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The jackal's words were like a dagger, stabbing Meng Jiangnu in the heart, so painful that she had nowhere to hide! The tragic situation of Meng Fu came to her mind. For a moment, she was so angry that she grabbed the stool she had just sat on and smashed it into the jackal. She scol

The jackal's words were like a dagger, stabbing Meng Jiangnu in the heart, so painful that she had nowhere to hide! The tragic situation of Meng Fu came to her mind. For a moment, she was so angry that she grabbed the stool she had just sat on and smashed it into the jackal. She scolded, "You bastards, devils!"! That's more than a hundred lives, and you can kill them if you say so! You inhuman animals, I will kill you today to avenge my parents! "Goddess spare me, Goddess spare me!" "The jackal covered his head and begged for mercy." Spare my life? Did you ever think of letting the people of Meng Fu go? The more Meng Jiangnu said, the more angry she became. Her eyes turned red. She reached out and pulled out the sword from Fan Liang's waist and stabbed the jackal straight at him. Violet. Before Fan Liang could stop him, he heard the jackal scream, and the sword pierced the jackal's heart impartially. Meng Jiangnu was awakened by his screams. She looked at the jackal who had collapsed on the ground. Her face changed. She suddenly scattered the hilt of the sword in her hand and screamed in fear. At the same time, her legs were soft and she fell to the ground. Violet, "Meng Yi caught her and turned to get into the carriage.". Fan Liang put the secret letter properly, and then went after Meng Yi. Holding Meng Jiangnu into the car and sitting down, Meng Yi thought about it, then turned around and ordered the men to say, "Drag this man to bury him, and visit him. If there are really old and young people in his family, leave some silver for his family, and then leave after everything is done." "Yes!"! His subordinates respectfully sent the goddess, the minister and the general. ——————- Meng Yi and Fan Liang rode on horses, one left and one right, and galloped toward Qufu. In the carriage, Meng Jiangnu leaned on the back of the car, her eyes closed and her face full of fatigue. But her heart was full of twists and turns, like a pot of boiling water, rolling up and down. This is indeed a secret letter from the king of Qin, the reason for the letter is that he can not let the king of Qi get himself,Walking measuring wheel, he is afraid that it will hinder his great cause of unification! However, he did not let Hou Sheng kill the whole family of Meng Fu, and the killing of Meng Fu was all done by Hou Sheng in order to please the King of Qin. Knowing this, Meng Jiangnu felt a little better. Violet. Meng Yi shouted softly at the side of the car. Meng Jiangnu answered lazily: "Yes." "Do you understand now that the king has not decreed to harm your family?" Meng Yi said softly. Uh Meng Jiangnu hesitated for a moment and said in a cold voice, "Although he didn't send someone to kill Meng Fu, if he didn't issue the secret letter, Meng Fu wouldn't have had such a tragedy at all, so he was the initiator!" Meng Yi and Fan Liang, who were outside the car, could not help but look at each other with a wry smile. After a while, Fan Liang said, "Violet, have you forgotten who was chasing us when we arrived in Laiwu?" "Who is it?" Meng Jiangnu asked lazily. Fan Liang said, "The soldiers who were chasing us were all sent by King Jian of Qi. Even if the King of Qin hadn't issued this secret edict, the Meng Mansion would have been doomed to this disaster. It's just a matter of time." "Have such a disaster?!" As soon as Meng Jiangnu's heart moved, Horse weight lbs ,cattle weight tape, she suddenly remembered that when she was in the Western Hills, she talked about the genocide of Meng Fu. Guiguzi's face was not alarmed, but he said, 'The number of doom, the number of doom they hit'! Later, let them reincarnate to the Laner family, it seems that all this has its own destiny! Thinking of this, her heart was a little relieved. In Qufu, Yifeng saw his mother and made out with her. Meng Jiangnu's mood also improved a lot. When the cloud learned what had happened, he couldn't help sighing. Remembering the kindness of Lady Meng and Master Meng, he lost his life in a muddle, so he couldn't help feeling sad. Meng Jiangnu looked at her sadly and wanted to tell her about the reincarnation of Meng and his wife, but she was afraid that she would frighten Laner after telling her. So he hesitated to speak. Seeing that Meng Jiangnu was in a good mood, Fan Liang joked, "Yun'er, your young lady got good news today. You should be happy." Yes, that's what the young master said. "The cloud grasped Meng Jiangnu's hand and said with a tearful smile," Miss, today not only clarified the misunderstanding between you and the king, but also avenged the master and his wife. There will be no trouble in the future. Miss, we must live happily in the future. " Fan Liang clasped his hands and said, "Yes, yes!"! The cloud is right. We will be happy every day in the future. "Mmm!"! You can rest assured that I will have a good life with Yifeng. Meng Jiangnu nodded firmly. Meng Yi, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, "Violet, now that the misunderstanding between you and the king has been clarified, aren't you going back?" Volume 3, Volume 6, Chapter 162, Entering Taoyuan Country Volume 6 Chapter 162 Entering Taoyuan Country Meng Jiangnu hesitated for a moment, then looked up at Meng Yi and said, "Now that I've come out, naturally I won't go back." "But.." Meng Yi, don't try to shake my determination. I'm fine the way I am. Meng Jiangnu shook her head and interrupted Meng Yi's words. Meng Yi looked at her and said, "Well, let's not mention it.". By the way, Violet, do you know what happened to the king when he was a child? Meng Jiangnu is stupefied, do not know Meng Yi to mention this matter is what meaning? Meng Yi looked at Meng Jiangnu and Fan Liang and said, "I don't know if there is any record of Wang Shang's childhood in your history.". But the king was not in the palace when he was a child. Meng Jiangnu and Fan Liang looked at each other, and they naturally knew that the King of Qin had grown up in Zhao when he was a child. But neither of them spoke, just listening to Meng Yi go on. Meng Yi looked at them and then said, "Wang..". When I was a child, I lived with the late king and the queen mother in the state of Zhao. When the late king was there, people were more polite to their mother and son. But later, the late king returned to the state of Qin,Fiberglass tape measure, leaving only their mother and son in the state of Zhao. Those Zhao people did their best to make the king suffer a lot, and also suffered the eyes of others. It was not until the late king ascended the throne and took them back to the state of Qin that the king's life became better. Meng Yi, why did you suddenly bring this up. Love ?” Meng Jiangnu frowned and was puzzled by Meng Yi's sudden mention of the King of Qin.

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