Princess rebirth

After a while, seeing that the Dragon Boat Festival was coming, good news came from the Hua family that Pei Yuhua was happy. Pei Yujiao was a little surprised. In her impression, Pei Yuhua was greedy for fun and never had a child at first. Later, she divorced Hua Ziyang and got married aga

After a while, seeing that the Dragon Boat Festival was coming, good news came from the Hua family that Pei Yuhua was happy. Pei Yujiao was a little surprised. In her impression, Pei Yuhua was greedy for fun and never had a child at first. Later, she divorced Hua Ziyang and got married again after about half a year. She died without seeing them give birth to a child. Who would have thought that in this life, Pei Yu-hua was pregnant with a child, that is really a big surprise ah, she was very happy, busy about Pei Yu-ying to go to Hua's house to see her. Pei Yujiao was the first to arrive. When she got to the inner room, she saw Pei Yuhua leaning on the beauty's couch, dressed loosely all over. She didn't have the energy to dress up carefully. She opened her eyes wide and said, "Did you just fall asleep?" Pei Yuhua curled her lips and said, "Why did you get up? I got up early in the morning, but now I have children to dress up. Anyway, they are all going to be fat and ugly!" It sounded a little resentful. Pei Yujiao and Xi'er said, "Look, your third aunt is angry. She can't remember anything after she was born. She just spoils the child, just like me." "No, it won't." Pei Yuhua said that two hands had been stretched out to embrace Xi'er. "Good, Third Aunt," cried Xi'er in a milky voice. "Oh, I speak fluently." Pei Yu painted his little nose, but she sighed in her heart. To tell the truth,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, she didn't want to give birth so soon, but her mother-in-law urged her. At that time, she went to the palace of the Prince of Chu to find Pei Yujiao to complain. When she saw her lovely niece, she had a bit of conation. She went home and talked to Hua Ziyang. She finally wavered. It was coaxing her tongue to burst into lotus flowers. Somehow, she agreed. Later did not eat avoid son soup, he seems to like children, Dunlun up particularly hard, she was going to begin to regret,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, did not expect to have! Mrs. Hua was so happy that she sent two nuns to wait on her. She felt like she was in prison, and she was more and more unhappy. Fortunately, the two sisters came to see her today, and they were in a better mood. "If you can give birth to someone like Xi'er, you'll be smart." Pei Yuhua rubbed his snow-white, round face and grinned, "If I were like my husband, I would strangle him." Just to vent his anger, how could his own child be strangled? Pei Yujiao burst out laughing: "The third brother-in-law treats you so well, but you still say so!" "He only knows how to have children, and he doesn't care about me." Pei Yuhua wronged way, "know I raise the fetus, but also go to the Academy every day, do not know to accompany me, I will suffocate to death." Outside, Pei Yuying came with Ah Yan. "If my brother-in-law doesn't read, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire," she joked at the door, "you'll say you don't know how to make progress, won't you?" When a woman loses her temper, it is unreasonable. She is rational, but when she is pregnant with a child, hasn't she been entangled with Xu Han? Once in order to eat an orange, he asked her to eat a little less, she actually said that Xu Han was not willing to spend money to buy him an orange, but also cried once. Fortunately, the man was tolerant and didn't say anything. Now that the third sister was self-willed, her brother-in-law must have had a hard time. Seeing a small figure at the door, dressed in a small bamboo robe with two white cranes embroidered on it, Xi'er's eyes lit up and she shook her little hand and said, "Brother, brother!" Although the little guys did not meet, Pei Yujiao talked to him and mentioned his second and third aunts and brothers every other day, which left a deep impression on his head. When he saw a small person like himself, he was particularly kind and shouted. The child's tender voice was so different that Ayan heard it in an instant and looked up. Pei Yu-ying said with a smile, "That's your cousin Xi'er. Do you remember?" Xi'er wore an aqua blue robe with a big gourd embroidered on it. Ah Yan nodded: "Gourd, brother, gourd." He ran up to Pei Yu's picture, stretched out his little hand and handed him a candy: "Gourd, here!" Xi'er waved her hand. "I'm full, I'm full." The crowd laughed. ? Chapter 138 ? The two little guys soon got together. Speak words that no one can understand, but you can also be in full swing. This one croaked twice, that one babbled back, and the little hands and feet were still moving, which stunned the three Pei Yujiao sisters. "Don't you really understand each other?" Pei Yuhua was very surprised. "I don't know," said Pei Yu-ying. "Children are different from us adults. I don't know if I can understand." "Whether you understand it or not, just let them play together." Pei Yujiao took Pei Yuying by the hand, "I heard Wang Ye say that when my brother-in-law came out of the Imperial Academy, he was also going to stay in Kyoto, not outside." Then she proudly talked about her vegetable plot. "Are the ones I planted delicious?"? The backyard is big, only to find that you can't finish it at all. If you want it, I often send some over. "Why, come and show off how big the palace is." Pei Yuhua curled her lips, "but it's quite fresh, and it's planted by the princess herself. How can others enjoy it?"? I'll take it. Remembering one thing, he ordered the maid to fetch some Rouge and gouache. "I was going to send it to you, but it happened to be here.". This is from the south of the Yangtze River. The powder is delicate and natural. You can't see it when you rub it on your face. Even the elder sister may not have it. It's also the exclusive business of my grandfather's family that can get it first. The woman liked these things so much that they took them and thanked each other. Pei Yuhua looked at them with a smile, after all, Pei Yujiao often sent things, if she did not take a thing to reciprocate, she felt that she owed something, so it was even. The three of them talked for a while, and before they knew it, it was noon. Pei Yuhua asked them to have a meal. As soon as the beaded curtain was picked, a young man in a lotus blue robe walked in quickly. He was quite surprised to see the two elder sisters. He quickly stopped and saluted. His handsome face was full of smiles: "So the elder sister, the second elder sister came. I was abrupt, but I didn't know it.". But this is good. My wife has been depressed since she was happy. Please untie the two sisters. I will thank you again. Pei Yuhua was dumbfounded by him. He was always sweet and straightforward,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and Pei Yu-ying chuckled and said, "Even if you don't thank me, can we not persuade him?" 。

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