To be a widower in the sixties.

Buy a book? What kind of book do you want to buy? Why do you need so much money? Is this one for everyone in the preparation unit? "Sister Cui went through the formalities and did not forget to ask questions."

Buy a book? What kind of book do you want to buy? Why do you need so much money? Is this one for everyone in the preparation unit? "Sister Cui went through the formalities and did not forget to ask questions." The director is also ready to grasp everyone's thoughts, let everyone learn, strive for more progress, the first step is to let everyone learn, there is progress in learning. Chang Ning looks at the time, today is in time, go to the bookstore first, there is the best book, no book, also have to settle down first. Sister Cui, I'll go to the bookstore. Get the money and pack it. Chang Ning, hurry up. All right, you go quickly. Now, Cui Jie doesn't have to go to the bookstore any more. It's better to have a unit to send it. Xiao Chang, come here, come here, and tell us how the director thought that each of us should have a book to study, but also to write a thought report, how to write this, you talk to us well! To the bookstore, there may be no other books on the bookstore side, but how many textbooks Chang Ning wants to learn ideas, which also proves Chang Ning's judgment once again that this trend has become inevitable. After paying the money that day, Chang Ning took the book back to the unit that day, and before leaving work, all of them were sent to every employee in the department store, from the director to the new person who had just taken charge of cleaning. The director at the top, understand, come down, Cui Jie also understand, the bottom is originally relying on the word "thought" to come in the new people also understand, the most do not understand is the old workers in the unit, get the book, called Chang Ning, we do not understand, you tell us clearly. Comrades, I am going to talk to you in detail. The director said that,304 Stainless Steel Coil, as you can see, the organization has recently paid more and more attention to the issue of ideological learning. Therefore, as a member of the working people, we naturally can not lag behind and drag down our unit. Therefore, we ask everyone to actively learn and strive for more progress. People who can work in department stores are not simple at home, nor are they simple personally. Chang Ning mentioned this, without saying much, everyone will understand. How to write the report? Sure enough, no one objected and complained. We not only saw it in the unit, but also heard about it more or less when we went home. Now the unit is doing this, and we don't have many surprises. It is best to write down your own understanding of ideological learning. Of course, everyone's ideological awareness is very high. We have always been the most serious workers serving the people. Therefore, simply copying our thoughts is also a manifestation of our hard study. We must copy it ourselves. Chang Ning believes in the consciousness of the old comrades, but just in case, say one more word. Chang Ning himself has been copying from the beginning of his study. A good memory is not as good as a bad pen. If he copies several times, he will be more impressed. He is ready to stick to this method. He has a premonition that the more familiar he is with the study of ideas, the better. It is better to be so familiar that he can recite it backwards. It is absolutely not wrong. All right, then let's study hard. Let Chang Ning say that he is not against it, but he just wants to ask more specifically. The result of doing so, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,stainless steel welded pipe, has just begun, has been initially revealed. First of all, the new yuan Weiming and Zhang Bing have no reason to go beyond the ranks to lodge a complaint. Secondly, the deeds of the whole staff of the unit have been reported, but Director Meng has been more appreciated. Yes, Comrade Meng Peigang has ideas and consciousness, which also makes Director Meng begin to find some ways to make good use of ideas. The unit has launched an all-staff learning campaign, and at home, Chang Ning is more aware of the need for children to pay attention to it. The author has something to say: Today is Father's Day, we all say two words to Dad, Dad, hard work, Dad, I love you! Chapter 95 dissing people. "Big girl, waiter, how are you doing at school recently?" On Sunday, according to the agreement, no one went out, adults, children, all obediently at home. Before explaining to the children, Chang Ning also wanted to know about the situation in the school and whether this kind of atmosphere had blown to the school. Dad, we're all fine. "Big girl didn't understand the meaning of Chang Ning's words. She thought she was asking her about her study with the second grade. It was really good. She studied hard at school. When she came back, besides doing her homework carefully, she had to tell the younger brothers and sisters again. It was equal to reviewing. They had no problem at all in their study." That's good. Even if you think it's easy to learn, don't take it lightly. It's still a few words. Learning is like building a house. Only when you lay a solid foundation, can you build a tall building in the back. Now you have a solid foundation of knowledge, so that you can keep up with the learning in the back. Otherwise, once you miss that section, the more you go to the back, the more you will be enlarged. It is entirely possible that it will have a growing impact on your learning and even make your learning stagnate. Big girl, Chang Ning can also rest assured, small two here, Chang Ning is not dare to relax, simply, every day to check the learning situation of the two children again, tightly staring at their learning feet, a little opportunistic opportunity is not given. As a university graduate, Chang Ning knows too much about learning and must not be self-righteous. Otherwise, your cleverness is just fooling knowledge now, and knowledge will fool you in the future. Dad, we all study very hard. At this point, the big girl can guarantee, including the second child, did not dare to study carelessly. Okay, we're going to keep it up, and by the way, what Dad wants to ask you is, has the school asked you to learn anything new recently? After asking about the study, Chang Ning did not forget the main purpose of today. New "Big girl and small 2 think carefully, next, shake one's head seriously, do not have." Is there a new teacher in the school? A single point, Chang Ning now can not put down the heart, think of the department store one after another to the best, Chang Ning put his attention on the new teacher. Yes, the teacher who teaches us to sing is a new comer. Should be really like the children, the big girl mentioned, the tone is unable to hide the joy. Also,brushed stainless steel sheet, the sports teacher is also new, can be awesome! This time it was the second grade, and the same teacher was very popular with the children.

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