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Yi Chi is also no way, this blood kill only to this person massacre, unfortunately met a Beamon orc, was seen through, after the city, he has not been to one, he has not been to, not to mention Yi Chi, he did not go. This is not, after hearing the two people's conversation, he immedi

Yi Chi is also no way, this blood kill only to this person massacre, unfortunately met a Beamon orc, was seen through, after the city, he has not been to one, he has not been to, not to mention Yi Chi, he did not go. This is not, after hearing the two people's conversation, he immediately had the idea of asking the two snake people, who told the snake people that he had been to the imperial city? No, as soon as they were brought here by Yi Chi, the two snake men began to cry and cry. My Lord, you have a lot of adults. Forgive our disrespect. "The snake man, who was very proud at the beginning, looked at Yi Chi with tears on his face and begged for mercy.". Yi Chi looked at him lightly and immediately said loudly: "Answer my question." The two snake men were so frightened that they fell to the ground. They looked at Yi Chi with fear on their faces and said softly, "Haven't you ever been to the Imperial City?" "En," Yi Chi glared at them angrily and said coldly, "This is not the question you should ask. You just need to answer my question." Being stared at by Yi Chi, the two snake men immediately shrank their heads and looked at Yi Chi with fear on their faces. My Lord, as long as you go straight west from here, and then through thirteen cities, you can reach the imperial city, and this is the map, "said the snake man hurriedly took out a scroll from his bosom and handed it to Yi Chi.". Yi Chi looked at the side of the blood to kill, blood to kill immediately knowingly came forward to take the scroll,aluminum tile trim, pulled open. After seeing the content inside, blood kills to nod immediately, say to Yi Chi: "It is a map". "Yes." Nodding with satisfaction, Yi Chi looked at the two snake men with a smile and said, "Have you ever served the Empire?" After hearing what Yi Chi said, the two snake men immediately said excitedly, "Of course, we once took part in a war with our clansmen. At that time, I killed several humans. I also ate a human heart. It tastes good." As he spoke, the snake man looked like he was enjoying himself. Ha ha,stainless tile trim, very good "Yi Chi looked at them lightly, immediately grasped their bodies, a little effort, immediately pinched them into a pile of minced meat." "With a cold hum, Yi Chi threw the minced meat on his hand in disgust." My Lord, what about us? After watching Yi Chi solve the two snake men, he said to Yi Chi. Stay here for one night first, and leave for the imperial city tomorrow. "With that, Yi Chi took the lead and walked out of the alley.". Bloody killing looked at a pile of minced meat on the ground and shook his head. Count your bad luck, adults most do not like you this kind of person "said, blood killing also followed the footsteps of Yi Chi, left the alley." Because Yi Chi and blood killing is the identity of Beamon orcs, the treatment is naturally the most high-end, even if it is to find a restaurant, the boss did not dare to accept their fees, only to worship them as ancestors for fear that they are a little unhappy, an unhappy killing, to know that Beamon orcs have no good reputation in the orc empire. It is always to see who is not pleasing to the eye to know the existence of killing. The owner of this restaurant is really afraid that this adult Beamon will kill the beast as soon as he is unhappy here. Not only he, even the guests in the restaurant, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel edging strip, after seeing the two Beamon orcs come, immediately walked more than half, are afraid to offend this terrible race of timid orcs, and the remaining half of the orcs, is also cautious to eat, dare not make a loud sound. Yi Chi smiled at their appearance and immediately went into the backyard, where there was a yard specially prepared for them to live in. At night, when the blood killing was immersed in the practice, Yi Chi's mind entered the kingdom of God and began to point out today's harvest. After condensing an illusory body in the Kingdom of God, Yi Chi looked at the pair of thunder crystals in front of him and immediately laughed with satisfaction. If this pile of thunder spar is exchanged with energy points, how many energy points should it need? "Looking at this pile of high thunder spar, Yi Chi immediately said with emotion.". "You don't have to calculate, I have already calculated for you, here is worth five trillion energy points, of course, only the value of this value, it can not be converted into energy points, and you can not sell out, in addition to the kingdom of Bruce, it is estimated that no one will want, no one will know its value." With that, Yi Tang also condensed an illusory figure in the kingdom of God, standing beside Yi Chi. Five thousand trillion, if only this could be converted into energy points, "Yi Chi looked at the thunder spar and thought beautifully." Dream on, but if you want to exchange technology weapons in the future, you don't need to spend energy points to exchange energy stones. They are much more advanced than ordinary energy stones. This pile is enough for you to use for hundreds of years. Yi Tang looked at Yi Chi with a smile and said. Ha ha, science and technology weapons, later, after all, their own strength, is the real strength, all foreign things are not very reliable ah "said, Yi Chi then a wave of his hand, directly buried this pile of thunder spar into the depths of the earth, in the future before use, Yi Chi will not take out again.". After listening to Yi Chi's words, Yi Tang curled his lips indifferently and said with a smile, "Whatever you want. Yes, you have to work hard. My body depends on you. Hurry to exchange something." With that, Yi Tang looked at Yi Chi with a sad face, only to see a burst of goose bumps. " All right, I know, you don't look at me with this kind of eyes, see my heart carefully panic, "Yi Chi waved helplessly, he really doesn't want to exchange now, some things are not able to exchange, such as Yi Chi has always wanted to exchange an intellectual figure who can give advice for himself, but suffered from the lack of energy gems, has been unable to exchange, of course." Yi Chi has also been looking for the trace of the energy gem, I believe I will soon be able to get one again, when the time comes, Yi Chi must exchange a powerful character out. Thinking of this, Yi Chi could not help but think of a rumor circulating in the Orc Empire, which said that the crown of the Emperor of the Orc Empire was inlaid with a godhead. Of course, it's just a rumor, and Yi Chi doesn't know if it's true,tile trim manufacturers, but Yi Chi still reports that he would rather believe it than believe it, and wants to see the crown that the emperor said, and wants to know if it's really inlaid with a godhood.

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