Fourth Master was tricked by Fujin again.

I don't know if it's a psychological effect, but Ruoyin feels much more comfortable. Mammy Liu and Qiao Feng came forward to wait on Ruoyin to change clothes. After putting on his clothes, the doctor was still sitting outside waiting. When he saw that Ruoyin had come out, he ha

I don't know if it's a psychological effect, but Ruoyin feels much more comfortable. Mammy Liu and Qiao Feng came forward to wait on Ruoyin to change clothes. After putting on his clothes, the doctor was still sitting outside waiting. When he saw that Ruoyin had come out, he handed Ruoyin a prescription: "This is my prescription. It is very useful for your present situation. You can only take it for seven days." "Good." Ruoyin took the prescription and gave it to Jueluo. Jueluo knew that it was not convenient for Ruoyin to fill the medicine after he went back. He asked the slave around him to hurry to fill the medicine. In the afternoon, after having lunch at her parents' home, Ruoyin returned home in a carriage. Before leaving, she thanked the government doctor again and again, and let people reward the government doctor with silver. As for the medicinal materials, they were mixed in the snacks that Jueluoshi brought to her. Back in the mansion, Ruoyin asked Mammy Liu to hide the medicinal herbs in the slaves' rooms. And let Qiaofeng pretend to be ill. Mammy Liu was able to boil the medicine openly in the yard. To be on the safe side, Ruoyin and other slaves in the yard had a rest. Only then did he and Mammy Liu and Qiao Feng boil the medicine and drink it. This kind of thing, but must not let the fourth Master know, otherwise the reason is not clear. And she had an idea in her mind. Since the other side wanted to harm her, she played the trick and turned the other side into an army. Even if you bleed, you have to pull someone on your back! The next morning, Ruoyin got up and gave Mammy Liu and Qiaofeng the task of catching the mole. Chapter 300 of the main text how long is not enough to sleep? That man must be in our yard. So you two, watch your every move in the yard,Adhesive fish ruler, and if you see anyone suspicious, let me know, but don't frighten me. Ruoyin ordered lightly. Although the master rest assured, the slave was blind before, unexpectedly did not find. Now that it's happened, the slave has to keep his eyes open and catch the one who eats inside and outside! Mammy Liu vowed. Qiao Feng also had red eyes and nodded. All right,Wheel tape measure, there's no writing on the bad guy's face. You don't have to blame yourself. Go out and work quickly. This matter can't be delayed. It must be found out within three days. Ruoyin waved his hand and sent them away. After Mammy Liu answered, she went out with Qiao Feng. On this day, Mammy Liu and Qiaofeng hardly did any other work. I just want to catch the mole as soon as possible. Two pairs of eyes, even if they were working, looked at the slaves in the yard from time to time. Finally, heaven pays off. When it was dark, they found the sneaky Xiaoqing. After looking at Qiaofeng, Mammy Liu followed Xiaoqing. Walking along, I found that Xiaoqing actually walked to Guo Gege's yard. After a while, the slave beside Guo whispered to Xiaoqing and gave him a gold bracelet. And Mammy Liu could see the gold bracelet clearly. It was the bracelet sent by Ruoyin when Guo Gege went to bed for the first time. After Xiaoqing received the bracelet, she turned around and walked back. Mammy Liu and Qiao Feng found a place to hide. Then they followed Xiaoqing secretly and returned to the main courtyard. Master, the slave found that Xiaoqing had a relationship with Guo Gege today. Guo Gege also gave Xiaoqing a gold bracelet, Fish measuring board ,Surveyors tape measure, which was the style you had given to Guo Gege. Said Mammy Liu. Ruoyin was startled and asked in surprise, "Are you sure?" She was most suspicious of Niu Cobalt Lu Shi, but did not expect that it was Guo Shi. But don't De Fei want to see Guo Shi? And Guo Shi did not have the waist card of the imperial concubine, how to sneak into the palace to lodge a complaint? "It's absolutely true. I saw it with Mammy Liu." Qiao Feng said with certainty. Is there anyone else suspicious? Ruoyin asked. Mammy Liu shook her head and replied, "No, the others are all honest. This little green is sneaking around and hooking up with Guo Gege. It must be her." "In that case, I'll have a flower feast tomorrow. You two take advantage of this time to take Qiaolan with you and go to Guo's yard to have a good search and see if you can find the water without children." "Okay, but how do you know if it's seedless water? After all, it's colorless and tasteless, and even a silver needle can't test it out." Qiao Feng asked anxiously. Yesterday, the doctor said, drop a little on the rice paper, the rice paper will be black, that is, no water. "Ruoyin told them what the doctor had taught her." Master, what if there is someone in Guo Gege's yard? Qiao Feng asked again. Ruoyin didn't have time to answer Qiaofeng's words. Mammy Liu knocked Qiaofeng on the head and said, "You're silly. I didn't see that every time Guo Gege came out, she imitated Li Fujin and paid attention to ostentation and extravagance. But she's just a Gege. There's an old Mammy, a servant girl, and a little eunuch under her. Usually she comes to the main courtyard to pay her respects. All three slaves must follow her. There's no one in the house!" "Yes, Mammy Liu can see it clearly, and that's what I think." Said Ruoyin, smiling at Qiaofeng, "It seems that you have to learn from Mammy Liu when you have nothing to do." "What the master said was that the slave would learn from Mammy Liu in the future." Qiao Feng answered. Embarrassed by the praise, Mammy Liu changed the subject and said, "Master, all the slaves in our courtyard have had a rest. Will the slaves boil the medicine for you?" "Well, go." Ruoyin opened her arms lazily and took a rest after drinking the medicine. Seeing this, Mammy Liu went to boil the medicine. Qiaofeng waited on her to change into a loose red coat of Begonia. After a wick of incense, Mammy Liu boiled the medicine and brought it to Ruoyin. Ruoyin blew a few mouthfuls gently, then held his breath and dried the black and brown juice. Then she handed the bowl to Qiaofeng and said, "Well, you can go to rest, too." As soon as the voice fell, there was a dark blue corner of the robe at the door. The next second, the man came into the room with several slaves. When Ruoyin caught a glimpse of the corner of the robe, she was shocked for a second and then pinched a sour preserve from the dish on the table. Holding the teacup in front of him, he took a sip of rose tea. It's good to get rid of the bitter taste and medicinal taste in your mouth. Then she glanced at Mammy Liu and Qiao Feng and motioned them to step back. Fortunately, Mammy Liu and Qiaofeng followed Ruoyin,tape measure clip, and they were also frightened. For the fourth Master, this kind of cold-faced Baylor. The heart is afraid, but the good psychological quality makes them look very dull.

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