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Over the years, the army of Youzhou followed behind the general of Biao Qi and the governor of Youzhou, wantonly massacring unarmed civilians and weak court officers and soldiers, and proved that they were the most powerful soldiers in the world with numerous brilliant victories. But now t

Over the years, the army of Youzhou followed behind the general of Biao Qi and the governor of Youzhou, wantonly massacring unarmed civilians and weak court officers and soldiers, and proved that they were the most powerful soldiers in the world with numerous brilliant victories. But now they're afraid. They went through a fierce battle, this felt exhausted, but both rely on and fear of Xianbei cavalry has mutiny, who also can't tell is the enemy. And the enemy, who fought with them for an hour without falling behind, launched a powerful counterattack at the most suitable time! Contemporary county cavalry brandished a long knife to kill when the big Kui, fear instantly defeated them! I don't know who started, deep and remote state army step died array suddenly collapsed. They abandoned their weapons and ran back as fast as they could. When the county cavalry came after them, some people immediately surrendered on their knees; occasionally a few brave attempts to resist, but were immediately cut into seven or eight pieces. Once the troops in the front collapsed, the routed troops fled in all directions and rushed into the rear ranks. Countless people shout horse neigh, smoke billowing, deep and remote state army soldiers with disheveled hair, like the beast that was driven to flee. Mai Zeming clenched his teeth so hard that blood flowed from the corners of his mouth. Follow the general for many years of Xianbei cavalry why suddenly riot? Why did the mighty and invincible army of Youzhou become so weak? How is that possible? How is that possible! Could it be. Is this an act of God? Mai Zeming felt dizzy and his body on the horse was tottering. Bright armor at this time he became too prominent target, I do not know where on behalf of the county archer noticed Mai Zeming, a row of long arrows flew from the side, whizzed down several cavalry crowded around him, and one in the flank of Mai Zeming's mount. With a whine, the horse staggered a few steps and fell sideways, pressing Mai Zeming's left leg under the horse. Several QinBing courageously before, dragged him out, someone shouted in his ear: "Army Lord!"! Army chief! What to do? Mai Zeming shook his head and managed to focus his blank eyes on him: "What?" A Qinbing could hardly contain his anxiety. Holding Mai Zeming's shoulder, he shook it forcefully: "Junzhu, you should say,jacuzzi suppliers, what should we do?" Mai Zeming played an excited spirit, he raised the last bit of spirit, raised his hand and slapped the Qinbing in the face: "What else to ask?"! Run! Mai Zeming is definitely an experienced general, his judgment is always so accurate, but not necessarily in time. When he shouted to QinBing, a team of cavalry from the county to kill in the slanting thorn, led by a knight riding a blue horse of strong horse looked at wheat Zeming and others with contempt, strangle the horse's head. The knight looked very young, his cheekbones were high, his eyebrows were cold and hard as iron, and there was a gray scar on his left cheek, which made his eyes look terrible even in the shadow of his forehead. His costume was no different from that of the ordinary county cavalry, wearing a heavy iron armor and a knife hanging from his waist. With his right hand holding a long bridle upside down and his left hand manipulating the reins freely, he rode around Mai Zeming and others, jacuzzi bath spa ,hot tub wholesale, and with his movements, the blood on the bridle dripped to the ground. Mai Zeming's facial muscles twitched uncontrollably twice, and a large amount of hot sweat suddenly came out of his forehead hairline, but his hands and feet became cold. His QinBing are also ashen, some people want to reach out to touch the waist knife, was immediately stopped by the companion with the expression of teeth grinning. The knight quickly lost interest in wheat Zeming, he raised his hand to block the sun, to the direction of the more distant Xianbei people look at one eye, then urged the horse forward. At the same time, he waved to his men to catch up and shouted, "Don't pay any attention to these trash fish.". Quickly, we go to kill Xianbei people! Get Wang Jun! Go and catch Duan Jilu's family! About two hundred cavalry have escaped from the fight, followed by the young knight. Hearing the knight's order, they answered with a bang and shouted in unison, "Kill the Xianbei people!"! Get Wang Jun! Catch Duan Jilu's family! Mobile phone users can visit the WAP. Mianhuatang. La to watch novels and update them synchronously with the official website. Chapter 53 victory or defeat (2). One second to remember "Marshmallow Novel www. Mianhuatang. La", to provide you with wonderful novel reading. Before Lu Yao scolded Wang Jun is hiding behind the Xianbei people without courage bandits, although it is a stratagem, said is the truth. The army of Youzhou was divided between Hu and Jin, and the part composed of Jin people was tough, but they were used to relying on the prestige of Hu cavalry. To be honest, they are those people who can only fight with the wind. In Lu Yao's opinion, they are no different from local chickens and dogs. On behalf of the county cavalry in their hesitation when suddenly launched a counterattack, dozens of cavalry galloping to and fro, such as birds scattered clouds as a fierce rush to kill, immediately cut the first step of the army of deep and remote States into pieces of each other can't care. Lu Yao did not continue to fight, along the way will be scattered to kill the soldiers gathered, led them to use the fastest speed through those scattered fleeing soldiers, toward the heart of the Youzhou army. The distance between the two armies is not far, and is located in a flat plain, but for a moment, has seen the dark Xianbei army. As the distance is getting closer, then see the Xianbei people can be used to describe the battle, many cavalry murderous shout drink run, but don't know what to do; countless dismounted soldiers ran around, east a pinch of a pinch of west gathered to talk to each other, instead of their horses put aside at will. Duan department Xianbei heavily armored cavalry in addition to the war horse riding in battle, often also carry a daily load of armor, weapons and other things. Since the master was not there, many horses were scattered on a large meadow to graze and rest by themselves, with a low eyebrow pleasing to the ear, without any sense of tension. Seeing this scene, Lu Yao's heart was first relaxed and then tightened. He was relieved that although I don't know what happened to the state army, but obviously those Xianbei people have not yet recovered from it. It seemed that the leaders of the ministries were not in charge of their headquarters, their command of their subordinates was almost out of control, and the soldiers were out of combat. Judging from their numbers,outdoor whirlpool tub, the Qingqi, who had been sent to outflank their own flanks at the beginning of the battle, had not yet had time to turn around. Now is the best chance to defeat the armored riders that Duan Bu relies on to run amuck in the Central Plains. monalisa.com

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