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After talking at the door, several people welcomed Lu Shi into the room. The entrance is facing a wall, which reads "Sunrise Rescue Team", "Sunrise Rescue" "in small letters below, and the team logo is" SR "with the rising sun. The first floor is t

After talking at the door, several people welcomed Lu Shi into the room. The entrance is facing a wall, which reads "Sunrise Rescue Team", "Sunrise Rescue" "in small letters below, and the team logo is" SR "with the rising sun. The first floor is the office area, with several desks, several rescue kits marked "SR" in the open space, and several silk banners hanging on the east wall. Aunt Ma introduced with a smile: "Some of these banners are sent by individuals, and some are sent by units. They are all like Mr. Lu. Thank us very much. In fact, these are really nothing. In the face of disasters and difficulties, it is natural to help our compatriots in the motherland!" Lu Shi looked at these banners, "earthquake relief, sharing weal and woe", "selfless dedication, full of sunrise", he pointed to the back side and said: "selfless dedication, full of sunrise, indeed." Zhong Ping made two cups of tea. Gao Nan thanked him and took it. It was Lu Shi's turn. Lu Shi said, "Leave it." The words fell, and suddenly changed, "bring it." The clock screen was handed to him. Lu Shi took a meaningful sip and continued to listen to Aunt Ma's introduction. Captain He was inarticulate and occasionally said a few words. When he reached the white board,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Captain He said, "This is our training plan." Writing on the board is the training plan for the next two weeks, morning running, water rescue, camping and so on. On the other side is a form. The whole April SR's duty situation is on it, which is exactly the same as that posted on SR's official website. Lu Shi swept quietly and continued to listen to Captain He about the details of the water rescue. After a while, the team members arrived one after another, and the minibus for the college students also arrived. Aunt Ma said enthusiastically: "If Mr. Lu has time,ceramic bobbin element, he can continue to stay and visit. Later, we will demonstrate rescue equipment to college students and learn more about it. Maybe it will guarantee his own safety in the future." "Then I'll stay and listen, too," said Lu Shi. Previously, most of the visitors to SR were primary school students, and the college students who came back were all members of the school's outdoor sports community. Zhong Ping and his teammates first took them around the small building, the first floor is the office area, the second and third floors are the equipment room and rest area, and finally took them to the training ground behind the small building. Lu Shi took his time to follow the procession. Only then did Gao Nan have a chance to ask, "Boss, was it Miss Zhong who saved you that day?" "Mmm." Lu Shi said. Gao Nan turned his head sideways. "Why haven't you said that?" "What's there to say?" Lu Shi glanced at the figure standing in front of the college students and said, "It's worth showing off." The area of the training ground is not large, and the most conspicuous one is a rock climbing wall, which is about five or six meters high. No rock climbing today. All kinds of rescue equipment were stacked neatly on the field, and Zhong Ping and another male teammate were responsible for the introduction and drill. Zhong Ping said: "There are many kinds of rescue equipment, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,Ceramic Band Heater, such as mountain rescue, fire rescue and water rescue, each of which has its own equipment." The female classmates all surrounded her to listen to the introduction, and Lu Shi stood a little far away with his pocket in his pocket. This is an underwater camera, and this is a nano-acoustic detector. Standing in front of a pile of water rescue equipment, Zhong Ping slowly introduced, "Like this life rope, it has a reflective effect, which is very beneficial for night rescue. These two life jackets, this one is shawl-style, and this one is belt-style." A female classmate asks: "Hey, have lifeboat?" Zhong Ping said, "Yes, but I'm not prepared today." Next is a pile of earthquake rescue equipment such as military shovels and emergency rescue lights. Female students asked: "Have you participated in the earthquake rescue?" Zhong Ping seemed to be thinking about something. He was silent for three seconds before shaking his head: "Not yet. My teammates have participated in earthquake search and rescue. If you are interested, I will ask them to tell you later." Female classmate is curious: "I just saw you to want to ask, how old are you, how long has joined SR?"? Isn't it said that people under the age of 25 are not allowed to join formally? You look so small. Lu Shi did not know when to go to the girls' team, squatted down, playing with a military shovel in his hand. Zhong Ping said with a smile, "I'm a regular member of the team now. How old do you think I am?" Lu Shi, who was playing with the Ordnance Shovel, suddenly opened her mouth: "I have to be twenty-five or twenty-six anyway. Her job is to do DNA identification.". ” "Wow-DNA!" "Then aren't you in forensics, helping the police solve the case?" "Tell us about the murder!" As soon as the topic was taken away, Zhong Ping looked at Lu Shi discontentedly. Lu Shi bit an unlit cigarette and lifted her chin. After a long time, I finally brought the topic back. Zhong Ping and his male teammates explained mountain rescue together. Male teammates put on equipment, Zhong Ping introduced: "This is the equipment we must bring when we carry out mountain rescue." The rope is about 50 meters long and can carry a maximum load of two tons. Look here, this is the pulley, this is the ascender, and this is the descender. "The clock screen lit the body parts of the male teammates. At the moment, the other side was fully armed and ready to go out." The main lock, the oxtail, the rock plug, and of course, the indispensable one is the helmet. No matter when, we must first ensure our own safety, and then we have the ability to rescue the trapped people. " The male student asked, "How much is the whole set of equipment?"? Can we afford it ourselves? Teammates reported a number and said, "It's not expensive, but it's not cheap either. It's different from your mountaineering equipment. You don't need to buy these for outdoor activities." "Did you raise money to buy all these?" "All our equipment and funds are funded by individuals and enterprises." Suddenly someone said, "What about the helicopter?"? I saw the news. Two weeks ago, you rescued a group of mountaineers and started the helicopter. I wanted to touch the helicopter before I came, but I didn't see it. Teammates laughed, Zhong Ping said: "Helicopters are also available, but our Nanjiang team does not have them. They belong to other teams and are also funded by the people." The students called it a pity. Zhong Ping nodded: "Well, the helicopter air rescue is really too weak." He sighed, "It's not that simple." Lu Shi folded his arms and listened, not knowing what he was thinking. The last one,Alumina Ceramic C795, finally came to the drill link, this is the strength of the clock screen, the natural clock screen. global-ceramics.com

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