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Maintaining Honglong Guardian needs to consume 100 points of magic per second, Rao is Yan Zhengyang's rich magic can not withstand such consumption, but also magic Dan, Shendan, eventually exhausted magic, but. At the same time when Yan Zhengyang's magic was exhausted, the wind

Maintaining Honglong Guardian needs to consume 100 points of magic per second, Rao is Yan Zhengyang's rich magic can not withstand such consumption, but also magic Dan, Shendan, eventually exhausted magic, but. At the same time when Yan Zhengyang's magic was exhausted, the wind power of the Tornado yuan Su people weakened and compressed into a wind system condensed crystal stone. Picking up the wind condensed spar, the five of them glared at the elf on the ring. Just as Yan Zhengyang was about to speak, he saw the elf waving his hands, and a pale mist floated to the stone tiger under the sculpture, "roar.." When the pale mist touched the stone tiger, the two stone tigers suddenly became alive, roaring again and again, hissing and biting Yan Zhengyang, Wolf Soul and others. Lv18 Quasi-BOSS-Spirit Summons Whirlwind Stone Tiger! The prophecy of an octopus has come true. The corners of the mouth twitch, Yan Zhengyang is helpless, this is not over, but also two quasi-BOSS. "" With a sound, Yan Zhengyang cut the whirlwind stone tiger with a sword, a little unexpected, but more unexpected is still behind, see the whirlwind stone tiger to Yan Zhengyang void a grasp, a whirlwind suddenly appeared in front of Yan Zhengyang, whoosh, Yan Zhengyang was blown out by the whirlwind, fell to the wall of the cave, the whole body bone pain is falling apart. This is the first time that Yan Zhengyang has been blown into the wall by a whirlwind today. Continue the painful battle,endless pool swim spa, whirlwind stone tiger's whirlwind claw is really invincible thunderbolt, catch who who flies, there are cannonball type, also have spin type, especially to the wolf soul, that is, the ghost calls cannonball plus spin type, the wolf soul often flies out, Yan Zhengyang, Shen Yan several people laugh to the corners of the mouth are smoking up. Roar. Feeling about to finish the two whirlwind stone tigers,endless swimming pool, the two stone tigers suddenly roared, several people felt the shadow of the tiger dangling in front of them, one changed into two, two changed into four! Gollum.. The wolf soul looked painfully at the elves on the magic wind ring, immortals, ah, do not play like this. Although there were four, the amount of blood did not increase, and the already small amount of blood was divided equally. Just let Yan Zhengyang, Wolf Soul and other people fly a little more, finally in a whirl, Yan Zhengyang, Wolf Soul finally cut the four whirlwind stone tigers into rubble, rubble, respectively, hidden a wind system condensation spar, Yan Zhengyang collected one by one. Breathing heavily, Yan Zhengyang, hot tub spa manufacturers ,Whirlpool bathtub, Wolf Soul glared at the elves, this is to put them these people, there are purple wind and tide hunters to support, put ordinary players, let this little guy play to death! Seeing that Yan Zhengyang and the others had killed four whirlwind stone tigers, the elf was so angry that his little mouth pouted so high. Finally, with a light hum, his body flashed and he got into the magic wind ring under his body. Ding. Congratulations to the Purple Wind Team, who passed the trial of the Magic Wind Ring-Wind Spirit, and found the Magic Wind Ring, the middle finger ring of the Chaos Demon God! Just when everyone was wondering what tricks the little guy was going to do, the task completion system prompted several people to ring. (To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please log in, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading!) Chapter 63: The Water Demon of the River Chapter 63: The Water Demon of the River I heard that this is another battle in the river. (-) Kumos and Luoluosi are very excited, fighting with the water monster, which can bring back their memories of their life in the dark city of North Sea Alcatraz. According to Kumos's exultant description, in the North Sea, ordinary monsters have the strength of the BOSS level monsters they are killing now, so they come out to hunt in groups of three or five. That scene, now I always want to come. You can feel the leak at that time. Roar. A 19-level evil giant wolf roared at Yan Zhengyang from the side. With a wave of Yan Zhengyang's doomsday sword, in the air, the shape of the evil giant wolf turned into experience and flowed into the experience of Yan Zhengyang and Wolf Soul. Then the collecting hand waited in the air, and a plush five-grade evil giant wolf skin fell into Yan Zhengyang's package. Oh, do you remember what is the most powerful sea monster you have ever killed? Yan Zhengyang asked with interest as he walked. Uh With an answer, Kumos looked at Luoluosi. "When it comes to the most powerful sea monster we have ever killed, nothing else, the tidal clan of our generation will definitely give you the same answer, that is, the sea palace guard of the Naga Sea Clan-Yusra.". At the beginning, in order to kill Yusra, almost all the people of the Demon Island clan were used, and the battle was comparable to the attack on Alcatraz Island by the Demon King of the Dark City. To this day, Kumos has been able to stop gnashing his teeth when it comes to the Dark City Demon King's attack on Alcatraz. Nagahai? Sea Palace Guard-Yusra? How powerful is this fish? How did you fight with it? Curious to listen, the wolf soul asked. The Naga Sea Clan is a deep-sea race in the North Sea, living far away from the vast depths of the North Sea, and our Alcatraz tidal hunters have never interfered with each other. As for the battle, it happened suddenly, and we don't know the specific reason. The fish came up from the deep sea and came to Alcatraz to kill wantonly. But in the end, It was still killed by us. As for its severity, I can only tell you that my attack on it at that time could only reach hundreds. A slight frown. Kumos recalled to Wolf Soul. Kumos's words, listen to Yan Zhengyang, Wolf Soul and others are not without discoloration, Kumos's attack on the fish is only a few hundred, and the implication is that the other side is just a strange, it led to the resistance of the tide clan, that. It's really scary. Want to know, Yan Zhengyang only rely on three tide hunters, can kill thousands of Protoss players, that strength is how intrepid, compared to the strength of the fish, it is even more strong without margin. Dare not think, dare not think, or return to the present reality, thinking, Yan Zhengyang several people began to concentrate on attacking the evil monster in front of them, but while fighting,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, several people's thoughts have drifted to the distant North Sea, began to yearn for the battle with the Naga clan, until that time. That must have what kind of level and wear what kind of equipment ah.

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