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It took me a long time to come to my senses. I was both grateful and ashamed of Shirley Yang. "I almost went to see Marx again, but once I was born and twice I became familiar with him. I wandered around in front of the gate of death many times, so I wasn't afraid.". It d

It took me a long time to come to my senses. I was both grateful and ashamed of Shirley Yang. "I almost went to see Marx again, but once I was born and twice I became familiar with him. I wandered around in front of the gate of death many times, so I wasn't afraid.". It doesn't matter if it's a few seconds later. At the worst, you can pull me up and give me a few more artificial breaths. Just as I was about to say a few more words, another sound came from the "strange jar" hanging in the air, as if someone was knocking on the wall of the big jar for help. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Chapter 97 pores t:xt. Small `say ". God All the people in the hall looked up at the strange jar hanging in midair, and they all had an idea in their hearts: "Live to see a ghost." I said to Shirley Yang, "don't worry. I'll go up again and have a look. If I fall into the water again, you remember to give me artificial respiration quickly. It will be too late." She gave me a white look and pointed to the militia platoon leader and said to me, "What are you thinking about? If you want to do artificial respiration, I will also ask the militia to do it for you." I said to her, "Why are you such an outsider?"? If you fall into the water and hold your breath and need to give you artificial respiration, then I am absolutely duty-bound. Irley Yang interrupted me and said to me, "I found that one is you and the other is that fat man. He never takes life or death seriously. He is still in the mood to joke on any occasion.". By the way, let me ask you,outdoor spa manufacturers, what did you see up there that scared you into the water? Is Professor Sun in there? I have always regarded myself as bold, and this question can expose my shortcomings. How can I say that I will not lose face? I looked at the strange jar hanging in the air and told Shirley Yang and others, "this.." As soon as I uncovered the cylinder cover, a string of invisible serial deadly golden needles came out of it. It was really a powerful hidden weapon. This is my skill, not hurried, calm and relaxed,endless pool factory, a kite turned over to avoid the past, for others, where there is life at the moment. Irley Yang said helplessly, "Forget it. I won't listen to what you say. You just blow it. I'll go up and watch it myself." Then he twisted his long wet hair a few times and held it in place. Similarly, he asked two militiamen to set up a ladder and lift her up to the top of the jar. The strange jar was still making a sound, and the militiamen began to get nervous again, fearing that something would suddenly come out of the jar. I warned them not to shoot at random, and then threw the flashlight to Shirley Yang below, telling her that there was a dead man's skeleton in the strange jar, so that she could be prepared not to fall from the top like me. Irley Yang looked at it for a long time, whirlpool hot tub spa ,4 person jacuzzi, reached for something, jumped down from the strange jar, and held up a bracelet for us to see. The militia platoon leader and I took the jade bracelet and looked at it, but we were even more puzzled. I've been doing business in Panjia yuan for a while, and my eyes have grown a lot. I can see at a glance that this jade bracelet is fake, two yuan a stall, not valuable at all, and it is a modern thing. Could it be that the bones in the jar were a woman? And she hasn't been dead long, so how on earth did she get into this strange jar? Was it put in after death, or was it put in alive and drowned? Burial in a jar can be ruled out. Chinese people pay attention to being buried in peace, and will never soak the dead in water. The complicated situation in front of us really has no clue at all. Irley Yang said to me, "Old Hu, can you guess what is the noise in that jar?" I say: "Zhe Mo is bone frame become essence?"? In ancient China, there was such a saying as the White Bone Demon. But the White Bone Demon was destroyed by Sun Wukong many years ago. Is there a new one here? Want our common people to suffer twice and suffer twice more? She laughed and said, "You are really good at association. You are not a white bone demon.". Just now I saw clearly that there were three human bones in the tank, all of them adults, and there were more than twenty round strange fish at the bottom. Although they were only two or three feet long, the strength of the fish was extraordinary. The pool in the tank was drained, and the strange fish kept flopping in it. That's why there was a noise. Before the tank was lifted, we saw the chains shaking in the pool, probably because the fish were fighting and swimming in the tank. I said to her, "That's strange. What kind of fish are those?"? How did they get into the closed tank? Do they eat dead people? Irley Yang shook his head and said, "I don't know. I've never seen such a strange fish.". I don't think this kind of fish was put in beforehand. It's possible that.. It is possible that the fish themselves grew in the pool of the underground cave, and someone deliberately put the dead body into a tank full of pores and sank into the pool, and the small fish that did not grow up could swim in through the pores of the tank.. I listened to her words, surprised: "I understand what you mean.". Are you saying this is fish farming with dead meat? When the human flesh is eaten up and the fish are fattened, the big fish can no longer swim out of the holes in the tank wall. But what's the use of raising fish like this? This is too.. It's ***ing disgusting. Militia platoon leader suddenly interjected: "No.1 and No.2 two leaders, I looked for a long time, I seem to have seen this bracelet somewhere, quite like a woman in the village to wear.". She has been married for many years, and she has come from different families. She went back to her mother's home for the first time a few months ago. At that time, she wore this bracelet for us to see, and told us that it was bought by her in Guangdong and was worth thousands of yuan. The aunts in the village were all jealous. When they went back, they all complained that their men had no ability to buy thousands of pieces of jewelry. As soon as I heard this, I felt strange and asked the militia platoon leader what happened later. He said: "Then there was no later. The woman left quietly. People in the village thought she had a quarrel with her family and ran back to other places.". Now look at this bracelet. Is it possible that the woman was killed by a bad man? As we deliberated,outdoor hot tub, we heard the sound of footsteps on the ramp of the crypt. I thought it was the two militiamen waiting outside who saw that we had not returned for a long time and were not at ease, so they came down to look for us. Who would have thought that when they looked back, it was Professor Sun who was the leader of the several people who came down.

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