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"Yes." Weedy nodded solemnly. "Father, look, this is you, this is mother, and this is me." Lin Lei couldn't help laughing. Weedy, get off your father. Get off. Said Delia. Oh Weedy released Lin Lei obediently and jumped down, but he slipped and fell, and Delia

"Yes." Weedy nodded solemnly. "Father, look, this is you, this is mother, and this is me." Lin Lei couldn't help laughing. Weedy, get off your father. Get off. Said Delia. Oh Weedy released Lin Lei obediently and jumped down, but he slipped and fell, and Delia couldn't help helping him. Lin Lei smiled and then walked casually on the snow. One step at a time. At this moment, the snow has already stopped, but the snow on the ground is still relatively thick, at first glance, the field of vision is full of silver. Father! Father! From the back came the cry of Weedy. Lin Lei turned to look at the past, but he caught a glimpse of his footprints not far away, where the snow was deeply sunken, but a little green stubbornly emerged from it. At the moment of seeing this green. Listen to your son's voice in the distance. Father! Father! My mind quickly passed through the scenes of these years, from Delia's deep danger, her despair, her escape from despair, and the peaceful but happy life of these years. Boom! A little green light burst out in Lin Lei's mind, and in an instant the green light turned into a green sun,heavy duty rack manufacturers, shining on the whole mind. a href = "" . This chapter was first published by B Book Crawling . Episode 17 Blue Mansion Chapter 56 The Power of Life Updated: March 4, 2009 23:01:26 Words in this chapter: 6758 Delia was accompanying Weedy, but she found Lin Lei standing there motionless, even his eyes closed: "What's wrong with Lin Lei?"? Could it be.. Lin Lei is in a state that Delia will naturally think of. Epiphany, breakthrough! Indeed, at this moment, Lin Lei finally stepped into the abstruse threshold of the power of life. There are two major difficulties in practicing a kind of abstruse, one is entry. One is to break through the bottleneck. Although there will be some frustrations in the middle of the practice. But as long as you work hard,push back racking system, you can overcome it. But to get started and break through the bottleneck, hard work alone is not enough. It takes talent, it takes opportunity, it takes a momentary epiphany. At the very beginning of the epiphany, the speed of the epiphany is amazing, and it is advancing by leaps and bounds. However, after a moment, Lin Lei's progress rate dropped sharply. After all, the epiphany is only to make the entry part thorough, as for the latter, it still needs penance. Lin Lei opened his eyes and saw Delia looking at him in front of him. Breakthrough? Whispered Delia. Lin Lei nodded with a smile: "The power of life is abstruse. I finally got started." Sure enough, this profound understanding is not so simple. I have experienced so much, after the change of mood. Only when you have accumulated a lot can you seize the moment of inspiration and epiphany. Delia couldn't help smiling. Lin Lei, didn't you say that it would be much more difficult to fuse after reaching the realm of the superior God? Delia could not help asking. The law is abstruse, asrs warehouse ,warehouse storage racks, in the process of initial understanding, the difficulty of fusion will be lower, just like a big tree, when it just grows, let it bend, in the long run, and so on. It will naturally become a curved tree. But if the tree has grown up, it will be difficult to make it bend naturally. This fusion is more difficult than an abstruse introduction. Lin Lei shook his head, "otherwise.". For countless years, the God of Dzogchen will not be so rare. "The more we go on, the more difficult it is to integrate." Lin Lei sighed, "Look at me.". Three kinds of abstruse fusion, cost less than a thousand years. But the fourth kind of fusion. It has been more than six hundred years now, but I just let the mysterious power merge with the pulse of the earth. No more progress. No progress at all, is it a waste of time? Looking at the process of other people's cultivation in history, if we want to integrate four kinds of abstruseness, even if we are genius, it is impossible for us not to have ten thousand years. And once I reach the upper God, my strength. Up more than ten times. Lin Lei said confidently, "When the time comes, even in the face of Shura, at least you are sure to save your life." Soul ascension. And reabsorb amethyst. Reach a new height. At the same time, Lin Lei's black stone space used to use the power of the middle earth God, but after reaching the upper God, it used the power of the upper earth God. The power of this black stone space will increase again! The leader of purgatory, Lei Sijing. The space of gravity is to use the power of the superior Earth God. Once Lin Lei reaches the upper God, the effect of soul chaos in the black stone space will be increased by ten times! There will also be a terrible increase in gravity. When the time comes, it will be the Demon of the Seven Stars, and it will be difficult to move freely in the Blackstone space. At that time.. Lin Lei's Blackstone space is not much worse than Lei Sijing, the leader of purgatory. And after reaching the superior God. There is hope to repair the Coiling Dragon Ring. Lin Lei sighed. Although mental power can be repaired, it is the main artifact of soul defense after all. My mental strength is still too weak now, to reach the upper God, and then rely on amethyst, so that the soul reaches a limit of the upper God. Even if it can't be repaired perfectly, it can restore its power. Greed is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant, and the consequences can be imagined. Today, once Lin Lei breaks through to the upper God, his strength is terrible enough. It is better to reach the superior God earlier. Time, like water, flows quietly. Lin Lei practiced quietly and steadily in the Grand Canyon. And Weidi also grew up, reached a hundred years, Weidi also went to the ancestral hall baptism. Lin Lei had to sigh. To become a God is to go through many hardships and break through step by step. After the baptism of the ancestral hall, Weidi became a God directly in the water system. Weedy's strength is still too weak, in hell, the strength of the next God,teardrop pallet racking, simply can not rush. Although Lin Lei wanted Weidi to experience some setbacks, he did not want Weidi to die outside. Widi usually competes with the other lower gods in the Heaven Sacrifice Mountains. More than a hundred years have passed since Folhan was killed. But the top of the family of the four gods and beasts all felt depressed! Because the enemy eight families are getting crazier and crazier, and their elders have lost too much. The residence of the Patriarch Gathraison.

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