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Wuxiang Shenni looked with pity at Bai Yinfeng's twitching shoulders and Jin Qionghua's tearful appearance, and shook his head. Even though she has a profound cultivation and a firm Zen mind, she can't help but be moved by such human behavior. She turned to look at Sun Ch

Wuxiang Shenni looked with pity at Bai Yinfeng's twitching shoulders and Jin Qionghua's tearful appearance, and shook his head. Even though she has a profound cultivation and a firm Zen mind, she can't help but be moved by such human behavior. She turned to look at Sun Chien-shih and said, "Almsgiver Sun, this will do more good than harm to your family. It should be the Bai family that will suffer.." Sun chien-shi he thought carefully, the silver phoenix exposed identity, indeed there is no harm to Shuramen, but make the white family more than 10 years ago to settle down a move lost effectiveness. "This old nun must not be offended," he thought. "Even if the emperor is here, he probably has to bear it and compromise. Besides, the most important thing now is to go back and check carefully whether there are any spies among the other swordsmen. Otherwise, if we don't attack the Bai family, once we do, it will be the beginning of destruction.." As soon as he thought of this, he quickly folded his fists and said, "Since it is the elder Shenni who has given such orders, the younger generation dare not disobey. Let's say goodbye." Ding Zhongqi said, "Sun Datianmo, go back and tell Jin Hao that if you do too much injustice, you will kill yourself. Since it was your fault at the beginning, if you don't give up taking revenge on Bai, you will surely suffer a very miserable end in the future." Sun Chien-shih's face twitched several times. He folded his fists and said, "Thank you for your warning, Master Ding. I'll tell the emperor what I said. Goodbye." As soon as he pressed the button, the wheelchair slowly turned a big arc and went out. The two swordsmen behind him did not say a word, their faces were tight, and after the wheelchair, they withdrew from the door of the Li family. Has Li Chin-tsai and his wife ever seen such a strange wheelchair in their life? They almost looked stunned, for Ding Zhongqi with sun chien-shi said those words, but did not pay attention to. In fact, what does the struggle between these sects in Jianghu have to do with him as a farmer? He just happened to meet him. Qi in the factory suddenly shouted in a deep voice, "Wait a minute!" As soon as the two swordsmen stepped out of the door,ceramic bobbin heater, they stopped and turned around. They all looked startled, put their hands on the hilt of their swords, and gazed at Ding Zhongqi. "There's another one of your companions here," said Ding Zhongqi. "Why don't you take him with you?" Cai Wenbin walked into the room silently, bent over and picked up "Li Jinbao" lying on the ground and walked out of the door silently. Only then did Li Jincai seem to wake up from a dream and call out, "My mother!" He jumped up and tried to bolt the door. But when he reached the door, he hesitated for a moment and looked back at Ding Zhongqi at the thought that there were still so many people he didn't know in the room. "Don't be afraid, Uncle Li," said Ding Zhongqi. "Even if those people have great courage, they won't dare to come back here to make trouble again.." In terms of age, Li Jincai is no matter how old he is. In terms of status, Ding Zhongqi has been famous for nearly 30 years. He is regarded as the first master of hard skills in the martial arts world. Even when he arrives at the Shaolin Temple, even the master has to be demoted to greet him. But Li Jincai is only a small tenant, in this village, everyone knows, out of the village, no one knows him. However, steatite c221 ,ceramic igniter electrodes, because Li Jingui had been accepted as a disciple by Blissful Zhenren and was Ding Zhongqi's younger brother, Ding Zhongqi was virtually younger, so he had to respect Li Jincai and call him "old man". Li Jincai's face was full of embarrassment, and he was afraid of Ding Zhongqi's burly body, and he was almost at a loss. He swallowed and waved to Li Jingui. Li Jingui walked over. Li Jincai pulled him to the wall and asked in a low voice, "Ah Gui, what's going on?" Li Jingui knew that his father had been honest and afraid of trouble all his life. In the last few days, he had been frightened by the troubles of the Shuramen. If he knew all the things he had experienced these days, he would be frightened out of his courage. So he smiled and said, "Dad, it's a long story. I'll tell you in detail later. Now.." Li Jincai said in a low voice, "Ah Gui, who is that big guy who looks like a door God?" Li Jingui said, "He is the elder brother of the child.". ” "Big Brother?" Li Jincai asked, "So he is from Xuanmiaoguan?" Li Jingui shook his head and said, "No, Dad. I'll tell you the details later. Shall we talk about it later?" Li Jincai nodded and couldn't help asking, "Who are the people who left just now?" "They are all disciples of the Shuramen," said Li Jingui. "They are against the Bai family." Li Jincai said, "Oh," and said, "Ah Gui, you must hurry up and inform the Bai family, lest they suffer losses, and that Bai.. How is Miss Bai Yufeng? Li Jingui was a little impatient and said, "Dad, Miss Yufeng is very nice, but I haven't seen her for half a month.." While Li Chin-tsai was still waiting to speak, Li Chin-kuei hurriedly said, "Father!"! The boy is going to the Bai family to inform them. "Yes," said Li Chin-tsai! Hurry back and don't let the bad guys get away with it. "Father," said Li Jingui! It may take two or three years for the child to come back from home. "Will it take so long?" Asked Li Chin-tsai. Li Jingui nodded his head and said, "The boy has already found a famous teacher. It will take at least two or three years for him to learn the art before he can achieve something.." Holding Li Chin-tsai in his arms, he said, "Father, during this period of time, the child cannot fulfill his filial piety, but I hope the two old people will take care of themselves.." Li Jincai patted him on the shoulder. His eyes were moist and he said, "Ah Gui, just go. As long as you work hard, we will be very happy to be able to stand out in the future.." He lowered his voice and said, "Don't tell your mother when you leave, lest she be sad and not let you go.." Li Jingui nodded and said, "Father, the boy knows." Li Jincai held Li Jingui's hand tightly, then relaxed and smiled reluctantly, saying, "Ah Gui's mother, what are you bothering the teacher for?"? They have something important to do! Aunt Li was talking to Bai Yinfeng and Wuxiang Shenni. Hearing this, she glared at Li Jincai and said, "What are you talking about, old man?"? 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