The first chaos in history

After a crackling sound, I saw countless children jumping on the top of the wall like fleas in the empty bushes and flower ponds, shouting: "Run, run, run!". Caught by the headmaster and punished to stand. I looked back in astonishment and saw the child on the wall making a fac

After a crackling sound, I saw countless children jumping on the top of the wall like fleas in the empty bushes and flower ponds, shouting: "Run, run, run!". Caught by the headmaster and punished to stand. I looked back in astonishment and saw the child on the wall making a face at me. Also jumped over there to our Yucai regulations, students can go to the old campus. But you can only walk through the wall and not be caught by me. So Is that kid looking like that because he saw me? I breathed a sigh of relief, and it seemed that the students were safe, but soon my heart was hanging up again: Why was there not even a teacher in this huge old campus? Where are Fang Zhenjiang and Lao Wang? Could it be that it did not escape the impact after all. Now that I had alerted the snake, I simply straightened up and walked into the teaching building, but it was still too quiet. No, very strange, usually here is absolutely not so depressed, Wang Yin and Baojin they are shouting two landlords, usually here can hear Tong yuan and Xiuxiu silvery laughter, depressed. Treacherous. Step by step, I moved to the door of the lecture theatre, put my ear on the door and listened for a while. It seemed that someone was saying something calmly, and it seemed to be my illusion. The whole corridor was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere. This is what happened: those uninvited guests from the Sui and Tang Dynasties were led to the lecture theatre of the old campus after they arrived at Yucai, and then it immediately became the second battlefield of the war between the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Li yuanba, the overlord, was the first to launch an attack, and then staged a bloody drama of splitting the living. Yang Linding and Yanping had complaints and revenge. Luo Cheng shouted at his cousin Qin Qiong when he was defeated. And Qin Qiong they just came to stop the place Zhenjiang they caught hands and feet, so Luo Cheng died tragically, Qin Qiong Cheng bite gold in great anger immediately put them as the enemy's ambush, so the two sides scuffle, flower glory and Wang Yin and others can only temporarily stand to the Sui Yangdi side, although made the initiative, but their duties do not allow them to pull hands,heavy duty metal racking, As a result, Yuwen Chengdu faction soon turned against our Yucai teacher. In the extreme chaos, everyone died, including the seven sages of the bamboo forest who were implicated. In the end, only Li yuanba survived, and the dull overlord relapsed. Throw an eraser high on the roof. But as the saying goes, a spent force can't wear a strip, and the poor Leigong cub was the last one to fall in a pool of blood. It must be so! I can only sigh at the newly married couple of Fang Zhenjiang. The new house was decorated immediately, and Xiuxiu, who had no strength to tie the chicken, was still pulling Huarong's sleeve firmly before she died. More pitiful.. Even more pitiful is me, who did I provoke? Thinking of this, I burst into tears and brimmed with anger, with mixed emotions, Automated warehouse systems ,radio shuttle racking, with grief and fear, slowly pushed open the door of the lecture theatre. A room full of people! A room full of people who can breathe! Not only would he gasp for breath, but Fang Zhenjiang, who was sitting in the last row, was holding a cigarette in his hand, and the ash was burning to his fingers. He was also concentrating on writing something down in a small book. In front of him, Lao Wang, Baojin and Hua Rong were all present, all looking intently at the platform. Around them, there were many people I didn't know. If I'm not wrong, the yellow-faced man with the style of a big brother is Qin Qiong and Qin Shubao, and the white-faced handsome man with a sharp face sitting on his left is his cousin Luo Cheng. So the anti-Sui front army won the final victory? But I count, I have not seen more people out of exactly 26 people, that is to say, if you add Cheng Yaojin, eighteen heroes and bamboo forest seven sages are all alive. What puzzled me most was that these people not only stayed together peacefully and did not make trouble, but also looked quietly at the platform, where a man in his fifties with a stubble hairstyle stood, listening to the voice I had heard in the corridor. I poked Fang Zhenjiang: "What are you doing?" Fang Zhenjiang threw the cigarette butt on the ground and said, "Don't make trouble. Listen to Mr. Chen in class.". ” I found that since I came in, basically no one was interested in me, some eyes did not lift, some looked back at me and continued to listen to the old man on the platform. Keep it weird. What the hell are these people doing? Not to mention why people like Fang Zhenjiang, who don't read a page of books at ordinary times, took notes, Qin Qiong and Yang Lin were dead enemies! I glanced at the blackboard and saw a crooked curve drawn on it, on both sides of which were the horizontal axis and the vertical axis of the K-line diagram! I am also interested immediately, sitting next to Fang Zhenjiang: "The stock market can finally rise, where did this great man please?"? "Don't talk nonsense," said Fang Zhenjiang. "That's the route map." "What.." What the hell? I wonder, isn't it the stock market that attracts so many people's attention? "Amitabha, the new benefactor, are you Xiaoqiang?" Said the "Stock Market" man on the platform with a smile. "You know me," I asked in surprise. "Who are you?" "Poor Monk Xuanzang," said the Great Man with a smile. Partition The 18 heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties have different opinions. Xiaohua herself chose the most advantageous one, but these people will not describe it in too much detail. Although this book is a spoof, it will not go too far. This is the case with religion. I will create a brand new image of the eminent monk Xuanzang, but it will never be subversive. Volume III The First Chaos in History Chapter 137 Empty Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Update Time: 2008-12-30 0:08:15 Words in this chapter: 3286 Isn't Xuanzang the Tang Priest? A few days ago, when I was looking for Fatty Ying with steamed stuffed buns, I vaguely remembered that Yan Jingsheng told me, but I was so busy these two days, and my mind was full of eighteen heroes, that I almost forgot the old monk. But what is he doing on the platform? I saw the old man patting the chalk dust on his hand and waiting for me to go up with a smile, so I had to walk up to him from the last row. Looking closely, the eminent monk did not look like a monk. He wore a gray jacket. This is understandable. Generally,industrial racking systems, the first thing a new customer does when he arrives at Yucai is to change his clothes. With the attitude of considering for customers, we have all kinds of clothes. Most of them are close to simplicity and retro style, but there is no monk's robe.

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