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Song Minran went to bed very late last night. He didn't love himself yet. At that time, Gu Yingnuo saw that he was so busy that he felt sorry for his body and didn't want his favor. When I was sleeping, I saw him sitting at his desk and busy, and my heart was not sweet. She is

Song Minran went to bed very late last night. He didn't love himself yet. At that time, Gu Yingnuo saw that he was so busy that he felt sorry for his body and didn't want his favor. When I was sleeping, I saw him sitting at his desk and busy, and my heart was not sweet. She is ready to go upstairs to give Song Minran a surprise, if he sees the cake in his hand, he will laugh happily! Thinking of this, Gu Yingnuo could not help but secretly raise the corners of his mouth, like some nifty appearance, and went directly upstairs. Yes Ah As she went upstairs, a woman's groan of pain and suffering rang out. Gu Ying Nuo himself is not a young girl now, she was naturally led by him from a young girl to a woman after she was with Song Minran. At that time, it was very painful, but she was very satisfied. Although Gu Xian pulled the children up alone, she was not a woman with advice. Daughters should not have boyfriends, as long as it is legitimate. She encourages rather than discourages. Gu Ying Nuo naturally grew up in such a family, feel very happy at the same time, for their early sleep with Song Minran and there is no regret. Now the voice is louder and louder, sister Gu Yingxi's voice of pain kept coming, Gu Yingnuo some heart beating at the same time, but also feel the body followed by a soft up. I've been too busy recently. She is busy to deal with the college entrance examination, Song Minran is busy to earn money to help her, two people have not done that thing for a long time. She thought about it,whirlpool hot tub, too. But the elder sister is also true, although there is no one at home, but Gu Yingnuo went upstairs only to find that she did not even close the door, she blushed, just want to go for Gu Yingxi to close the door, suddenly inside the man lying on Gu Yingxi body stuffy hum, like a very happy look, but the smile on Gu Yingnuo's face suddenly froze, the whole person is cold. She recognized the male voice just now,jacuzzi manufacturers, not like Ning Yuncheng's. Not like Ouyang Zhentian, on the contrary, like her boyfriend Song Minran's voice! She remembered every time Song Minran was satisfied with her. She would send out such a beast-like hum that was completely different from his gentle appearance, and every time she heard it, she felt as if she could be torn apart by him and liked it very much, but now when Gu Yingnuo heard it, she felt cold all over and her hands and feet trembled. Instead of closing the door, she pushed it open, and in the bright light, the two men probably thought there was no one at home, not only did they not close the door, but they did not even pull down the curtains. When Gu Yingnuo saw the man turn over and get out of bed, Gu Yingnuo regretted that he had no time to close his legs, as well as the big stream of heat flowing out of his legs, which was like a small mouth. Spitting out evidence of the man's passion. But these hot scenes she did not see, hot tub manufacturers ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, she only saw the two people on the bed who were hugging and kissing after the end of the moment, Song Minran's face that kind of satisfaction and wildness, she had never seen. She regarded her sister as a God, as clean as a fairy, as pure as the snow lotus on the top of the snow mountain, and seduced her beloved boyfriend! Gu Yingnuo's body trembled badly, but the two people in the room did not find her standing in the doorway. After a French kiss between the two people on the bed, Song Minran quickly became interested again and turned over and sat up again. No, it hurts, baby. Gu Yingxi shivering voice with love after the unique charming, like already very tired, Gu Yingnuo is apathetic, Song Minran soon once again repair knife: "I'm not afraid. Don't I know how to cherish our children?" Say that finish, he turned Gu Yingxi over, gently let her kneel on the bed, snow-white back to himself, he is from behind once again into Gu Yingxi's body. The sound of the collision rang, but Gu Yingnuo only heard the phrase'our child 'in her mind, suddenly spinning, how much she loved Song Minran before, and now how much she resented him. And how much she loved her sister before, how much she resented her sister now. She covered her lips, the whole person came out of the house stupidly, while grinding her teeth and crying, while throwing the cake in her hand downstairs, she ran downstairs, upstairs immersed in the intimacy of the two people did not hear her deliberate voice, Gu Yingnuo was very resentful, her eyes were bleeding, and even wished she could fall directly from upstairs. She wanted to see what kind of expression Gu Yingxi had at this time, and also wanted to see how Song Minran would explain to herself, but she dared not. When she went downstairs, she did not fall down. After she went out, she closed the door heavily and ran out of the community crying all the way. Just out of the community, about 200 meters away from the security room, when the community surveillance could no longer take pictures, an off-road vehicle suddenly rushed over at the corner. Gu Yingnuo was crying and did not notice the road ahead. Now she was surprised when the car hit her. Before she could scream, she was hit and flew up. After turning around several times in the air, she fell heavily to the ground again. The SUV did not stop after hitting the person, but instead rushed toward Gu Yingnuo, who had fallen in the middle of the road, with a chilling sound of bone crushing. In the coma Gu Ying Nuo screamed, a leg has been abnormal fold up, the off-road vehicle this just unhurriedly turned a body and drove to the distance past. This side was originally a high-grade residential area, the owners living here are rich, now at noon, no one in and out, until Gu Yingnuo was found, it was more than two hours later. She's lost a lot of blood, and she's been lying on the street like this for two hours. Not only did the injury worsen,endless swim pool, but she was also hit by the sign. Now the situation was very serious. When Gu Yingxi and Song Minran came down from the couch exhausted, Gu Yingxi only felt that his body was full of Song Minran's breath inside and outside. Two people are some greasy crooked, when Gu Yingxi cleans up the lower abdomen of his wandering. Song Minran touched her heavy chest and connected an unsigned phone call:.

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