Flowers bloom and can be broken.

"Brother Yu, you must not be deceived by Daddy's appearance. You must be careful when dealing with him. He is very cruel." Luo Song was outspoken and did not save face when he criticized his father. More exciting, more good books, all in the I didn't

"Brother Yu, you must not be deceived by Daddy's appearance. You must be careful when dealing with him. He is very cruel." Luo Song was outspoken and did not save face when he criticized his father. More exciting, more good books, all in the I didn't see how Mr. Luo worked with my own eyes. He only saw his love for his wife and his indulgence for his daughter. But a man who can handle two wives, or even two families, with such ease, can not but admit his excellence. Looking up at this huge sign again, the pace of progress can no longer move. I have three companies now, and maybe a fourth one soon, but how do I manage them? With a wry smile, in contrast. It cannot be called management at all. Perhaps the summer after the college entrance examination, the first installation shop, that is, the predecessor of [Yicheng Science and Trade], did fairly well, and then.. Has been complacent to throw away the shopkeeper to do a good job, but in fact only can have today smoothly,outdoor whirlpool, is because of a group of willing to do their best to make good friends, only this and Shu Huilai, Huang Kecheng, Du Yunxi, Bian Yueru, yuan Yongqing, several of them are conscientious work. Maybe they only regard me as an impatient brother and indulge me to do unreasonable things. Several small companies can develop to today,endless swimming pool, also depends on their efforts. Another wry smile. What do you think. Run and say it. Or even just make a phone call, regardless of how it is implemented. That is, others work. I got something out of it. What is this? An unearned silverfish? Looking up, the small picture seems to be getting clearer and clearer. Mr. Luo's face slowly enlarged before my eyes. Reach out to stop the car, go straight to the road, go back and think carefully. Back to the apartment. Cao Bo is sitting in the living room with two thread-bound books to read: "Hey, smelly boy.". Didn't you just go out? Why are you back now? Do you have a conscience to have a good chat with the old man? Seeing Cao Bo again, I felt even more guilty. This medicine was also his old man's favorite, and I seemed to be waiting to pick the ripe fruit. Remembering something, you go on, I won't bother you. He forced a smile on his face and went to the back room. The old man, who was joking, whirlpool hot tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, looked at me with a serious face and looked at me doubtfully as I entered the room and closed the door. Mr. Luo works on different occasions and holds different attitudes towards work and family. I, on the other hand, have a cynical attitude towards my lover, friends and partners, which is a hard injury for those who are eager to succeed. Remembering the revision of the procedure of consulting with Cao Yu at noon, I only had a superficial idea and planned to go to the company to tell everyone. It was really too hasty. The company is small and in the development stage, and I, the nominal leader, should do more instead of letting it go. Turn on the computer and record the discussions with Cao Yu and Yu Ping one by one. While the machine is doing the work. My brain was roaring, and I faintly returned to Zhongzhou. The scene of golden snakes dancing, lightning and thunder was vivid in my mind. It is a kind of indomitable spirit, who can give up me. At that moment, I felt as if I had merged with nature. Why don't you take Wu Gou, collect the sixteen States of Guanshan, and ask you to go to Lingyan Pavilion temporarily. If you are a scholar, you can do something in a down-to-earth manner, so as not to waste your time in the world. For a whole afternoon, I shut myself in the room, writing down everything I could think of and thinking about what I might have missed. I printed out several pieces of paper. I read them carefully several times to make sure that I had remembered them clearly. Then I breathed a sigh of relief. I dialed Bian Yueru's phone and said neatly, "Sister Yueru, I am Yicheng.". Please call all the department managers together tomorrow morning. I want to hear about the latest work and then discuss the development plan with them. If you can get in touch with General Manager Zheng, please ask him to come over. Never heard me talk to her like that on the phone. Bian Yueru seems to be stunned, half a day to react to come over, also did not ask what reason, directly agreed. Make a decision. My heart is clear. I lay quietly in bed and began to think about what might happen at the meeting tomorrow. [Qingxin Yin] came out quietly, running spontaneously in the body, and the fatigue was swept away. Trying to imitate the power of lightning through heaven and earth, I subconsciously waved to the cup not far away. It was my illusion that the cup seemed to move. Raise your hand again and stop moving. Unwilling to imagine the scene just now. He instilled that idea into his hand again, and sure enough, the cup shook gently twice on the table. Innate True Qi can be sent out of the body!!! Did I finally break through the primary stage mentioned by Aunt Liu He? I didn't believe it. I looked down at my palm. There was no difference. I want to try it a little further. "Boss, come out quickly, come back early and don't know how to prepare dinner.". What kind of corpse is it? Yuping shouted and pushed the door with Cao Yu. Class is over. How did time pass so quickly this time. Immersed in the unexpected harvest, I rarely ignored Yuping's joke: "Go out to eat, the old man has not been treated well for such a long time, I am really sorry." I also behave myself at mealtime and seldom joke. The eldest brother. What's wrong with you today? Aren't you fine at noon? Have you been stimulated by something? Yuping's mouth is always idle. I smiled faintly: "Nothing." Only when Cao Bo seemed to feel something. Slightly nodded aside: "Yicheng looks really grown up." The old man sometimes looks like a fortune teller. Back to the apartment, Cao Yu was in a good mood today. Seeing that I didn't talk much all the time, he looked deep and touched my head with concern: "Brother Yu, what's wrong with you?". You're not going to get sick. I pushed aside his hand: "Cao Yu, you and Yu Ping think about what we discussed at noon,indoor endless pool, ask for leave tomorrow morning, and go to the company with me." See this young couple one face indissolubles: "Also do not have a thing, explain our plan with the company tomorrow.". Just figure out how to cooperate with me. 。

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