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Liu Ruxi nodded and said, "I understand. After he left, I gradually understood.". In the past, I was too arrogant, too selfish, too vain, so I tried to live together. I abandoned everything and traveled thousands of miles to find him. "It's too late, too late,"

Liu Ruxi nodded and said, "I understand. After he left, I gradually understood.". In the past, I was too arrogant, too selfish, too vain, so I tried to live together. I abandoned everything and traveled thousands of miles to find him. "It's too late, too late," said You Mei-niang. "Although you've changed your name, it's a pity that you can't change your identity. Don't forget that you're already the young grandmother of the Qi family." "I didn't marry Qi Baihe," Liu Ruxi cried. You Mei-niang said, "In Mr. Lin's mind, you're already a member of the Qi family. That's why he won't see you again." Liu Ruxi's expression changed and he said, "Is that what he meant by hiding in the water to save me?" "No, that's what we mean," said Yu Mei-niang. "Mr. Lin hasn't come at all tonight. He thinks you can't have a conflict with others." "Why?" Asked Liu Ruxi. You Liniang said, "In the name of the Four Seas Drifting Bureau, he made an appointment to fight with you all over Jinling Wulin Road in order to stop you from fighting. He thought you would remember the commandments of Qingcheng and not show your origin easily. Who knows you still insist on having your own way? Do you know how much trouble you will cause?" Liu Ruxi said coldly, "I have said that I don't care about anything." "You don't care,Magnesium Oxide powder," said Yu Li-niang. "But Mr. Lin does. He's not for you, but for your father. He's been brought up by your father, and he can't bear to see him burdened by you. So I advise you to go back." Liu Ruxi said angrily, "I will never go back unless Lin Fo Jian.." "It's impossible, Miss Liu," said Yu Mei-niang. "You haven't changed. If you want to get a man, you can't use threats to get him. Remember your identity. You are not only the daughter of the Liu family,Magnesium Sulphate price, but also the daughter-in-law of the Qi family. You are burdened with the reputation of the two great families in Qingcheng. Don't do anything stupid." Liu Ruxi's face was pale with anger. He gritted his teeth and said, "Lin Fo Jian dares to be so cruel to me. I will never forgive him. I know what he is thinking. I will make him regret for the rest of his life. I can do what I say." You Li-niang sneered, "Miss Liu, Mr. Lin knows what you're thinking. He wants us to tell you that you're wrong to go to the Sihai Escort Agency." "Am I wrong?" Liu Ruxi sneered? If I'm wrong, why does he care so much about them? Why is he afraid that I will make trouble for them? You Liniang said, "He's doing it for other reasons. It's not what you think." "Who are you to him?" Said Liu Ruxi angrily? How dare you speak on his behalf? Have you been told all about him? "Yes," said Yu Li-niang, "Mr. Lin has told me everything. But don't worry, we will never be the object of your jealousy." "I don't think you deserve it either," said Liu Ruxi. You Mei-niang said lightly, "Mr. Lin is our friend. He has vowed never to marry. So you really have no reason to pester him any more." Liu Ruxi said with a sneer, "Since he will never marry, what are you doing with him?"? Don't lie any more about this kind of self-deception. You Liniang said contemptuously, "Miss Liu, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, although your appearance is beautiful and your manners are elegant, how can you think so vulgar?"? Do men and women have to get married to be together? Liu Ruxi suddenly smiled and said, 'What if he changes his mind one day and wants to marry a wife again? What will you do with yourselves? "It's quite possible," said You Liniang. "He's a single descendant. He can't be single forever in the name of unfilial piety. But it doesn't interfere with our friendship. Friends are always friends." Liu Ruxi said with a smile, "Look at your situation. You're not just friends. You walk together, sit down and snuggle up to each other. You're simply bored friends." You Mei-niang said with a smile, "We don't deny it. As long as there is no desire in the heart, what does it matter if the naked journey is opposite?"? To be clear, we love each other, and we don't care about other people's opinions. "Don't you want to be his wife?" Asked Liu Ruxi. "No," said Yu Mei-niang. "We don't have such an extravagant hope. It's enough to have a friend like this. If he intends to marry us, we will naturally be very happy. But we will never have any hope for it, nor will we take it to heart because he married someone else. ” Liu Ruxi was quite surprised and said, "Will you never get married?" You Liniang was a little sad and said, "Yes, there is no man in the world who is better than him. At least in our hearts, we think he is worthy of our whole life. We are all willing to be a maidservant and a concubine." Liu Ruxi asked again, "If he didn't marry you, and the person he married couldn't tolerate you, wouldn't you be wronged?" You Liniang said with a smile, "At that time, we will leave him ourselves. We will guard him, not at his request, but out of our own will." "Why are you so cheap?" Said Liu Ruxi angrily. "That's your opinion," said You Meiniang and Zhuang Rong. "As long as Mr. Lin doesn't think we are cheap, it's enough. Miss Liu, if you really understand the preciousness of feelings, you shouldn't say such things. When we love someone, what we regret in our hearts is not that we get too little but that we are afraid of giving too little." Liu Ruxi was silent for a long time. Finally, he was quite moved and said, "Thank you for your inspiration. I have learned a lot. Compared with you, I am too shallow. In the past, I only wanted to get, but never thought of giving. I knew how to take, but not give." You Mei-niang said with a smile, "That's not true. Miss Liu has already sacrificed a lot when she ran away from home this time. It's just that Miss Liu is haggling over every ounce to take back what she has paid that makes it seem that these sacrifices have a purpose and thus reduce its value." "You are more blessed than I am," said Liu Ruxi. "At least there is someone to accept your efforts. There is no one to accept my efforts." You Liniang said, "When the rain falls on the ground, the flowers and plants grow. But the rain doesn't fall to moisten the flowers and plants. When you give, you don't have to have someone to accept it. You love what you love, not because you love what you love." "What should I do now?" Asked Liu Ruxi. You Li-niang said, "Mr. Lin wants you to go back, so you should go back." Liu Ruxi said,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, "When I went back, I became the daughter-in-law of the Qi family. Isn't it farther away from him?"? I've sacrificed so much, hasn't it become meaningless? 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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