God of War of the Three Kingdoms

That Zheng Hun is interested in this, busy deep bow to ask for advice. Feng Sha did not hide his secrets, but told him everything he knew about the construction of water conservancy projects, and taught him many skills of water conservancy projects that could be started under the present c

That Zheng Hun is interested in this, busy deep bow to ask for advice. Feng Sha did not hide his secrets, but told him everything he knew about the construction of water conservancy projects, and taught him many skills of water conservancy projects that could be started under the present conditions. Zheng Hun was so impressed by his erudition that he would almost have prostrated himself again and thanked him for his teaching if he had not been blocked by the sand. Two people walk all the way, talk all the way, walk back slowly along the road. He went all the way to the yard where the steam engine was made and saw that the steam engine had stopped. Gu Yongzheng and Zheng Tai talked enthusiastically and splashed their mouths. They told him all they knew about the principle of the steam engine. When Zheng Tai saw that Feng Sha was coming, he prostrated himself to the ground and exclaimed, Your Majesty and the Prime Minister are really gods! To be able to create such a magical thing, this is the ability to reach heaven and earth! No wonder everyone says that the king is an immortal coming down to earth. With the king's ability, I'm afraid the immortal is just so so! Feng Sha shook his head with a wry smile. He picked him up and waved his hand. "Don't mention that again," he said! yuan Tan, I always forgot to ask you, why don't you work in Qingdao Glass Factory and what are you doing here? Gu Yong sighed, "The glass factory is good, but everything is not ready.". Coal is insufficient, raw materials are insufficient, and it takes a lot of effort to burn out a little glass beads, but there are still many flaws, most of which are defective. I was so stuffy there that I came back and asked Cheng Zhongde for some captives to make steam engines. If they could be used, wouldn't it be much better than making useless glass beads? "It's different here," he said with a smile, pointing to the steam engine. With what I learned in Luoyang, it was easy to build this steam engine. I just haven't had time to figure out what it should be used for first. What does the king think? Chapter 232 establishment of education. Chapter 232 establishment of education. Feng Sha said thoughtfully,stainless steel tile edging, "What we lack most now is grain, but it is not realistic to rely on steam engines to cultivate the land.". You'd better find a way to connect it with the loom first, and use it to drive the loom to weave. It's just that most of today's looms are made of wood, so we have to build some new iron looms before we can put them on the steam engine and use them to drive weaving. Gu Yong is stupefied, way: "What should that new-style loom look like?"? I'm afraid it will be very troublesome to build. Feng Sha nodded and said, "Yes, but it will be very troublesome.". I will send someone to give you the drawing of the loom later, and you can refer to it first,stainless steel edge trim, but if you want to put it into practice, you have to go through many experiments and studies, and it is very difficult to accomplish it overnight. Gu Yong didn't care either. "I've already made a steam engine," he said, "but I'm afraid I can't make a new loom."? As long as I study for a few more days, I can weave cloth with it! Feng Sha turned to Zheng Tai again and said with a smile, "Gong Ye, do you think this steam engine will be of great use in the future?" Zheng Tai nodded heavily and affirmed: "This thing is really magical. With the help of this thing, it can be worth the strength of tens of millions of people.". As long as you can build more organs and turn its strength to the right path, the people of the world will benefit from it! Feng Sha was delighted and secretly said, "When people see this thing, they are not afraid. Most of them will regard it as a strange skill and turn up their noses at it.". This Zheng Tai is really a practical person, not only not afraid, but at a glance to see its development prospects, this vision is amazing enough. He said with a smile, "Gong Ye, tile profile factory ,stainless steel tile trim, you can put aside the job in the weaving factory and hand it over to someone else.". I have one thing to ask you here. It's very important. It must be you! Zheng Tai hurriedly bowed and said, "Your Majesty has an order. If you don't obey it, please give the order." Feng Sha looked into the distance and said indifferently, "I want to ask you to run some schools for me." Zheng Tai is stupefied, ask: "What school does the king want to run?" Feng Sha replied, "It's a school that teaches students how to use steam engines." Zheng Tai was stunned again and exclaimed, "Your Majesty, this thing is really magical. It's a great secret of my court.". "If the word gets out, I'm afraid it will be known by the rebels, and it will be bad for the country." Feng Sha shook his head and said, "When this thing was newly made, it was just a production machine. It could not be turned into a weapon for attacking cities and fighting.". Even if people know the secret, but also let them make more machines that can produce, let me big fellow more people have clothes to wear, what's wrong with that? What's more, we can teach the general students to read first, and only pick out the smart and reliable children from them, so that they can learn new knowledge. As long as they are careful, they will not talk around and tell others the secret of the steam engine. Zheng Tai listened to his words, as if to teach many students, not just an ordinary school so simple, then hand way: "I would like to hear the details!" " Feng Sha was about to explain when he saw Cheng Yu coming from far away. He came to Feng Sha and bowed down, saying, "See Your Majesty!"! I don't know what is important for Your Majesty to summon me to come? Feng Sha picked him up, and when he had finished with the others, he took several of them out of the factory building where the steam engine was made, and walked slowly between the factories. When people from far and near saw them coming, they all knelt down and kowtowed. Feng Sha led the crowd to a deserted place, stopped, continued the topic just now, and explained in detail: "What I mean is to build schools all over Qingzhou, so that all the children in Qingzhou can go to school!" As soon as this remark was made, everyone gasped. Qingzhou children, I'm afraid there are millions of people, to let so many children go to school, that is what a huge project? With Qingzhou's manpower and material resources, how can we support it? Regardless of their surprise, Feng Sha explained his plan: "We can first set up an orphan camp to absorb those who lost their parents in the war. The military instructors will screen them and select strong teenagers for military training, so that they can survive on horseback. Every day, in addition to reading, they can ride horses and shoot arrows. If this goes on, in a few years, when they grow up, they will be able to live in the army." Can become excellent cavalry, archery of precision, when no less than the flying general Li! They smell speech understand, Wuwei king is want to grasp from childhood, training out a good soldier, if really can have such a powerful cavalry, archery superior, is growing on horseback since childhood,china tile trim, the world cavalry, which one can match? With cavalry across the world, and who can resist. jecatrims.com

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