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Where! Who can say brother Wang's poems are not good in Biandu?! Brother Wang's poems are sometimes beautiful and euphemistic, sometimes impassioned, and the style is really changeable, but each poem is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which is really amazing! Afte

Where! Who can say brother Wang's poems are not good in Biandu?! Brother Wang's poems are sometimes beautiful and euphemistic, sometimes impassioned, and the style is really changeable, but each poem is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which is really amazing! After listening to Zhao Yu's comments on his poems, Wang Jinghui could not help but be ashamed: I am really sorry for Su's idols! But there is no way, who let this era of scholars are good at this mouth? Now that I have come to this era of Song Ci, if I don't write more Song Ci, I will be too sorry for myself. What's more, most of the people who write poems are officials who are similar to Su's idols. They usually have nothing to do when they are full. They have written so many poems. It's better to care more about the sufferings of the people than to have these kungfu. They copy their poems wantonly so that they can do their jobs properly. Thinking of this, Wang Jinghui finally found an excellent reason for himself to copy the poems of later generations. Even he thought he was engaged in a very great cause to save the officials of the Song Dynasty. Zhao Gongzi is overpraised, Wang Mou does not deserve it. If you like it, I wrote a song "Qingyu Case" in the Mid-Autumn Festival. At that moment,tile trim factory, he turned Xin Qiji's masterpiece into his own proud work, and made up a perfect reason to explain the moral of the poem. Zhao's brother and sister were knocked down by Wang Jinghui's peerless good words, although Zhao Ye looked at Wang Jinghui's policy theory is not pleasing to the eye, but also can not find fault with it, which makes him very depressed. If Wang Jinghui's most convincing talent is Wang Jinghui's accomplishments in this poem,aluminum tile edge trim, in the words of his sister: We can't catch up with him even if we flatter him! He agreed with his sister's vision very much, and he also thought that in this world, in terms of poetry alone, Wang Jinghui was the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, and his position in Tang poetry was really unmatched. The sixteenth chapter of the main text borrows books. Chapter 16 When Wang Jinghui saw that he had given them a poem casually, he made them meditate for a long time, which was more charming than his own theory. He could not help shaking his head: "There are two more people who are not doing their jobs properly.". Wang Jinghui knew that the poems he recited were very influential in the history of Song Ci in China, but he did not know how much influence he had on the outside world by copying other people's poems, because since he came to the Song Dynasty, aluminium edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, his life circle was very small, and every day he was busy either seeing a doctor to save people or trying to open up new financial resources, so he was basically insulated from the outside world. Brother and sister Zhao Ye also wanted to discuss poetry with Wang Jinghui, but saw that he was not interested in it, so they ended the visit with great interest and went back after saying goodbye to him. Wang Jinghui did not take their farewell to heart because he had more things to do. With the growing influence of the civilian hospital, more and more people come to the hospital to see a doctor. The six doctors in the hospital do not have the modern equipment of doctors in the 21st century. Wang Jinghui is worried about the slow speed and accuracy of their primitive pulse diagnosis, so he tries to improve the shortcomings in this respect. It is imperative to invent a stethoscope. There was a stethoscope in the medical kit brought by Wang Jinghui, but the materials needed to make it were not available in this era. He pondered for a long time in his study and came up with a substitute: a bell mouth was installed at each end of a two-foot-long bamboo joint. When Wang Jinghui gave the strange stethoscope to six herbalists, they thought he was going to make toys. He explained the use and function of the stethoscope to the herbalists carefully to dispel their doubts. The herbalists doubtfully tried to use the stethoscope for some patients, and found that the effect was good, the time and accuracy of diagnosis were greatly improved, and they could not help but look at the owner of the scalpel with new eyes. Although the production of thermometers seems almost impossible now, the stethoscope as a diagnostic tool has greatly improved the speed of the doctor's diagnosis, which really makes Wang Jinghui feel somewhat comforted. After seeing the use of stethoscope in civilian medical centers, other medical centers in Biandu also adopted this tool. Its effect was very obvious compared with the previous artificial pulse, so it soon became popular in the hands of Biandu's herbalists, which also made Wang Jinghui more famous among Biandu's herbalists. This method of using a stethoscope to diagnose a patient's condition has another great advantage: when diagnosing a female patient's condition, the herbalist does not need to hold the patient's wrist, but directly invites the patient to the back of the curtain and listens to the stethoscope to solve the problem. This is nothing for the common people, but it is very good news for the dignitaries. This method of using a stethoscope to diagnose a patient's condition greatly relieved the imperial physicians in the imperial palace: In the past, it was necessary to feel the pulse of a woman in the royal family. For their brains, the risk factor of this magical method was really too high. With a stethoscope, their brains were even more secure. While using the stethoscope to see a doctor, the imperial physicians in the imperial palace were all very grateful to Wang Jinghui: Emperor Renzong Dahang also implicated several imperial physicians who treated him. If there was such a good thing as the stethoscope, the imperial physician who treated Emperor Dahang at that time might be able to guarantee that he would not be banished to the wilderness to go fishing. In addition to making stethoscopes in the hospital, Wang Jinghui was most concerned about building buildings. In the eyes of Li, Wang Jinghui finally stopped buying land crazily and turned to construction. On the land bought near the civilian hospital in the city, Wang Jinghui was spending a lot of money to let craftsmen rush to build buildings before winter. Almost all the alleys leading to the main road of Biandu in the civilian hospital were bought by Wang Jinghui at a low price. All the residents on both sides of the alleys moved to his newly built three-storey residential buildings. The alleys were widened into streets and paved with cement. The original low and dilapidated houses on both sides were demolished and replaced by three-storey buildings on both sides. What puzzled steward Li most was that Wang Jinghui spent a lot of money here a few months ago to buy land and build a house. At that time, he also asked Wang Jinghui what he was going to do. The answer of Wang Jinghuai made him drop his eyes: "Brother Zhenquan, you see,aluminium tile trim profiles, in less than a year, the land price here will rise several times!"! When the time comes, I'll bother brother Zhenquan to count the silver for my younger brother! 。

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