't know why this happened. Because she really doesn't know anything. In the bottom of my heart to build a good psychological defense line, peach decided to explain to the girl just the lottery probability problem. But when she looked at the slot machine where the girl had just been,wire mesh decking, she found that the girl had disappeared. Off the line? That's impossible. It was just here. It's not big here. Where can I go? Rotating 360 degrees, the peach still didn't see the girl's figure. Just as the peach decided to give up, she heard a wail in the lower left corner of the front. Woo ~ ~ ~ how to do, can not think of ah, God, the original comfort is really not the average person can do ah! The girl's voice. Lowering her head, the peach saw the girl she could not find anywhere, squatting on the ground at her feet, holding her head in her hands, and the whole person was almost curled up into a steamed bun. 'Good Have a headache good have a headache, is the girl lovelorn how should comfort? ' For this problem, I am really distressed. At the peak of my distress, when I was ready to explode, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,mobile racking systems, the sweet voice of the beauty sounded in my ears: "What's wrong with you?"? What's wrong with you? It shouldn't be. Hmm? Did the beauty recover from the blow? When I looked up, I saw the beauty bending down and looking at me with a worried face. It's so beautiful. When you look up from the bottom, the beauty's face is so beautiful that it's suffocating. What is'clatter '? Stupid, of course, it's drooling. People who don't drool when they see beautiful women have problems with their aesthetic standards and character. Of course, half of the people in my dormitory disagree with my argument. However, half of the people agree. Beauty, it doesn't matter. You are so beautiful. It's easy to find a boyfriend. You don't have to be sad for that kind of heartless fool. "What?" Peach found that she still did not understand the drooling girl in front of her. Obviously the age is about the same, is there already a generation gap? Forget it, I don't want this kind of problem that may deeply stimulate me, so I'd better solve the problem of lottery quickly. I just went to ask about the lottery machine. "Oh.". Then The beauty doesn't want to mention the sad thing, so I won't say it, lest I really want to comfort her after stimulating her, then I really have a headache. The mastermind said there was no programming error and no human intervention. "What does that mean?" It's not really what I think, is it? Beautiful woman nods: "Yes, the meaning says namely, this is you draw according to luck.". No one is playing with you. I'm really going to buy lottery tickets tomorrow. Maybe I can really win a prize. It's no longer a luxury to improve the food in the dormitory. So what now? And just now I drew more than N times, or only that "good luck, please try again!" What should I do now? "Well, we decided to change the lottery machine for you.". It's just that there are no equipment and weapons in this lottery, but there are some additions to attribute points, or some changes to characters, as well as hidden races or professions. This is a sweepstakes machine used only by players with special rewards. But I can assure you that this lottery is different from the one just now. There is no such thing as a blank list in it. How's it going? Would you like to? Please be willing, or I can't help it. Peach's mood has never been so perturbed, since the beginning of meeting this strange girl, there is no normal thing. But it's hard for peaches to hate this strange girl. Oh, well, it doesn't matter. It doesn't make any difference to me anyway. Besides, the chances of winning the lottery are higher this time. I don't care. With a wave of her hand, the relieved peach removed the slot machine, took something out of her sleeve and threw it a little farther away. With a bang, a huge turntable appeared in front of me. Turntable? What an old thing! It's so old that I saw it for the first time except for a small turntable collected by my grandfather when I was a child. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the turntable has been eliminated for a long time. Oh, don't be picky. A long time ago, our human lottery and luck were all done by this huge turntable. Don't look down on it. Really? Why is it so unbelievable? That's what my eyes say. Don't do this, or, or, or this, I'll open a back door for you,industrial racking systems, let you turn three times in a row, and then you pick out one of them as your reward, how about that? “………… Fine 。

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