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[Question 55 (multiple choice question): The Book of Mountains and Seas has been recognized as a wonderful book since its completion. There are more than 450 gods recorded in the book, all of which are grotesque and powerful. It records more than 40 countries, 550 mountains, 300 waterways

[Question 55 (multiple choice question): The Book of Mountains and Seas has been recognized as a wonderful book since its completion. There are more than 450 gods recorded in the book, all of which are grotesque and powerful. It records more than 40 countries, 550 mountains, 300 waterways and more than 100 historical figures. It is the most preserved work of ancient myths in existence and can be called the treasure house of ancient Chinese myths. The Classic of Mountains and Seas is divided into two parts, the Classic of Mountains and the Classic of Seas. The following options are recorded in the Classic of Mountains? A. Kuafu B. Fox with nine tails C. By the stream D. Mermaid E. Xiang Liu] If this question is a single-choice question, it is really difficult to do, after all, there are so many strange beasts and gods recorded in the Book of Mountains and Seas, it is not easy to remember which one comes from the Book of Mountains or the Book of Seas! A man who can do well in the exam. The time limit for answering this question is ten minutes, which is far enough for Gu Yuhuan to pick out all the correct options: the nine-tailed fox is from the Nanshan Sutra, the streamside is from the Xishan Sutra, and the mermaid is from the Beishan Sutra. The most confusing one is the mermaid. Because of the ubiquitous appearance of mermaids in various writings, it is assumed that they live in the sea. Options A and E are wrong and can be excluded. The question is which one Gu Yuhuan answers, but for all multiple choice questions, the triggered copy is closely related to the player's options. If the choice is good and the options are related to the main line of the copy, it will save time. If the choice is not good, it will increase the danger for no reason, and it is easy to take detours. Gu Yuhuan finally chose option B, that is, the nine-tailed fox. [If the answer is correct,Magnesium Oxide MgO, reward a small red flower] [The player triggers a copy of the'mountain and sea adherents'.. The dungeon players are gathering.. Player please wait..] Gu Yuhuan took a look at the side of Ximen Kang, tattoo props did not respond, which proves that the two did not enter the same copy of fate. Ximen Kang also knew this, his face was black, he rubbed the tattoo on his hand mercilessly, and forced himself to smile: "Be careful, see you later!" Gu Yuhuan told him, "Life is the most important thing!"! Life is gone,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, everything is gone. "Good.." The voice did not fall, Ximen Kang disappeared from the eyes, he triggered a copy of the apparent Gu Yuhuan side assembled much faster, has now been assembled, the players one by one into the copy. The panel in front of Gu Yuhuan was still a lonely "1", which took nearly a minute to jump to "2", and then kept a uniform speed to jump to "9". The answer time for this question was about to run out. Gu Yuhuan was counting silently and staring at the wall clock in the living room. When she thought it was a nine-person book, the number on the panel changed to "10" at the last second. [Players have assembled and are opening the copy of'Mountain and Sea Remnants'. Please capture enough evil spirits within the specified time, give them to the mountain God, and leave the copy.] …… When Gu Yuhuan opened her eyes, she found herself in a dense forest. There were ten trees in the open space where she was. There was a person standing under each tree. Her eyes swept over the players standing under the trees one by one. When she swept over one of the players, she froze and smiled. The other side also found her, surprised, even the basic surface of the calm can not be maintained, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Oxide price, it can be seen how the other side does not want to meet her in the copy. Old acquaintance, Feng Chuxian. The player encountered in the copy of Dark Journey to the West has props that are suspected to be able to predict the future, and can also make living people into puppets. In the real world, he is a notorious member of the Holy Spirit Sect and is said to be one of its leaders. At the beginning in the copy inside met, Gu Yuhuan a wooden warehouse made him seriously injured, but just met to complete the task, the players were all sent away from the copy, did not confirm whether he died, as expected is the scourge of a thousand years, that kind of injury, he did not die. The two sides have a deadly feud. Feng Chuxian's eyelids kept jumping, and when he saw the evil star raising his eyebrows to the mouth of the woman standing in the middle, he looked like he meant something. His heart was beating wildly, and he turned his head and ignored her. Ignore her, right?! Gu Yuhuan sneers, there are 10 players in this copy, but now there are 11 people here, which reminds Gu Yuhuan of the Red Sister he met in the copy of Dark Journey to the West, and there is one more player in that copy. At that time, Red Sister was manipulated by Feng Chuxian, looking no different from ordinary people, causing her to tangle with the extra player for a long time, but unexpectedly it was Feng Chuxian's props. The woman standing in the middle raised the corners of her mouth and gave a stiff smile to the crowd. The ghost hunters arrived at Shanhai Village as promised. I am Jia'er, the villager who invited you to come. NPC? Jia'er wore a long skirt up to her ankles, cotton and linen cloth, half new but not old, straw sandals, a pair of silver bracelets, and long hair tied with vines. This dress is quite like a village girl, if it is normal, Gu Yuhuan will never doubt the identity of Jia'er, many copies also have the role of guide, configuration of a Jia'er such NPC is not abrupt, but since she saw Feng Chuxian here, it is impossible not to doubt the identity of Jia'er. Jia'er may also be Feng Chuxian's puppet, and there is a great possibility that this guess is the truth. At the beginning, Red Sister did not look like an ordinary person. Apart from being a little thinner, she was a living person. Who could guess that she was a puppet? Leaving aside the character of Jia'er, who may be an NPC. Of the ten players under the tree, there is one more player worth noting. Gu Yuhuan saw him, about as Feng Chuxian saw himself. The man wore a retro camel suit and a gray bow tie, and his brown curly hair matched his delicate face. In this way, the eye-catching rate of walking on the street before the end is 100%. There are ten players in the dungeon, and he has suffered the most, because he doesn't seem to have come to the dungeon to experience the hardships of life and death,calcium nitrate sol, but to walk in the show. But no one dares to look down on him, so fastidious can still live to the present, is definitely not a good stubble. stargrace-magnesite.com

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